Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Date, Shubh Muhurat, Rituals, Puja Vidhi, Story & Significance

Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, is celebrated by devotees with great fervor and enthusiasm. The celebration falls on different dates each year as it is based on the Hindu lunar calendar. In 2023, Kanha Janmashtami will be celebrated on September 1st. The puja timing and auspicious time for the festival are calculated according to the Rohini Nakshatra, which was present at the time of Lord Krishna’s birth in Mathura. Devotees usually celebrate the occasion by observing fasts, offering prayers, and breaking it at midnight when Lord Krishna was born. The significance of Kanha Janmahotsav lies in its ability to bring people together and spread joy and happiness among them.

✨Kanha Janmashtami 2023⇒

As per the Shrimad Bhagwat Purana, Shri Krishna’s birth occurred on Ashtami Tithi, under the Rohini Nakshatra, Taurus sign, and on a Wednesday. This year’s Janmashtami holds special significance as it falls exclusively on a Wednesday, although there is uncertainty surrounding the date of Krishna Janmashtami 2023. Kindly inform us whether Janmashtami 2023 will be celebrated on September 6th or 7th.

✨Kanha Janmashtami Special day⇒

On the special day of Janmashtami 2023, you can visit the ISKCON temple in Delhi for darshan. Janmashtami ISKCON Temple is decorated very beautifully on the occasion of Janmashtami. You can walk around ISKCON while listening to the hymns of Lord Krishna in the temple. After visiting the temple, one can also go to visit the Kalka Ji temple situated at some distance. Janmashtami ISKCON 2023 in India: There are ISKCON temples at many places in Delhi and Noida, where Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp. On this day you can visit these places with your family or friends.

✨All About Krishna Janmashtami⇒

India’s rich diversity provides the perfect backdrop for celebrating a multitude of festivals with unity and happiness. Among these is Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2023, which commemorates the birth of Lord Vishnu’s avatar. This auspicious occasion falls on the eighth day of the Bhadrapada month and is also known as Gokulashtami. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Krishna Bhagwan to vanquish Kansa, a demon who happened to be Devaki’s brother.

✨Kanha Janmashtami 2023 Date and Time⇒

In Hindu religion, the festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with full pomp. It is believed that Shri Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. Lord Krishna is worshiped on this day. So let us know on which day this festival will be celebrated, 6th or 7th September. The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated as the birthday of Shri Krishna 2023. This festival, which comes once a year, will be celebrated this time on 6-7 September 2023.

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✨Kanha Janmashtami 2023 Puja Time⇒

Make a note of the exact Puja Timing for Janmashtami 2023 in order to worship. The auspicious time for worshipping Krishna on the day of Krishna Janmashtami 2023, which falls on the 6th of September 2023, is between 11:47 and 12:42. By following the rules and regulations, one can obtain auspicious results by worshiping Kanha during this special yoga. The confusion among devotees arises because Janmashtami falls on two dates this year. Therefore, it is advisable to complete the Janmashtami fast only after confirming the accurate timing for the Janmashtami puja.

✨Janmashtami Important Date 2023⇒

The eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada is observed as Krishna Janmashtami. According to Hindu legend, Krishna was born on this day in the Rohini Nakshatra. This year, Janmashtami will fall on two separate days because Rohini Nakshatra and Ashtami Tithi fall on the night of Janmashtami, according to Drik Panchang. While Rohini Nakshatra will begin at 9:20 am on 6 September 2023 and end at 10:25 am on September 7, Ashtami Tithi will begin at 3:37 pm on 6 September 2023 and on 7 September 2023 in the evening at 4:14pm.

Festival Krishna Janmashtami 2023
Day Thursday
Janmashtami Date 7 September 2023
Muhurat Ashtami Tithi start at 3:37 pm September 6 and end on 7 September (4:14 pm)

✨Janmashtami 2023 Puja Vidhi⇒

Janmashtami is a significant Hindu festival that commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna. Performing kanha Janmashtami Puja Vidhi is an essential part of this celebration. The Puja Vidhi involves a series of rituals and prayers that are performed to seek the blessings of Lord Krishna. To perform the Puja Vidhi, one should take a bath and wear clean clothes. The ritual involves lighting Diyas, offering sweets and fruits as prasad, chanting mantras and reading the Bhagavad Gita. It is believed that performing this Puja with utmost devotion can bring peace, prosperity, and happiness into one’s life.

  • Get up early in the morning and take bath etc. and Clean the temple of the house.
  • Light a Deepak in the home temple.
  • Perform Jalabhishek of all the Gods and Goddesses. On this day, the child form of Lord Shri Krishna i.e. Laddu Gopal is worshipped.
  • Make Laddu Gopal sit in the swing on this day.
  • Offer Laddu to Gopal as per your wish. Keep in mind that only virtuous things are offered to God. Serve Laddu Gopal like a son.
  • Night worship is important on this day, because Lord Shri Krishna was born at night.
  • Perform special worship of Lord Shri Krishna at night. Also offer butter, makhan mishri, fruits, sweets, and dry fruits to Laddu Gopal.
  • Perform Aarti of Laddu Gopal

Krishna Janmashtami

✨Krishna Janmashtami Shubh Muhurat 2023⇒

In accordance with Drik Panchang, Nishita Puja will take place on September 7 from 11:57 pm to 12:42 am. As a result, at 11:57 p.m. on Janmashtami, worship can begin. Laddu Gopal’s birth anniversary and devotion will go till 12.42 a.m. The Parana time on September 7 will be 4:14 p.m.

Janmashtami is the day when Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary is celebrated. Devotees of Lord Krishna commemorate this occasion by honoring his infant forms, Bal Gopal and Laddu Gopal. According to Vedic chronology, Lord Krishna will be 5250 years old this year. To mark the occasion, people observe fasts, visit temples, adorn their homes, prepare scrumptious meals, dress up statues of Lord Krishna, and engage in other activities. This celebration is observed nationwide.

✨Krishna Janmashtami 2024-2029⇒

Date Day States
26 August 2024 Monday Krishna Janmashtami
15 August 2025 Friday Krishna Janmashtami
4 September 2026 Friday Krishna Janmashtami
25 August 2027 Wednesday Krishna Janmashtami
13 August 2028 Sunday Krishna Janmashtami
1 September 2029 Saturday Krishna Janmashtami

✨Kanha Janmashtami 2023 Public Holiday⇒

There is a lot of uncertainty among people about the public holiday for Janmashtami in 2023. Allow us to provide clarification on the Janmashtami holiday for the year 2023. On September 7, 2023, there will be a bank holiday in various cities across India, including Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Raipur, Ranchi, Shillong, Dehradun, Gangtok, and Telangana. Additionally, banks will remain closed in Jaipur, Jammu, Kanpur, Lucknow, Shimla, and Srinagar.

✨Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Wishes⇒

“Kanha Janmahotsav” refers to the birthday celebration of Lord Krishna, commonly known as Janmashtami. Here are some wishes for Janmashtami messages 2023, quotes.

“Wishing you and your family a blessed Janmashtami! May the divine grace of Lord Krishna be with you today and always.”

“May the melodies of Lord Krishna’s flute fill your life with eternal joy. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!”

“On this auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, may the blessings of Lord Krishna guide you towards a path of peace and happiness.”

“Celebrate the birth of the one who taught love, righteousness, and courage. Happy Kanha Janamutsav!”

“May your life be filled with the love and blessings of Lord Krishna. Wishing you a joyous Janmashtami celebration!”

✨Significance of Krishna Janmashtami⇒

As per the Hindu scriptures, Sri Krishna took birth in the city of Mathura to Devaki and Vasudeva on the Ashtami Tithi, which is the eighth day of the dark fortnight of Bhadrapada. Devaki’s brother, Kansa, who was the king of Mathura and a demon, was told by a prophecy that he would be slain by Devaki’s eighth son as a consequence of his wicked deeds. Consequently, Kansa imprisoned his own sister and her spouse.

In order to prevent the prophecy from coming true, he made an effort to kill Devaki’s children as soon as they were born. When Devaki gave birth to her eighth child, the entire palace was enchanted and fell into a deep slumber. Vasudeva managed to safeguard the baby from Kansa’s fury by secretly taking him to Yashodha and Nanda’s residence in Vrindavan during the night. This baby was a divine incarnation of Lord Vishnu who eventually assumed the name Sri Krishna and defeated Kansa, thereby putting an end to his tyrannical rule.

✨Celebration of Krishna Janmashtami Abroad⇒

Nepal: In Nepal, individuals celebrate Janmashtami by abstaining from food until midnight and reciting verses from the Bhagavad Gita while engaging in devotional singing.

Fiji: In Fiji, Janmashtami is referred to as ‘Krishna Ashtami.’ In the course of these eight days, Hindus congregate at their homes and temples with their ‘mandalis.’

USA: In the United States, Janmashtami celebrations starts early in the morning. Colourful celebrations and cultural events are put on by Hare Krishna troupes and their followers.

Bangladesh: Bangladesh observes Janmashtami as a national holiday. Several processions are organised on this day.

Singapore: Cultural events are held at temples to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami. The ‘Krishna chanting competition’ is what makes this event stand out.

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✨Kanha Janmashtami 2023 Overview⇒

Article Title Kanha Janmashtami 2023
Festival Janmashtami or Kanha Janmahotsav
Religion Hindu
Date September 6 & 7
Nishita Puja Time 24:03 to 24:49, 7 Sep
Duration 46 Minutes
God worship Lord Krishna ji

✨Frequently Asked Questions⇒

When is Krishna Janmashtami 2023?

Krishna Janmashtami 2023 will be celebrated on 7 September 2023.

When to keep Janmashtami fast 2023?

Janmashtami 2023 Fast falls on September 6 and 7 this year.

How old is Krishna in 2023?

The 5250th anniversary of Lord Krishna’s birth will be commemorated on 6 and 7 September 2023. .

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