Esurance Car Insurance Review 2024

Esurance Car Insurance Review

Esurance Car Insurance Review A car insurance company that operates online and is owned by Allstate, offers a range of convenient options for its customers through its website and mobile app. While Esurance boasts competitive car insurance rates, it has been noted that it receives a significant number of customer complaints. Additionally, when compared to its competitors, Esurance offers limited discounts and fewer optional coverages. Therefore, individuals who prioritize excellent customer service and comprehensive coverage options over price may find better alternatives elsewhere.

Are you in the market for car insurance? Look no further than this comprehensive review of Esurance Car Insurance. With 2024 just around the corner, it’s essential to stay updated on the latest offerings from insurance providers. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Esurance’s coverage options, customer service, pricing, and more. Whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned pro, finding the right car insurance can be a daunting task. So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the ins and outs of Esurance Car Insurance.

Esurance Car Insurance Review 2024

It’s 2024, and Esurance car insurance continues to provide reliable coverage for drivers across the country. With its user-friendly interface and convenient online tools, Esurance makes it easy to manage your policy and file claims. Customers praise Esurance for its competitive rates and excellent customer service, with representatives available 24/7 to assist with any questions or concerns. Whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned pro, Esurance offers a range of coverage options to meet your needs and budget. Plus, with its innovative DriveSense program, you can earn discounts for safe driving habits. So why wait? Get a quote from Esurance today and experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable car insurance.

Esurance Car Insurance Pros And Cons

When it comes to car insurance, Esurance is a popular choice for many drivers. There are several pros and cons to consider when deciding if Esurance is the right car insurance provider for you. One of the main advantages of Esurance is its convenience and ease of use. They offer an online platform that allows you to compare quotes, purchase policies, and manage your account all in one place. This can save you time and hassle compared to traditional insurance providers.

Additionally, Esurance offers competitive rates and discounts, which can help you save money on your premiums. However, there are also some drawbacks to consider. Some customers have reported issues with customer service, claiming that it can be difficult to get in touch with a representative or resolve issues in a timely manner. Additionally, Esurance may not offer as many coverage options or add-ons as other insurance providers. It’s important to carefully weigh the pros and cons and consider your individual needs before choosing Esurance as your car insurance provider.


  1. Decent car insurance rates, especially for drivers with speeding tickets.
  2. Esurance offers SR-22 insurance filings.
  3. Offers usage-based car insurance (DriveSense) for good drivers who want to try to reduce their auto insurance costs based primarily on driving habits.
  4. Available in 43 states.


  1. Esurance has a significantly higher level of complaints than competitors made to state insurance departments about its auto insurance.
  2. You’ll have to look elsewhere if you want coverage features such as new car replacement, accident forgiveness or diminishing deductibles.
  3. Limited discounts available.

Auto Insurance from Esurance

Esurance provides customers with these standard car insurance coverage types.

Liability. Liability insurance covers injuries to other people if you’re at fault in an accident. It also pays your legal costs if you’re sued because of an accident. Liability car insurance pays for damage you cause to others in an accident, too, such as if you hit another car.

Collision. This coverage helps pay to repair or replace your own car if it’s damaged in an accident, no matter who caused it. Collision car insurance also pays for your vehicle damage if you hit an object, such as a guardrail.

Comprehensive. Comprehensive car insurance covers damage to your car from events other than collisions, such as animal strikes, fire, flooding and hail damage. It also covers theft of your vehicle.

Medical payments. Also known as MedPay insurance, this coverage can pay your medical bills and those of your passengers after an accident, regardless of who’s at fault.

Personal injury protection. This type of coverage pays for you and your passengers’ injuries, regardless of who caused the accident. Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance also pays for lost wages, rehabilitation costs and funeral expenses. PIP can also provide money for services like house cleaning that you can’t do if you’re injured in an accident covered by your policy.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist. This coverage pays for you and your passengers’ medical bills if you’re in an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. It does not pay anything to the uninsured driver. Uninsured motorist coverage is required in some states.

Rental car reimbursement. If your vehicle sustains damage in an accident that is covered by your insurance policy and requires repair or replacement, rental reimbursement insurance can provide financial assistance for a rental car while your own vehicle is being fixed. In certain states, an Esurance policy may include CarMatch Rental Coverage, ensuring that you will receive a rental car that is comparable to the one you own.

Roadside assistance. Roadside assistance coverage is available to help you in case of a flat tire, the need for a jump start, or running out of gas. In addition, it offers support in covering the expenses incurred from towing your vehicle if it is not able to be driven.

Esurance Auto Insurance Cost Comparisons

Esurance is a popular car insurance provider in California, competing with other top players in the market. According to recent comparisons, Esurance’s rates are competitive and stack up well against competitors such as GEICO, State Farm, and Allstate. However, it’s important to note that car insurance rates can vary based on several factors such as driving record, age, location, and type of vehicle. It’s recommended to obtain quotes from multiple providers before making a decision on which policy to choose.

Esurance Car Insurance Rates for Good Drivers

Esurance has been ranked third in terms of the lowest annual costs for good drivers in California, according to Forbes Advisor’s analysis. This indicates that Esurance offers competitive pricing and value for its customers. It is essential to compare different insurance providers and their policies before making a decision, as factors such as coverage, deductibles, and discounts can also impact the overall cost of car insurance.

Company Cost per year for a good driver
Geico $1,721
USAA $1,775
Esurance $1,924
Progressive $2,118
Auto Club $2,350
Allstate $2,369
State Farm $2,728
Nationwide $2,851
Farmers $3,014

Esurance Car Insurance Rates for Drivers With a Speeding Ticket

Esurance is a reliable option for those with a speeding ticket on their driving record. In California, the company offers competitive yearly car insurance rates that are second only to USAA. While having a speeding ticket can increase your insurance premiums, Esurance’s rates remain affordable and reasonable. It’s worth considering this insurance provider if you’re looking for coverage that won’t break the bank due to past driving violations.

Company Cost per year for a driver with a speeding ticket
USAA $1,969
Esurance $2,472
Geico $2,537
Auto Club $3,055
Progressive $3,283
Allstate $3,447
State Farm $3,978
Farmers $4,139
Nationwide $4,981

Esurance Car Insurance Rates for Drivers with a DUI Conviction

Having a DUI (Driving Under Influence) on your record can lead to a significant increase in car insurance rates. However, shopping around for the best auto insurance quotes can save you hundreds of dollars. According to Forbes Advisor’s analysis, Esurance provides the third-lowest annual rates for individuals with a DUI in California. It is crucial to compare rates from multiple insurers and inquire about any discounts or programs offered for drivers with a DUI on their record. Additionally, taking steps to improve your driving record and completing any required courses may also help lower your car insurance premiums over time.

Company Cost per year for a driver with a DUI
Geico $4,040
Progressive $4,220
Esurance $4,898
Farmers $5,173
USAA $5,190
Auto Club $7,030
Allstate $7,831
Nationwide $7,986
State Farm $8,304

Does Esurance Offer Accident Forgiveness?

Accident forgiveness insurance is not provided by Esurance. Nevertheless, its parent company, Allstate, does offer this coverage. Accident forgiveness ensures that your insurance premium remains unaffected even after you have caused an accident. This is particularly advantageous for cautious drivers who are concerned about facing consequences for a single error.

Does Esurance Offer New Car Replacement Insurance?

While Esurance does not provide new car replacement insurance, they do offer gap insurance. This type of coverage helps bridge the gap between the remaining balance on your car loan and the actual cash value of your vehicle if it is declared a total loss in an accident.

Does Esurance Offer Gap Insurance?

Esurance offers gap insurance coverage, which provides additional financial protection in the event that your car is declared a total loss and you owe more on it than its actual worth. With this coverage, Esurance will compensate you up to 25% above your car’s cash value to bridge the gap. For example, let’s say your vehicle is appraised at $25,000 but you still have a remaining balance of $30,000 on your car loan. In such a scenario, your comprehensive or collision insurance would cover the $25,000 (minus any deductible). However, with gap insurance from Esurance, you would receive an additional payment of $5,000 to avoid having to pay that amount out of pocket.

Does Esurance Offer a Diminishing Deductible?

Currently, Esurance does not provide a diminishing deductible benefit that lowers your deductible each year without an accident. However, its parent company, Allstate, offers this feature. To obtain additional information about Allstate’s Safe Driving Bonus coverage, please refer to their resources.

SR-22 Insurance from Esurance

Esurance can assist you with filing the necessary form for SR-22 insurance, which is a certificate of financial responsibility. This certificate serves as proof that you have obtained the minimum amount of liability insurance mandated by your state. Typically, an SR-22 is mandated by the court and required for drivers who have been designated as “high risk” due to factors such as a DUI, multiple traffic violations, driving without insurance, or other related issues.

Does Esurance Offer Usage-Based Insurance?

Esurance offers a usage-based insurance program known as DriveSense, which provides an instant discount upon enrollment. By downloading the DriveSense mobile app, Esurance is able to track and assess your driving habits. If you can demonstrate that you are a safe driver by completing at least 50 trips, Esurance will personalize a discount for you. Presently, DriveSense is accessible in 35 states.

Does Esurance Offer Pay-Per-Mile Insurance?

Esurance has discontinued its pay-per-mile insurance service. Nonetheless, its parent company, Allstate, continues to provide a pay-per-mile program called Milewise.

Does Esurance Offer Rideshare Insurance?

Esurance provides rideshare insurance policies for drivers working with Uber, Lyft, or any other ridesharing company. The rideshare insurance offered by Esurance is known as ShareSmart and is currently accessible in California, Illinois, and New Jersey. Esurance intends to introduce ShareSmart in additional states in the future.

Esurance’s Auto Insurance Discounts

While Esurance may not offer as many car insurance discounts as its competitors, our analysis has shown that its base rates are already highly competitive. Depending on various factors such as your ZIP code and driving record, you may still be eligible for a range of discounts with Esurance.

  1. DriveSense discount. By enrolling in Esurance’s usage-based driving program, you have the opportunity to secure an initial discount. However, please note that this offer is only accessible in 35 states.
  2. Multi-policy discount. Bundle an Esurance auto policy with a home, renters or motorcycle policy for additional savings.
  3. Pay all at once discount. This discount is for paying your six-month policy premium in full upfront instead of making monthly payments.
  4. Multi-car discount. If you insure more than one vehicle with Esurance, you can snag a price break.

Auto Insurance Complaints Against Esurance

Esurance’s nationwide complaint level is significantly higher than the industry average, with over six times as many complaints. For car insurance shoppers seeking a company with a better track record, there are plenty of options available. Prioritizing customer service and researching companies’ complaint histories can help consumers make informed decisions when selecting an insurance provider.

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Other Types of Insurance from Esurance

In addition to auto coverage, Esurance sells:

  1. Motorcycle insurance
  2. Renters insurance
  3. Homeowners insurance

Esurance Online Policy Management

Esurance has a mobile app and website where you can:

  1. View your auto insurance ID cards
  2. Check your coverage details
  3. Add or remove a vehicle
  4. Pay bills
  5. File a claim
  6. Submit photos for claims and appraisals
  7. Update your address and contact info
  8. Manage policy documents
  9. Request roadside assistance


To determine the average rates for car insurance companies in Colorado, we analyzed data provided by Quadrant Information Services. Our analysis focused on a 40-year-old female driver with a new Toyota RAV4, considering the coverage details.

  1. $100,000 for injuries to one person, $300,000 for injuries per accident and $100,000 of property damage (known as 100/300/100).
  2. Uninsured motorist coverage of 100/300.
  3. Collision and comprehensive insurance with a $500 deductible.

Esurance Car Insurance Review 2024 Faq’s

How reliable is Esurance?

Esurance has a financial strength rating of A+ (Excellent) from AM Best due to its parent company Allstate, but it has more complaints than expected logged with the NAIC. Esurance is not included in recent J.D. Power studies, but its parent company, Allstate, is ranked above average in the 2023 U.S.

What happened with Esurance?

In December 2019, Allstate announced that it would phase out Esurance in 2020 in order to streamline business operations.

Does Esurance give refunds?

Delaney Simchuk, Car Insurance Writer If you’ve already paid your premium for the policy period in full, Esurance will refund the unused portion, minus any cancellation fees.

Is Geico the same as Esurance?

We rate Geico higher than Esurance for its superior coverage options, prices, and customer service. Most drivers find lower rates with Geico than Esurance. However, Esurance is still a great company and we recommend comparing auto insurance quotes from both providers.

Where did Esurance come from?

Esurance History Esurance was founded in Silicon Valley, California, in 1999 by a group of investors who wanted to harnessed the power of the internet to offer policies online, simplifying the insurance process for customers. Esurance gained quick recognition for its user-friendly website and competitive rates.

Is progressive better than Esurance?

Progressive offers cheaper policies for the average driver and also receives fewer customer complaints. Progressive also offers more unique types of coverage. However, Esurance has a higher overall customer satisfaction score.


Esurance offers a comprehensive car insurance solution that is worth considering for your auto coverage needs. With its user-friendly website and convenient mobile app, managing your policy and filing claims is made easy. The company also provides competitive rates and a variety of coverage options to suit different budgets and preferences. While Esurance may not be the perfect fit for everyone, it is definitely worth exploring if you’re in the market for car insurance. Take the time to compare quotes and policies from different providers to ensure you’re making an informed decision. Remember, having the right car insurance can provide peace of mind on the road, so choose wisely. Esurance is an online car insurance company owned by Allstate. Esurance customers can do many things online or through the mobile app. Esurance has competitive car insurance rates but has a very high level of customer complaints. It also has limited discounts and few optional coverages compared to many competitors. Those who value satisfactory customer service and robust coverage offerings over price would do better elsewhere.

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