Amica Car Insurance Review 2024

Amica Car Insurance Review

Amica Car Insurance Review 2024 Amica offers a range of optional coverage options and attractive discounts, making it worthwhile to explore if you’re in the market for car insurance. Amica Car Insurance is a name that many drivers are familiar with. With their reputation for excellent customer service and competitive rates, it’s no wonder why they’re a top choice for car insurance. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what sets Amica apart from other insurance providers and why they might be the right fit for you in 2024. From their coverage options to their claims process, we’ll cover all the important details so you can make an informed decision about your car insurance needs. So let’s dive in and see what Amica has to offer!

Amica Car Insurance Review 2024

Amica car insurance has been a trusted name in the industry for many years, and their reputation continues to shine in 2024. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and competitive rates, Amica is known for providing excellent coverage and reliable service. Their policies offer a range of options to suit different needs and budgets, including comprehensive coverage, liability insurance, and optional extras such as roadside assistance. Amica also stands out for their exceptional claims handling process, which is quick and efficient. Whether you’re a new driver or have years of experience behind the wheel, Amica car insurance is definitely worth considering when it comes to protecting your vehicle.

Amica Car Insurance Pros And Cons

Amica car insurance is a highly regarded provider in the industry, known for its excellent customer service and comprehensive coverage options. One of the major pros of Amica car insurance is its reputation for outstanding customer service. The company consistently receives high ratings for its responsiveness and willingness to assist policyholders. Another advantage of Amica car insurance is its wide range of coverage options.

Whether you’re looking for basic liability coverage or more extensive protection, Amica has policies to suit your needs. However, it’s worth noting that some customers have reported higher premiums compared to other providers. Additionally, Amica may not be available in all states, so it’s important to check if the company operates in your area before considering their services. Overall, Amica car insurance offers reliable coverage and exceptional customer support, making it a top choice for many drivers.


  • Amica’s Platinum Choice policy packages together a nice group of coverage types, such as rental car coverage, credit monitoring and new car replacement.
  • Amica received a high letter grade (B) from collision repair professionals for its claims service.
  • Offers accident forgiveness, new car replacement and gap insurance.


  • Average rates are higher than many top competitors for all types of drivers, from good drivers to those with a DUI.
  • Doesn’t offer a diminishing deductible.

Amica Car Insurance Rates vs. Competitors

Amica car insurance rates are highly competitive when compared to other major insurance providers. In fact, Amica has consistently been rated among the top insurance companies for customer satisfaction and overall value. While rates can vary depending on a variety of factors such as driving history, age, and location, Amica’s commitment to providing affordable and comprehensive coverage sets it apart from its competitors. Additionally, Amica offers a range of discounts based on factors like safe driving habits and bundling multiple policies. As such, it is certainly worthwhile to compare Amica’s rates with those of other insurance providers before making a decision on coverage. Forbes Advisor analyzed Massachusetts car insurance costs for Amica compared to top insurers from our list of the best car insurance companies.

Amica Car Insurance Costs for Good Drivers

Amica’s car insurance is slightly more expensive for good drivers in Massachusetts. Among the insurers we examined, Amica’s rates are approximately $120 higher than the average of $1,874 per year.

Company Average annual cost for good drivers in Massachusetts
State Farm $900
Geico $1,319
USAA* $1,579
Progressive $1,835
Amica $1,995
Travelers $2,721
Allstate $2,771

Amica Car Insurance Cost for Drivers With a Speeding Ticket

In Massachusetts, Amica’s prices for drivers who have received a speeding ticket are slightly higher compared to other insurance companies. Amica charges $2,364 per year, whereas the average annual cost of the top insurers we reviewed is only $2,216. Because insurance companies calculate rates differently, it’s wise to compare car insurance quotes if you have a ticket on your record.

Company Average annual cost for drivers with a speeding ticket in Massachusetts
State Farm $1,042
Geico $1,477
USAA $1,832
Amica $2,364
Progressive $2,443
Allstate $2,771
Travelers $3,580

Amica Car Insurance Cost for Drivers Who Caused an Accident With an Injury

According to our research, Amica’s car insurance rates are above average for drivers who have caused an accident resulting in injury in Massachusetts. Our findings show that the company charges approximately $400 more than the average cost of $3,043 per year among other companies we reviewed. However, it is important to note that the exact cost of car insurance can vary depending on a multitude of factors such as age, driving history, type of vehicle, and coverage requirements. It is always recommended to compare multiple insurance providers and their policies before making a final decision.

Company Average annual cost for drivers who caused an accident with injury in Massachusetts
State Farm $1,418
Geico $2,115
USAA $2,295
Progressive $2,792
Amica $3,411
Travelers $4,308
Allstate $4,960

Amica Car Insurance Cost Comparison for Adding a Teen Driver

Amica charges approximately $260 higher than the average annual cost of $2,712 in Massachusetts for adding a teenage driver, based on our analysis of various companies. Including a teenager in your auto insurance policy can be expensive. On average, parents spend over $2,000 per year to add a 16-year-old driver to their insurance coverage.

Company Average annual cost for adding a teen in Massachusetts
State Farm $991
USAA $2,068
Amica $2,975
Geico $3,054
Travelers $3,121
Allstate $4,061

Amica Car Insurance Cost Comparison for Young Drivers Ages 18 to 25

Amica’s car insurance premiums for individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 in Massachusetts are slightly higher compared to other insurance providers we examined. Among the companies we analyzed, the average annual cost for young drivers is $3,392. The prices listed below pertain to young drivers who have their own auto insurance policies. To decrease premiums, it is advisable to retain a young driver on a parent’s policy for as long as feasible and inquire about potential discounts available specifically for students.

Company Average annual cost for young drivers in Massachusetts
State Farm $1,504
Geico $2,126
USAA $2,477
Amica $3,351
Travelers $4,069
Progressive $4,073
Allstate $5,445

Amica Car Insurance Cost Comparison for Senior Drivers Ages 65 to 80

According to our analysis of major insurance providers, Amica’s auto insurance rates for drivers between the ages of 65 and 80 in Massachusetts are higher compared to its top competitors. The average annual rate in the state is $1,700, and Amica exceeds this by nearly $400 per year.

Company Average annual costs for senior drivers in Massachusetts
State Farm $706
Geico $1,058
USAA $1,398
Progressive $1,884
Amica $2,084
Allstate $2,156
Travelers $2,616

Does Amica have a good Reputation?

Amica has an excellent reputation among car insurance companies. It receives top-ranking scores for customer service and claims experience, plus it has superior financial strength ratings. It also has an excellent rating on Trustpilot, earning 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 3,050 reviews.

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Auto Insurance Complaint Levels Against Amica

Amica has a minimal number of auto insurance complaints, as reported by state insurance departments nationwide. In comparison to its competitors, Amica receives an equal or slightly lower amount of complaints, and its complaint level is below the industry average. The primary concerns among Amica’s customers regarding auto insurance are delays in processing claims, unsatisfactory settlement offers, and high rates.

Amica’s Grade From Collision Repair Professionals: B

Amica received a B grade in a survey conducted by CRASH Network, which collected the opinions of collision repair professionals. These professionals offer valuable insights into insurance companies’ practices, such as the usage of lower-quality repair parts, the encouragement of proper repair procedures, and the efficiency and satisfaction level of car insurance claims processes for customers.

J.D. Power Ratings of Amica Car Insurance

For the second year in a row, Amica has been ranked as the top performer in overall customer satisfaction, with a score of 909 out of 1,000 points in the 2023 J.D. Power U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. This study specifically focuses on gathering feedback from consumers who have recently filed an auto insurance claim within the past nine months. According to the findings of the 2023 U.S. Auto Insurance Study conducted by J.D. Power, Amica was ranked as the second highest auto insurer in the New England region, achieving a score of 833 on a scale of 1,000 points. However, Geico claimed the top spot with a slightly higher score of 836. The study encompasses customer satisfaction ratings for car insurance companies across eleven regions throughout the United States.

Does Amica Offer Accident Forgiveness?

Amica does provide accident forgiveness as a part of their offerings. In the event of an accident, if you are concerned about your insurance rates going up, Amica provides a feature called “Accident Forgiveness with Good Driving Rewards.” By participating in the Good Driving Rewards program, you can accumulate Advantage Points that can be redeemed later on to reduce your insurance expenses after being involved in a crash.

To earn Advantages Points, you can:

  • Buy a new policy.
  • Go a year with a clean driving record.
  • Refer someone to Amica.
  • Renew your current policy.

In the event of an accident, you have the option to utilize your points to waive your deductible or avoid an increase in your insurance premium. Moreover, Advantage Points do not have an expiration date, allowing you to accumulate them indefinitely.

Does Amica Offer a Diminishing Deductible?

Unfortunately, Amica does not provide the option of a diminishing deductible to be included in your policy. Unlike other auto insurance companies, Amica does not offer a diminishing deductible (also known as a vanishing deductible) that reduces your deductible if you remain free of at-fault accidents or traffic violations for a specific period of time.

Does Amica Offer Gap Insurance?

Amica provides gap insurance for individuals who have recently purchased a new car. Those who choose to lease or finance their vehicles may find gap insurance, also known as loan/lease insurance, to be beneficial. In the event that your car is declared a total loss, this coverage will compensate you for the disparity between the depreciated value of your car and the remaining balance on your lease or loan. It is important to note that this insurance must be purchased within 30 days of acquiring or leasing your vehicle.

Does Amica Offer New Car Replacement?

Amica provides a service called new car replacement, which involves replacing your new vehicle with another new one in the event of a total loss caused by an accident. To be eligible for this service, the car must be less than a year old and have fewer than 15,000 miles. Amica offers its new car replacement as part of its Platinum Choice Auto policy package or it can be added to your standard policy as an individual coverage option.

Does Amica Offer SR-22s?

Indeed, Amica does provide SR-22 filings. It is important to note that the availability of this service may differ depending on the state you reside in. Therefore, it is advised to consult with an agent from Amica if you require SR-22 insurance. An SR-22 is a document that some states may necessitate as evidence of your automobile insurance coverage. Individuals who require an SR-22 typically have been convicted of a significant offense, such as driving without insurance or a DUI. If you are required to file an SR-22, the state will inform you accordingly.

Does Amica Offer Usage-Based Insurance?

Amica offers a program called StreetSmart, which is a usage-based insurance program. This program monitors your driving habits using a smartphone app. By enrolling in this program, Amica customers receive a discount and have the opportunity to earn additional discounts upon their next policy renewal if they exhibit good driving behavior. The StreetSmart usage-based insurance program from Amica assesses the following factors:

  • Hard braking
  • Phone distraction (phone use and phone screen tapping)
  • Road type
  • Speeding

Customers of Amica who use StreetSmart have the opportunity to earn rewards for practicing safe driving. The more favorable their driving scores are, the greater the rewards they can receive. These rewards can be obtained in the form of e-gift cards or by making a contribution to select charities, such as the Special Olympics.

Does Amica Offer Pay-Per-Mile Insurance?

No, Amica does not provide a pay-per-mile car insurance option. However, there are other insurance companies that offer pay-per-mile coverage. This type of coverage includes a base insurance rate in addition to a per-mile rate and is ideal for drivers who do not frequently use their vehicles.

Does Amica Offer Rideshare Insurance?

Indeed, Amica offers rideshare insurance policies for individuals who work as drivers for Lyft, Uber, or other comparable services. This type of insurance fills in the gaps that may exist between your personal auto insurance and the coverage provided by the rideshare company. Moreover, Amica also offers optional coverage options for delivery drivers working with DoorDash, GrubHub, as well as newspaper delivery drivers. The specific coverage available may vary depending on the state you reside in.

More Car Insurance Benefits from Amica

Full glass coverage: This additional benefit covers the cost of repairing or replacing your windshield, windows, and other auto glass without requiring you to pay a deductible.

Rental reimbursement: Rental reimbursement insurance provides coverage for transportation expenses if your car is being repaired at a shop for issues covered by your policy. This includes the cost of rental cars, ridesharing services, taxis, trains, and buses. The specific coverage amount may differ depending on the state you reside in, but Amica policies typically offer $20 per day and up to a total of $600.

Roadside assistance: The roadside assistance coverage is designed to offer assistance in various situations such as jump-starting a dead battery, repairing a flat tire, refueling if you run out of gas, rescuing your vehicle if it gets stuck in snow or mud, or arranging for a tow to a repair shop.

Amica Platinum Choice Auto

Amica provides Platinum Choice Auto insurance, which offers a comprehensive package of coverage types for those seeking top-notch auto insurance. With Platinum Choice Auto, customers can enjoy additional coverage options such as:

  • Credit monitoring services.
  • Glass repair or replacement.
  • New car replacement.
  • Rental car coverage with no daily limits.

Amica’s Auto Insurance Discounts

  • Accident-free discount: For customers who have gone three years without filing a claim.
  • Adaptive headlight discount: For vehicles with headlights that adapt to low-light driving conditions.
  • Anti-theft discount: Given to vehicles with anti-theft features, such as car alarms.
  • Autopay discount: For customers who make automatic payments.
  • Bunding discount: For buying two insurance policies, such as homeowners and auto.
  • Defensive driver training discount: For customers who complete an eligible driving course.
  • Electronic stability controls discount: Given to vehicles equipped with stability controls that help cars maneuver through icy or wet roads.
  • Forward-collision warning discount: For vehicles that have collision-avoidance features to help you avoid crashes.
  • Good student discount: Ask for this if you have a student on your policy age 15 to 25 who has a “B” average or higher.
  • Legacy discount: For drivers whose parents have had a policy with Amica for over five years (must be under age 30 to qualify).
  • Loyalty discount: Provided to drivers who have been with Amica for two years or more.
  • Multi-car discount: For insuring more than one car with Amica.
  • Paid in full discount: Given to customers who pay their full premium for the term upfront.
  • Paperless discount: Save by receiving statements and documents electronically.
  • Passive restraint discount: For vehicles with passive restraints such as airbags.
  • Student away from school discount: Ask for this if you have a full-time student on the policy who lives away at school without a vehicle.
  • Young driver training discount: Available to drivers under age 21 who complete an accredited driver training program.

Brief History of Amica

Established in 1907 in Providence, Rhode Island, the Automobile Mutual Insurance Co. of America (Amica) initially provided three types of coverage: auto, fire, and theft. Approximately thirty years later, Amica established its first branch in Boston. In 1956, the company extended its range of services to include home, marine, and personal liability excess coverage. In 2007, Amica celebrated its centennial anniversary. Presently, Amica’s headquarters is located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, and it serves around 1.4 million policies.

What States Does Amica Car Insurance Operate In?

Amica operates in all states except Hawaii, including Washington, D.C.


Rates are applicable to a 40-year-old female driver who has a clean driving record and wants to insure a new Toyota RAV4. The insurance coverage includes $100,000 for bodily injury liability per person, $300,000 per accident, and $100,000 for property damage liability (referred to as 100/300/100). Additionally, the insurance policy includes uninsured motorist coverage and any other coverage mandated by the state. The rates also encompass collision and comprehensive insurance with a $500 deductible. This information is sourced from Quadrant Information Services.

Faqs: Amica Car Insurance Review 2024

Which insurance company is best for car?

Top 5 Car Insurance Policies of 2024
S.No. Best Car Insurance in India
1. Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance
2. ICICI Lombard Car Insurance
3. Cholamandalam MS Car Insurance
4. National Car Insurance

How do I contact Amica car insurance?

Amica doesn’t offer coverage through insurance agents. You can contact Amica for car insurance quotes or questions online, through its mobile app or by calling 1-800-242-6422.

Is Amica car insurance worth it?

An Amica car insurance policy may be worth it, depending on what you find important in an insurance company. Amica has excellent financial stability and customer reviews for service and claims, which is what you’re paying for. Its rates are competitive for most drivers. Amica offers a wide range of policies, coverage types and discounts.

Who is Amica’s biggest competitor?

Amica’s biggest competitors are GEICO, Liberty Mutual and State Farm, according to competitor analysis website Owler. Amica’s CEO earns 82 out of 100 points, much higher than each of the three top competitors. Amica offers a full suite of insurance products at competitive rates. However, it can be selective with whom it chooses to insure.

Who owns Amica Insurance Company?

As a mutual insurance company, Amica is owned by policyholders. Because there are no outside shareholders, policyholders have more rights — including ownership rights — in the company. And because policyholders are owners, that means the customers are at the center of everything Amica does.

Is amica good about paying claims?

Amica received a high letter grade (B) from collision repair professionals for its claims service.

What is Amica insurance?

The Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America 1907 – The Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America was founded in Providence by A.T. Vigneron. It offered automotive, fire and theft insurance. 1914 – The Factory Mutual Liability Insurance Company of America was chartered for the purpose of providing liability insurance to Automobile Mutual policyholders.

What are Amica benefits?

Life with Amica includes competitive compensation that motivates, retains and rewards employees, and meets the financial and health needs of you and your family; a full range of wellness programs that empower you to be your best; paid vacation, holiday and sick time; and so much more.

What is the revenue of Amica insurance?

Amica Insurance’s revenue is $5.4 billion.


Amica Car Insurance stands out as a reliable and customer-focused option for car insurance coverage. With their excellent customer service, affordable rates, and comprehensive coverage options, they have proven themselves to be a top contender in the insurance industry. Whether you are a new driver or have years of experience on the road, Amica Car Insurance can provide you with the peace of mind you need knowing that your vehicle is protected. Don’t wait any longer to secure the coverage you deserve – contact Amica Car Insurance today and experience their exceptional service for yourself.

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