G20 Agennda 2024, Countries List, Live Update & Guest List

G20 Agennda

G20 Agenda The upcoming G20 Summit in 2024, which will be held in India, carries significant importance. The primary agenda for the summit is yet to be released officially. However, it is expected to revolve around global economic growth and development, sustainable development goals, climate change, and digital transformation. The G20 Meeting Schedule and other updates on the event are crucial for policymakers worldwide as it serves as a platform for them to discuss and address pressing issues of global concern. Experts predict that the G20 Summit 2024 will provide an opportunity to find ways to tackle current challenges such as income inequality, food security, and energy security. It also provides an avenue for leaders from various nations to collaborate and work towards ensuring a better future for all.

G20 Agenda 2024

The upcoming G20 Summit in 2024, scheduled for September 9 and 10, will be led by India. This event will provide a platform to address various global issues. India’s priorities during the G20 Agenda2024 may include cryptocurrency regulation, reforming multilateral development banks, advancing digital public infrastructure, climate financing, establishing a framework for debt relief in struggling nations, and improving the global value chain.

G20 Agenda 2024 Information

The agenda G20 Summit 2024 includes issues like economic aid to developing countries, reform of the World Bank and IMF, new rules for crypto currency, emphasis on food and energy security, climate change, and the economic and social impact of the Russia-Ukraine war.

G20 India has put forth six agenda priorities for the G20 dialogue in 2024: Green Development, Climate Finance & LiFE. Accelerated, Inclusive & Resilient Growth. Accelerating progress on SDGs.

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G20 Summit 2024 Countries (List Of Guests)

G20 Summit 2024 Countries Name of the Head Position
Russia Sergey Lavrov Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Saudi Arabia Muhammed Bin Salman Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia
South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa President of South Africa
Turkey RC Erdogan President of Turkey

G20 Agenda India 2024

The upcoming G20 summit in 2024, which will take place in New Delhi, is anticipated to include a presidential summary similar to the one presented at the G20 Bali Summit in 2024. At the conclusion of the event, India will pass on the responsibility of hosting the G20 Summit in 2024 to Brazil. During the summit, there may be talks regarding important topics on the G20 agenda for 2024, such as the Russia-Ukraine crisis and its impact on global food and energy security.

G20 Agennda

G20 Summit Agenda 2025

Included in the agenda raised by the Indian delegation at the G20 Summit 2024 were several key topics, such as Digital Public Architecture, Virtual Digital Assets, Climate Finance for Developing Countries, Development Bank Reform, Reform of Urban Infrastructure Financing Practices, Debt Vulnerabilities of Crisis-hit Low and Middle-Income Countries, and International Taxation.

Following the meeting of Finance Ministers of G20 countries and Governors of Central Banks held in Gandhinagar, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated that the delegations expressed keen interest in the agenda put forth by India.

The presidency of India has garnered extensive backing on all the items on the agenda. We extend our gratitude to all G20 members for their support in advancing our issues, enhancing our agenda, and providing valuable suggestions for including further matters on the agenda as expressed by our ministers.

G20 Schedule 2024 India

This year, India is taking on the role of leading the G20 countries. The summit is scheduled to take place on September 9 and 10 at ‘Bharat Mandapam’ in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Delhi has been beautifully adorned for this conference, with a strong emphasis on security arrangements. India assumed the presidency of the G20 during the previous summit held in Indonesia. Since then, over 220 meetings involving various ministries, departments, and working groups from G20 countries have been held in India.

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G20 Summit 2024 Countries List

If you’re interested in learning the names of the countries that participate in the G20 Summit, you can refer to our comprehensive list titled “G20 Countries List 2024.” This list contains the names of all member countries of this global organization. The upcoming G20 Meeting in 2024 will include the participation of all five world superpowers, namely the United States, Russia, China, France, and Britain. It is worth noting that these countries hold veto power within the United Nations.

  • India
  • America
  • Argentina
  • Japan
  • republic of Korea
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • China
  • Russia
  • France
  • Saudi Arab
  • South Africa
  • Turkey
  • Indonesia
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • European Union

G20 Summit 2024 Agenda

The agenda G20 Summit 2024 includes issues like economic aid to developing countries, reform of the World Bank and IMF, new rules for crypto currency, emphasis on food and energy security, climate change, and the economic and social impact of the Russia-Ukraine war. Are. All these issues will be discussed.

GThe group of 20 Summit 2024 member countries holds significant global importance as they account for approximately 85 percent of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP), over 75 percent of global trade, and consist of around two-thirds of the global population. Therefore, both the group and the summit hold great significance for the world.

G20 Summit 2024 Delhi

Starting from tomorrow, Bharat Mandap at Pragati Maidan in Delhi, the capital of the country, will serve as the global hub of power for a period of two days. Dignitaries from various influential nations will convene under one roof during this time. The event, which runs from September 8th to Sunday, September 10th, will also have an impact on the general public. Consequently, there will be certain restrictions imposed in many areas of Delhi during these days. As a result, if you had plans to visit Connaught Place, the heart of Delhi, this weekend, please note that access will not be possible.

G20 Agenda 2024 Overview

Here we provide details information regarding G20 Summit 2024, the Venue of the G20 Meeting, Live updates etc

Article Title G20 Agenda 2024
Category News
Full Form of G20 The Group of Twenty (G20)
Number of Participating Countries 19 Countries and 1 European Union
Host Country India
G20 Summit 2024 Theme “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – “One Earth One family One Future
G20 Summit Date September 9 & 10 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi (India)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the agenda of G20 Summit 2024?

The main agenda of G20 Summit 2024 focus on climate Action and sustainable Development.

Which country will host the G20 summit 2024?

India has the presidency of G20 Summit 2024 this year.

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