Safe Auto Insurance Review 2024

Safe Auto Insurance Review

Safe Auto is affiliated with Direct Auto Insurance and focuses on providing insurance for individuals who are considered high-risk drivers or require an SR-22 filing. The rates offered by Safe Auto tend to be significantly higher than the average rates in the country, and the number of customer complaints received by the company is noticeably above the average for the industry. If you are seeking a budget-friendly option, it is advisable to explore other insurance providers.

Are you in the market for auto insurance? Look no further than Safe Auto Insurance. With their affordable rates and excellent customer service, Safe Auto is a top choice for many drivers. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what sets Safe Auto apart from other insurance companies and why it might be the right fit for you. We’ll discuss their coverage options, claims process, and overall customer satisfaction. So buckle up and get ready to learn more about Safe Auto Insurance!

Outlines Of Guide

Safe Auto Insurance Review 2024

In 2024, Safe Auto Insurance continues to be a reliable option for those seeking affordable and comprehensive coverage. With their commitment to providing quality service and competitive rates, Safe Auto Insurance has garnered positive reviews from customers. Their user-friendly website and helpful customer support make it easy to navigate the insurance process and find the right coverage for individual needs. Additionally, Safe Auto Insurance offers various discounts and flexible payment options, making it accessible to a wide range of drivers. Overall, Safe Auto Insurance remains a trusted choice for individuals looking for reliable and affordable auto insurance in 2024.

Safe Auto Insurance Pros And Cons

When it comes to Safe Auto Insurance, there are both pros and cons to consider. On the positive side, Safe Auto offers affordable rates and flexible payment options, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious drivers. They also have a user-friendly website and mobile app, making it easy to manage your policy and file claims. However, some customers have reported issues with customer service and claims processing, citing long wait times and difficulty in resolving issues. It’s important to weigh these factors and consider your individual needs before choosing an insurance provider.


  • Can be helpful for high-risk drivers who are unable to get a policy elsewhere due to their driving record.
  • Offers non-owner policies and SR-22 insurance for those in need.


  • Safe Auto car insurance costs are high across the board for all types of drivers, but especially for parents adding a teen to their policy, young drivers and senior drivers.
  • Coverage options are limited.
  • Received a grade of C- for its repair process by collision repair professionals.

Safe Auto Car Insurance Rates vs. Competitors

Safe Auto Car Insurance Cost Comparison for Good Drivers

Skilled motorists generally benefit from the most competitive rates for high-quality auto insurance. However, Safe Auto’s average rates exceed the national average by a significant margin. They are also higher than the rates provided by numerous leading insurance companies. Our examination revealed that the national average stands at $2,026 per year, while Safe Auto’s costs amount to $2,889 per year.

Company National average annual cost for good drivers
USAA $1,364
Nationwide $1,436
Travelers $1,521
Geico $1,597
Erie $1,642
Progressive $1,826
State Farm $2,025
Allstate $2,896
Safe Auto $2,889
Farmers $3,093
*USAA is available only to the military, veterans and their families.

Safe Auto Car Insurance Cost Comparison for Drivers With a Speeding Ticket

Compared to top competitors, Safe Auto’s auto insurance costs are very high for drivers with a speeding ticket. Safe Auto rates are over $1,000 more than the national average of $2,533 per year. Drivers looking for the cheapest rates after a speeding ticket should shop around for car insurance quotes because of the wide range of prices among companies.

Company National average annual cost for drivers with a speeding ticket
USAA $1,661
Nationwide $1,878
Erie $1,899
Travelers $2,062
Geico $2,150
State Farm $2,270
Progressive $2,350
Allstate $3,312
Safe Auto $3,543
Farmers $3,951
*USAA is available only to the military, veterans and their families.

Safe Auto Car Insurance Cost Comparison for Drivers Who Caused an Accident With Injury

Safe Auto car insurance prices are quite high for drivers who have caused an accident that injured someone else. The national average is $3,009 a year based on our analysis of rates from top insurers and Safe Auto comes in at $4,101.

Company National average annual cost for drivers causing an accident with injury
USAA $1,958
Erie $2,224
Travelers $2,293
Nationwide $2,337
State Farm $2,428
Geico $2,748
Progressive $2,770
Safe Auto $4,101
Farmers $4,412
Allstate $4,545

Safe Auto Car Insurance Cost Comparison for Drivers With a DUI

Safe Auto offers high-risk coverage and SR-22 filings, making it an option for drivers with a DUI. Safe Auto car insurance rate is around $700 over the national average, so drivers looking for cheap coverage after a DUI should shop around with other insurers.

Company National average annual cost for drivers with a DUI conviction
Progressive $2,307
USAA $2,604
Travelers $2,610
Erie $2,665
State Farm $2,716
Nationwide $3,083
Geico $3,723
Safe Auto $4,101
Farmers $4,272
Allstate $4,315
*USAA is available only to the military, veterans and their families.

Safe Auto Car Insurance Cost Comparison for Drivers With Poor Credit

Safe Auto’s average auto insurance cost for drivers with poor credit is somewhat competitive, coming in around $200 below the national average of $3,847. Poor credit and car insurance don’t always mix. All states except California, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Michigan allow car insurance companies to use a credit history when determining rates. Insurers say that a person’s credit correlates with the chances someone will make an insurance claim in the future. This correlation leads to higher rates.

Company National average annual cost for drivers with poor credit
Nationwide $2,051
USAA $2,450
Geico $2,482
Travelers $2,699
Progressive $3,221
Safe Auto $3,637
Erie $3,701
Allstate $4,531
Farmers $4,889
State Farm $7,961
*USAA is available only to the military, veterans and their families.

Safe Auto Insurance Cost Comparison for Adding a Teen Driver

Adding a teen can cause your car insurance costs to increase a lot. Our analysis found that the national average cost is $2,359 a year, among the companies we analyzed.

Safe Auto’s average auto insurance rate to add a 16-year-old teen driver is high at $3,148 a year, nearly $790 more than the national average.

Company Increase per year for adding a 16-year-old driver
Nationwide $893
Erie $1,606
Farmers $1,900
Geico $1,982
Progressive $2,062
USAA $2,466
State Farm $2,622
Allstate $2,643
Travelers $2,728
Safe Auto $3,148
*USAA is available only to the military, veterans and their families.

Safe Auto Car Insurance Cost Comparison for Young Drivers Ages 18 to 25

Safe Auto car insurance prices are really high for drivers between ages 18 and 25. Its cost is over $2,000 above the national average of $3,704 a year, among the 14 large insurers we analyzed. The prices below are for young drivers buying their own auto insurance policies. You typically can reduce costs by having a young driver stay on a parent’s policy as long as possible.

Company National average annual cost for young drivers
USAA $2,368
Erie $2,575
Travelers $2,638
Geico $2,781
Nationwide $2,881
State Farm $3,643
Progressive $3,704
Allstate $4,764
Farmers $5,225
Safe Auto $5,641
*USAA is available only to the military, veterans and their families.

Safe Auto Car Insurance Cost Comparison for Senior Drivers ages 65 to 80

Safe Auto’s car insurance rate for drivers 65 to 80 is relatively high compared to top competitors. The national average is $2,150 a year, based on our analysis of large insurers. Safe Auto comes in about $1,170 a year above the average.

Company National average annual cost for senior drivers
Nationwide $1,402
USAA $1,455
Travelers $1,668
Geico $1,793
Erie $1,831
Progressive $1,937
State Farm $2,009
Allstate $2,996
Farmers $3,199
Safe Auto $3,319

Auto Insurance Complaints Against Safe Auto

Based on complaints lodged with state insurance departments nationwide, Safe Auto has a significantly greater number of auto insurance complaints compared to numerous major insurers. Safe Auto’s complaint volume exceeds the industry average by more than six times. The primary grievances regarding Safe Auto’s car insurance pertain to delays in claims processing, the handling of claims by adjusters, and policy cancellations.

Safe Auto’s Grade from Collision Repair Professionals: C-

According to a study conducted by the CRASH Network, Safe Auto was awarded a C- grade by collision repair professionals. The insights provided by auto body specialists are valuable as they assess whether insurance companies endorse the recommended repair procedures from car manufacturers, compare insurers’ utilization of lower-quality repair parts, and evaluate the effectiveness of auto insurance companies’ claims processes in delivering prompt and satisfactory results for their customers.

Does Safe Auto Offer Accident Forgiveness?

Accident forgiveness is not provided by Safe Auto. If you are interested in car insurance that includes this feature, you might want to explore options like Allstate, Geico, Progressive, Auto-Owners, or other car insurance companies that do offer accident forgiveness.

Does Safe Auto Offer SR-22s?

Absolutely, Safe Auto provides SR-22 forms for both vehicle owners and individuals purchasing non-owner auto insurance. An SR-22, which is also referred to as an FR-44 in certain states, is a document that is sent by an insurance company to the state in order to demonstrate that a driver complies with the minimum auto insurance prerequisites mandated by law. Drivers may be required to obtain SR-22 insurance if they:

  1. Are charged with a DUI, DWI, or reckless driving infraction.
  2. Are responsible for an at-fault crash while driving without insurance.
  3. Have multiple traffic offenses, including receiving too many tickets over a short period.
  4. Fail to pay court-ordered child support.
  5. Have had their license revoked or suspended.

If you are a driver who requires an SR-22 and is interested in Safe Auto, it is necessary to get in touch with an agent. Online quotes for policies that involve an SR-22 filing cannot be obtained.

Does Safe Auto Offer Usage-Based Insurance?

No, Safe Auto does not offer usage-based insurance. This particular type of insurance, which is provided by certain insurers, monitors your driving habits and modifies premiums based on your driving performance.

Does Safe Auto Offer Pay-Per-Mile Insurance?

Safe Auto does not provide car insurance based on the number of miles driven. Instead, they offer coverage that requires a fixed daily or monthly fee in addition to a rate per mile. Opting for pay-per-mile coverage can be a more cost-effective option for individuals who do not frequently drive.

Additional Safe Auto Coverage Options

Safe Auto Roadside Assistance

If you have a vehicle that qualifies, you can buy Safe Auto roadside assistance coverage. It includes:

  1. Towing
  2. Winching
  3. Jump start
  4. Flat tire
  5. Lock out
  6. Delivery of fluid
  7. Minor mechanical first aid
  8. Informational hotline. This coverage is not available in all states.

Safe Auto Car Insurance Discounts

Safe Auto offers a range of discounts that can make your car insurance more cost-effective. While these discounts may not guarantee cheap car insurance, they do help to lower the overall cost. The availability and amount of discounts vary by state and may include:

  1. Continuous prior insurance: Receive a discount for maintaining a policy without a lapse in coverage.
  2. Good student discount: You may be eligible for a discount if you or a qualifying driver on your policy are a student and maintain good grades.
  3. Homeowner discount: Policyholders who own a home might be eligible for a discount.
  4. Multi-policy discount: Receive a discount when you purchase another type of policy, like homeowners insurance, through Safe Auto.
  5. Multi-vehicle discount: Insure more than one car with Safe Auto and you can get a price break.
  6. New business transfer: If you’re switching to Safe Auto from another insurer, you may get a discount when you share information about your plan with your former insurer.
  7. Over 55 discount: If you’re over age 55, you may be eligible for a discount. Completion of a defensive driving class may be required.
  8. Paid-in-full discount: Pay for your entire policy upfront and receive a discount.

Safe Auto Car Insurance Mobile App

Safe Auto provides a mobile application compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Through this app, users have the ability to make payments, view their insurance identification cards, and utilize the Due Date Countdown feature, which alerts them when their bill is approaching its due date. Additionally, the app allows users to initiate a claim and engage in live chat with Safe Auto’s customer support team.

A Brief History of Safe Auto

Established in 1993, Safe Auto Insurance Group became a part of the Direct Auto Insurance family after being acquired by National General, an Allstate subsidiary, in 2021. Both Safe Auto and Direct Auto specialize in serving high-risk drivers, who may face challenges in obtaining affordable insurance due to their poor driving records. In some cases, these drivers may even struggle to find coverage altogether.

Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers

Safe Auto offers high-risk car insurance specifically tailored for drivers who have one or more of the following infractions registered on their driving records:

  1. Speeding tickets
  2. Multiple at-fault accidents
  3. Reckless driving violations
  4. DUIs or DWIs

What States Does Safe Auto Insurance Operate In?

Safe Auto offers auto insurance the following 20 states:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. California
  4. Colorado
  5. Georgia
  6. Illinois
  7. Indiana
  8. Kansas
  9. Kentucky
  10. Louisiana
  11. Maryland
  12. Mississippi
  13. Missouri
  14. Ohio
  15. Oklahoma
  16. Pennsylvania
  17. South Carolina
  18. Tennessee
  19. Texas
  20. Virginia

Auto insurance discounts

Safe Auto’s discounts vary by state. You may be eligible for discounts for:

  1. Insuring more than one vehicle.

  2. Owning your home.

  3. Switching to Safe Auto from another insurer.

  4. Taking a driver improvement course.

  5. Paying your premium in full, upfront.

  6. Buying more than one insurance product from Safe Auto, such as auto and home coverage.

  7. Getting good grades if you’re a student.

  8. Being over 55 years old.


When it comes to finding the best car insurance, evaluating a company’s auto insurance rates, coverage options, complaint history and collision repair process are some of the key factors to consider. Auto insurance rates can vary widely depending on various factors like age, driving record and location. Therefore, it is important to compare rates from different providers to find the most affordable option that meets your needs. In addition to pricing, coverage options also play a crucial role in determining the best car insurance. A comprehensive policy with liability coverage, collision coverage and personal injury protection can provide adequate protection in case of an accident or theft. It is also vital to check if the company offers additional benefits such as roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement.

The complaint history of a company can give you an idea of how well they handle claims and customer service. Checking online reviews and ratings from credible sources can help you gauge the performance of a company in this regard. Last but not least, assessing the collision repair process is also critical while selecting car insurance. This includes reviewing the quality of work done on repairs as well as the speed with which claims are processed. Considering all these aspects can help you identify the best car insurance for your specific requirements.

Auto insurance rates (50% of score)

To determine the average rates for different types of drivers, such as good drivers, those who have been involved in an accident, individuals with a speeding ticket or DUI, people with poor credit, drivers without insurance coverage, those adding a teenage driver, senior drivers, and young drivers, we relied on data obtained from Quadrant Information Services.

Unless otherwise noted, rates are based on a 40-year-old female driver with a Toyota RAV4 and coverage of:

  • $100,000 for injuries to one person, $300,000 for injuries per accident and $100,000 of property damage (known as 100/300/100).
  • Uninsured motorist coverage of 100/300.
  • Collision and comprehensive insurance with a $500 deductible.

Car insurance coverage options (25% of score)

All auto insurance companies have the ability to offer liability insurance, collision and comprehensive coverage, as well as other standard options. However, it is also crucial to have access to supplementary coverage options that can offer enhanced protection or potential savings. In this particular category, we awarded points to companies that provide accident forgiveness, new car replacement, deductibles that decrease over time, usage-based or pay-per-mile insurance, and SR-22s.

Complaints (20% of score)

We analyzed the complaint data provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Every state’s insurance department is responsible for recording and overseeing complaints against companies operating within their jurisdiction. The majority of auto insurance complaints revolve around claim-related issues such as inadequate settlements, delays, and rejections. Companies with a ratio below 1.00 have fewer complaints than the industry average of 1.00.

Collision repair (5% of score)

We evaluated the performance of insurance companies in terms of collision repairs based on input from experts in the field. The information was sourced from CRASH Network, a weekly newsletter that focuses on the collision repair and auto insurance industries. CRASH Network’s Insurer Report Card utilized feedback from over 1,000 collision repair professionals to assess the quality of auto insurers’ collision claims service.

Faq’s: Safe Auto Insurance Review 2024

Did safe auto switch to direct auto?

Safe Auto was acquired by National General, an Allstate subsidiary. Safe Auto is now considered part of the Direct Auto Insurance family, with Direct Auto being a subsidiary of National General. Safe Auto and Direct Auto cater to high-risk drivers.

Which insurance is the cheapest?

  • State Farm is the cheapest car insurance company among large insurers, with an average minimum rate of $39 per month.
  • American National has the cheapest auto insurance among midsize companies, with an average rate of $27 per month.

In which states does Safe Auto sell auto insurance?

Safe Auto offers car insurance in all states except Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Vermont and Wyoming.

How can I file a claim with Safe Auto?

You can file a claim with Safe Auto online or by calling 800-723-3288.

Is Safe Auto the same as Allstate?

Allstate, one of the largest insurance companies in the country, acquired Safe Auto through its subsidiary, National General. National General is known for specializing in providing auto insurance to drivers considered high-risk. As a result of this acquisition, Safe Auto now falls under the umbrella of Direct Auto, a subsidiary of National General.


Based on the blog title and description, it is clear that Safe Auto Insurance Review provides an in-depth analysis of Safe Auto Insurance. By reviewing the company’s offerings, customer service, and pricing, this blog aims to help readers make an informed decision when choosing an auto insurance provider. Whether you’re a new driver or looking to switch insurance companies, Safe Auto Insurance Review provides valuable insights to help you find the best coverage for your needs. Make sure to check out this blog for an unbiased review of Safe Auto Insurance and make a confident choice for your auto insurance needs.

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