Elephant Car Insurance Review 2024

Elephant Car Insurance Review

Elephant Car Insurance Review 2024 Elephant car insurance provides the typical coverage options offered by most insurance companies, as well as additional coverage such as loan/lease coverage and rideshare insurance. The company’s complaint level is in line with the industry average. We award Elephant car insurance 3.8 out of 5.0 stars overall for its competitive monthly premiums and variety of coverage choices. Elephant is a great option if you want cheap car insurance and they also offer a large selection of discounts to make their policies more affordable.

Elephant Car Insurance Review 2024

In 2024, Elephant Car Insurance continues to be a popular choice among drivers. Known for its competitive rates and excellent customer service, Elephant Car Insurance has consistently received positive reviews from policyholders. With a wide range of coverage options and flexible payment plans, customers appreciate the convenience and affordability that Elephant Car Insurance offers. In addition, the company’s user-friendly website and mobile app make it easy for policyholders to manage their policies and file claims. Overall, Elephant Car Insurance remains a trusted and reliable option for drivers in 2024.

Elephant Insurance Rating

Our rating for Elephant insurance of 3.8 out of 5.0 stars was determined by measuring performance across four main categories including cost, coverage, reliability, and service. The rating breakdown below uses the same methodology that our reviews team uses to judge all auto insurance providers.

Reviews Category Rating Score
Cost 4.6
Coverage 3.5
Reliability 3.1
Service 3.9
Overall Rating 3.8

Elephant Car Insurance Pros And Cons

Elephant Car Insurance has received positive reviews in 2024 for its various pros. Customers have praised the company for its competitive pricing, offering affordable insurance options that fit within their budget. The company also provides excellent customer service, with representatives who are knowledgeable and helpful in assisting with any inquiries or claims. Another advantage of Elephant Car Insurance is its user-friendly online platform, which allows customers to easily manage their policies and make payments. Additionally, the company offers a range of coverage options and discounts, ensuring that customers can customize their policies to meet their specific needs. Overall, Elephant Car Insurance has been recognized for its affordability, customer service, and convenient online platform in 2024.


  • Offers a wide variety of policy add-ons such as accident forgiveness, loan/lease gap coverage and a diminishing deductible.
  • Custom parts and equipment coverage is available for drivers who add aftermarket parts to their vehicles.
  • YourMechanic connects you to more than 600 repair, maintenance and diagnostic services at a discounted rate.


  • Higher-than-average complaint ratio compared to the rest of the car insurance industry.
  • Not available in many states.

About Elephant Insurance

Elephant Insurance, a subsidiary of Admiral Group plc, entered the car insurance industry in 2009. Based in Richmond, Virginia, the company provides coverage for over 200,000 vehicles. As a direct-to-consumer insurance provider, Elephant Insurance focuses on offering affordable rates and excellent customer service to its customers. It is known for its flexible policy options and personalized approach to insurance coverage. The company has also received numerous awards for its innovative products and customer-centric approach to business.

Elephant Car Insurance

Elephant Car Insurance is a well-known insurance provider that offers affordable car insurance policies to drivers in the UK. With a focus on transparency and customer service, Elephant Car Insurance provides a range of coverage options and discounts to help drivers find the right policy for their needs. Customers can easily manage their policies online and receive 24/7 support from their dedicated customer service team.

Liability Car Insurance

Liability car insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage in case you are responsible for causing damage to someone else’s property or injuring them in an accident. It typically includes two types of coverage: bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Bodily injury liability covers medical expenses and compensation for pain and suffering if you injure someone in an accident, while property damage liability covers the costs of repairing or replacing their damaged property. Liability car insurance is mandatory in most states, as it protects both you and other drivers on the road. This pays for injuries and property damage you accidentally cause to someone else. Liability car insurance also covers your legal costs, settlements and judgments if you are sued because of an accident.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is a type of auto insurance that provides coverage for damages to your vehicle that are not caused by collisions, such as theft, vandalism, fire, or natural disasters. It also covers collision damage in case of an accident, regardless of who is at fault. Comprehensive insurance offers more extensive coverage than liability insurance and can provide peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from a wide range of potential risks. However, it typically comes with a higher premium than other types of car insurance due to the increased coverage it provides. Comprehensive insurance pays to repair or replace your vehicle if it’s stolen or damaged by problems such as fire, vandalism, floods, hail and other severe weather, falling objects or striking an animal.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance is a type of car insurance that covers damages to your vehicle resulting from collisions with other objects or vehicles. This includes accidents with another car, hitting a stationary object like a fence or tree, or flipping over. Collision insurance is not mandatory by law but is often recommended for those who want to protect their car against unexpected damages. It can be added as an optional coverage to your auto insurance policy and typically has a deductible that you must pay before the insurance coverage kicks in. Collision insurance pays to fix or replace your car if it’s damaged in a car accident or a collision with another object, such as a fence or tree. Collision insurance pays regardless of fault.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance

Some states mandate uninsured motorist insurance, while it is optional in others. This type of insurance covers injuries for you and your passengers if you are hit by a driver without adequate liability insurance. In certain states, it is also possible to purchase coverage for vehicle damage caused by an uninsured driver.

Personal Injury Protection

PIP covers medical expenses for you and your passengers in the event of a car accident, regardless of fault. It also covers additional costs like lost wages and funeral services. PIP is mandatory in no-fault insurance states, optional in others, and not offered in some states.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments (MedPay) coverage provides coverage for medical expenses for you and your passengers regardless of fault in an accident. It is not offered in all states and is usually available in limited amounts ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

Other Coverages From Elephant Car Insurance

  • Custom parts and equipment. This covers aftermarket parts, such as rims, electronic equipment or a custom paint job.
  • Legal services. This add-on gives you access to legal assistance after a traffic violation or accident.
  • Non-owner car insurance. This liability policy is designed for individuals without car ownership but require car insurance. Non-owner car insurance is suitable for those who frequently borrow or rent cars, or for individuals without a car who need to provide evidence of car insurance (e.g., an SR-22).
  • Pet injury coverage. This covers up to $1,000 if your pet is hurt due to a problem covered by your policy, such as a car accident.
  • Rental reimbursement.Rental reimbursement insurance assists in covering the cost of a rental car or alternative transportation if your car is in the shop for a policy-covered issue, such as a car accident.
  • Roadside assistance. Roadside assistance insurance can provide help in getting you back on the road if you are stuck due to issues like a flat tire or dead battery.

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Auto Insurance Complaints Against Elephant Insurance

Elephant, a popular car insurance company, has received a higher-than-average level of complaints compared to many other insurance providers. Based on complaints made to state insurance departments, Elephant’s complaint level is 1.65 times the industry average. This raises concerns about the quality of service provided by the company and highlights the importance of conducting thorough research before selecting an insurance provider. It is recommended to read customer reviews and compare different policies and rates before making a decision.

What Does Elephant Car Insurance Cover?

Elephant car insurance provides extended coverage options, including accident forgiveness, a decreasing deductible, and SR-22s. However, you will need to seek coverage from another source if you desire new car replacement, pay-per-mile, or usage-based insurance.

Does Elephant Insurance offer Accident Forgiveness?

Elephant provides accident forgiveness, requiring all drivers on your policy to maintain a clean driving record for three years to qualify. After this period, your next at-fault accident will not result in an increased premium. Additionally, an enhanced accident forgiveness option is available, removing the three-year waiting period and providing immediate forgiveness. To be eligible for the upgrade, none of the drivers on your policy can have an at-fault accident on their records from the past three years.

Does Elephant Insurance Offer New Car Replacement?

Elephant does not provide new car replacement insurance, which usually covers the cost of a brand-new vehicle similar to your current one in case it is totaled due to a covered issue.

Does Elephant Offer Gap Insurance?

Elephant offers a product called “loan/lease coverage” that is similar to gap insurance. Gap insurance typically covers the disparity between your car loan or lease amount and the depreciated value of your car if it is declared a total loss due to a covered incident. With Elephant’s loan/lease coverage, you can receive up to 25% of your vehicle’s depreciated value if you owe more on your car loan than the car is worth. For instance, if you owe $20,000 on your totaled car and its depreciated value is $17,000, resulting in a $3,000 gap, Elephant’s coverage would pay up to 25% of the depreciated value, which in this case would be $4,250, covering the remaining loan balance.

Does Elephant Insurance Offer a Diminishing Deductible?

Elephant provides a decreasing deductible as an optional addition to the policy. If you have collision insurance with a minimum $500 deductible, your deductible will decrease by $100 for annual policies and $50 for six-month policies for each term you go without an accident, up to $500.

Does Elephant Insurance Offer SR-22s?

Elephant provides SR-22 insurance forms in Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. An SR-22 is a document filed by auto insurance companies with the state to prove that you have the necessary liability coverage. It is usually required for drivers with DUI convictions or multiple driving offenses.

Does Elephant Offer Usage-Based Insurance?

Elephant does not currently provide usage-based insurance (UBI), which utilizes telematics to monitor driving behaviors like speeding, harsh braking, acceleration, and phone usage. Safe drivers usually receive discounts. According to the company’s website, Elephant intends to introduce its own telematics app.

Does Elephant Offer Pay-Per-Mile Insurance?

Elephant does not provide pay-per-mile insurance. Pay-per-mile insurance involves a daily or monthly base rate along with a per-mile rate and may be suitable for low-mileage drivers.

Does Elephant Offer Rideshare Insurance?

Certainly, Elephant offers rideshare insurance as an additional policy for auto insurance. If you are a driver for Lyft or Uber, there may be a gap in coverage between your personal auto insurance and the insurance provided by the rideshare company. Elephant’s rideshare insurance provides coverage when your rideshare app is active and you are waiting for ride requests, but it does not cover you during the actual ride, pick-up, and drop-off, as that is usually covered by the rideshare company. Elephant’s rideshare insurance coverage resumes when your app is on and you are waiting for the next ride.

Elephant’s Auto Insurance Discounts

Elephant Auto Insurance offers a range of discounts to help customers save money on their policies. These discounts include multi-car discounts, safe driver discounts, and good student discounts for young drivers who maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above. Customers can also receive a discount for paying their premiums in full rather than monthly installments. Additionally, Elephant offers a discount for homeowners who bundle their home and auto insurance policies with them. With these savings options, Elephant Auto Insurance makes it easy for customers to find affordable coverage that meets their needs.

  • Automatic payment discount. You could qualify for a discount if you sign up for automatic payments.
  • Claims free discount. You may be eligible for savings if you avoid an at-fault accident for at least five years.
  • E-signature discount. You could save an average of 18% if you authorize your e-signature for policy-related documents such as a waiver.
  • Early bird discount. If you switch to Elephant from another insurance company five days or more before your policy expiration date, you could save up to 10%.
  • Homeowner discount. If you own a home or condo, you’ll qualify for this discount, even if you don’t have a home or condo insurance policy with Elephant.
  • Multi-car discount. You can get a discount if you insure more than one car with Elephant.
  • Multi-policy discount. You’ll be able to save if you bundle your auto policy with another insurance type from Elephant, such as condo, home, motorcycle or renters insurance.
  • Online discount. You can save an average of 3% if you start an online quote from Elephant and buy a policy.
  • Paperless discount. You can save an average of 3% if you go paperless.
  • Pay in full discount. You can save between 8% to 15% if you pay your policy term up front.
  • Student discounts. If you have a student who maintains good grades, you could qualify for savings. You can also earn a student discount if your student is without a car and lives more than 100 miles away from home.

More Insurance from Elephant

Other types of insurance policies offered by Elephant include:

  • Condo insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Off-road vehicle insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Umbrella insurance

Elephant Auto Insurance Review: FAQS

What is the rating of Elephant Insurance?

Elephant Insurance receives an average of 4.2 stars out of 5.0 on Google from over 3,200 reviews, but it also holds a nearly 1.1-star average from reviewers on the BBB site. On the other hand, the BBB gives Elephant an A+ rating and has given it accreditation since 2015.

Who owns Elephant Auto insurance?

Admiral owns many companies all over the world, one of which is Elephant Insurance, who is also located in the United States. Elephant is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Admiral Group which means its capital and financial positions are fully backed and secured by them.

Is Elephant car insurance owned by Admiral?

About us. Elephant is a trading name of EUI Ltd, an Admiral Group plc company. Our offices are located at Ty Admiral, David Street, Cardiff, CF10 2EH (Company Number 2686904).

Does Elephant sell auto insurance policies nationwide?

Elephant sells auto insurance in eight states: Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

How can I file a claim with Elephant?

You can track and file your claim on Elephant’s website or by calling 877-218-7865. Glass claims can be filed online or by calling 800-413-8860.

What perks does Elephant offer?

Perks for Elephant customers may include accident forgiveness after all drivers on the policy are accident-free for three years and discounted rates for certain repairs and maintenance services. You may also get up to $1,000 of custom and equipment coverage. If you have collision insurance on your policy, you’ll receive up to $1,000 in pet injury coverage. In addition, if you take your car to an Elephant-approved shop, repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your car.


Through analyzing Elephant Auto Insurance reviews, service ratings, policy coverage options, and cost we give a score of 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. While Elephant Insurance on paper seems to offer some great deals the major drawback tends to come from its claims customer service. Its coverage options are also smaller in selection when compared to major providers. However, Elephant car insurance can be a good option if you are looking for cheap rates. While Elephant can be a good auto insurance option, we recommend that you look around for deals and compare quotes before committing to anything.

After reviewing Elephant Car Insurance, it is clear that they offer a comprehensive and reliable insurance solution for drivers. With their competitive rates, excellent customer service, and wide range of coverage options, Elephant Car Insurance stands out as a top choice for car insurance. Whether you’re a new driver or have years of experience on the road, Elephant Car Insurance has a policy that can meet your needs. Don’t wait any longer to protect yourself and your vehicle – get a quote from Elephant Car Insurance today!

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