Car Insurance Discounts Guide OF 2024

Car Insurance Discounts Guide

Car Insurance Discounts Guide Saving on car insurance without compromising coverage can be achieved through various discounts available, which can help mitigate increasing insurance, fuel, and vehicle repair expenses. It’s advisable to consult your auto insurance agent to ensure that you are taking advantage of all eligible discounts.

Attention all car owners in the year 2024! Car insurance can be a significant expense, but did you know that there are various discounts available that could save you money? In this guide, we’ll explore the different car insurance discounts that you may be eligible for in 2024.

From safe driver discounts to low mileage discounts and everything in between, we’ll break down each discount and provide tips on how to qualify. So, buckle up and get ready to learn how to maximize your savings on car insurance with our comprehensive guide to car insurance discounts of 2024.

Types of Car Insurance Discounts

When researching auto insurance discounts, it’s important to keep in mind that the discount percentages provided by different companies may vary. In a study conducted on the nation’s largest auto insurance companies, typical ranges were found based on available discounts. However, individual discounts offered by your own insurance company may be higher or lower than these averages. It’s always a good idea to check with your insurer directly to find out what specific discounts are available to you and how they can help you save on your premiums.

Multi-Policy Discount

A multi-policy discount often applies when you buy car insurance plus other policies from the same company. It’s also called a “multi-line discount” and commonly referred to as “bundling.” Bundling car insurance and home insurance is usually one of the biggest discounts you can score, often between 5% to 25% off. But if you’re not a homeowner, don’t worry, you can typically bundle car insurance with other insurance such as a condo, renters, motorcycles, boat, RV, and life insurance.

State Farm offers the best bundling auto and home insurance discounts with an average 23% discount for multi policies. American Family and Farmers each have an average 18% multi-policy discount. The overall bundling discount is 14%.

Multi-Policy Insurance Discounts by Company

Company % savings for bundling home and auto $ savings for bundling home and auto
State Farm 23% $787
American Family 18% $486
Farmers 18% $732
Allstate 15% $497
Erie 15% $535
Nationwide 15% $516
Travelers 11% $484
Auto-Owners 10% $214
Progressive 7% $226
USAA 6% $185

Multi-Car Discount

Insuring more than one car with the same insurance company could make you eligible for a multi-car insurance discount. Depending on the insurer, the discount can range from 8% to 25%. This is a great way to save money on your car insurance premiums while insuring multiple vehicles. The exact amount of discount offered may vary depending on various factors such as the type of cars being insured, their usage, and the location of the policyholder. It’s always best to check with your insurance provider to see if they offer this type of discount and what percentage you may be eligible for.

Vehicle Safety Discounts

If your vehicle is equipped with safety features such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, and daytime running lights, you might be eligible for a discount. Daytime running lights usually result in minor discounts, while discounts for full-front seat airbags can be as high as 40% and applied to your medical payments or personal injury protection coverage.

New Car Discount

Purchasing a car that is less than three years old can offer significant savings due to the new car discount. This discount typically ranges between 10% to 15%, making it an attractive option for those looking to buy a car. In addition to the discount, newer cars often come with updated features and improved safety technology, providing additional value for the buyer. However, it is important to consider factors such as depreciation and insurance costs when buying a new car, as these can have long-term financial implications.

Anti-Theft Device Discounts

If your vehicle is equipped with anti-theft technology, you may qualify for a discount ranging from 5% to 25% on your comprehensive insurance. Some insurance companies offer anti-theft discounts for both factory-installed and after-market-installed devices. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that approximately 41% of stolen vehicles are never found. Certain types of anti-theft devices can aid in the recovery of a stolen car and could make you eligible for a discount.

GPS-based systems

Modern technology has provided car owners with various anti-theft systems that can deter criminals and prevent vehicle theft. Car manufacturers like Toyota and General Motors offer services such as OnStar and Safety Connect, which utilize GPS to locate a stolen car. Additionally, some anti-theft systems like OnStar’s “Remote Ignition Block” can prevent car thieves from restarting the vehicle once it has been turned off. These technologies have been proven to be effective in reducing car theft rates across the globe, providing peace of mind to car owners. However, it is crucial for car owners to take additional measures like parking in well-lit areas or using steering wheel locks for added security.

Stolen vehicle recovery systems

Vehicle theft is a common problem faced by car owners, and one way to address this issue is by installing anti-theft systems like LoJack. These systems aid law enforcement in tracking and recovering stolen cars by sending a silent radio signal to a transceiver installed in the vehicle. Some car insurance companies may offer discounts for installing these systems; however, you need to provide proof of installation to avail of the discount. Investing in such anti-theft systems can help protect your vehicle and potentially save you money on insurance premiums.

VIN etching

VIN etching is a process of engraving the vehicle identification number (VIN) onto a car’s windshield and windows permanently. It serves as a precautionary measure against car theft, as thieves would have to replace the etched glass before selling your car. Some insurance companies provide discounts for VIN etching and may even waive the comprehensive coverage deductible if your car is stolen. This makes VIN etching an effective and affordable way of protecting your vehicle from theft. Additionally, VIN etching can also help in the recovery process if your car is stolen, as it provides a unique identifier that law enforcement agencies can use to track down the vehicle.

Good Driver Discounts

Being a good driver has its perks, especially when it comes to car insurance. Many companies offer discounts to drivers who have maintained a clean driving record for a certain period of time. For instance, Geico car insurance provides up to 26% in potential savings if you haven’t had any accidents in five years. By avoiding accidents, claims, and traffic violations, you may be eligible for substantial discounts on your car insurance premium. Good driver discounts typically range from 10% to 40%, making it a great incentive for safe driving practices. It is important to note that each insurance company may have different requirements and criteria for their good driver discount program. Some companies might require drivers to maintain a certain level of coverage or take defensive driving courses. Additionally, it is important to shop around and compare quotes from different car insurance providers to find the best deal that suits your needs and budget. By taking advantage of good driver discounts, you not only save money on your car insurance but also promote safe driving habits on the road.

Defensive Driver Discounts

If you are willing to take an approved defensive driving course, some insurance companies offer discounts to qualified drivers. However, keep in mind that this discount may only apply to drivers of a certain age, typically 50 or older. Defensive driver discounts usually range between 5% to 10%. In some states, such as California and New York, this discount is mandated for mature drivers. By completing a defensive driving course, you not only save money on your insurance premium but also improve your driving skills and reduce the risk of accidents.

Good Student Discount

Car insurance companies offer a discount to student drivers who are enrolled full-time at a high school or college and meet certain criteria. Typically, the student must maintain at least a B average and be between the ages of 16 and 25. Good student discounts can range from 8% to 25%. This is because insurers believe that students who perform well in school are more responsible and less likely to get into accidents. Therefore, if you or your student driver meets these requirements, it’s worth asking your insurance provider about their good student discount program. It can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year on car insurance premiums.

Student Away at School Discount

If you have a student who is studying away from home and doesn’t own a car, you may be eligible for a discount on your car insurance. Different insurance companies have different requirements, but generally, the student needs to be under the age of 25 and live at least 100 miles away from home. Additionally, they can only access your car while home during school vacations and holidays. Taking advantage of this discount can help save you money on your insurance premiums while still ensuring that your student is covered while driving your vehicle. It’s important to check with your specific insurance provider to see if they offer this discount and what their specific requirements are.

Pay In Full Discount

If you pay your full policy term up front, car insurance companies typically offer a discount. Top companies show a discount range of 6% to 14% if you pay in full instead of breaking your insurance bill into monthly payments. Besides this discount, you will also save yourself from paying a monthly finance or service fee that some companies charge if you spread out the payments.

Company Paid in full discount %
Auto-Owners 14%
Progressive 11%
Allstate 9%
Erie 9%
Travelers 9%
Farmers 6%

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Discount

If you pay in installments, you may be able to get a small discount for using automatic withdrawals. The EFT discount can range from 3% to 6%.

Paperless Discount

If you’re willing to go paperless, you’ll get your policy documents and billing electronically. The insurance company may offer a small discount. This discount isn’t as popular as it once was, now that people tend to prefer paperless systems anyway. We found the average discount is 3% but ranges from 6% with Farmers to 1% with Progressive.

Company Paperless discount %
Farmers 6%
Nationwide 3%
Allstate 2%
Progressive 1%

Online Quote Discount

Getting an online quote and signing up for a car insurance policy can have several benefits, including discounts offered by some companies. These discounts can range from 4% to 12%, depending on the insurer. It is worth shopping around and comparing quotes from different providers to find the best deal that fits your needs and budget. Additionally, many insurance companies offer additional discounts for safe driving habits or bundling multiple policies, such as home and auto insurance.

Early Bird Discount

Purchasing a policy before your current one expires can lead to a discount, with different companies requiring varying advance purchase periods. Generally, a window of seven to 14 days is considered ideal, and discounts typically range from 2% to 15%. For instance, buying 10 days in advance from leading companies resulted in discounts of up to 10% from Allstate and as low as 3% from Nationwide.

Company Advance quote discount %
Allstate 10%
Farmers 8%
Auto-Owners 6%
Travelers 6%
Erie 6%
Progressive 4%
Nationwide 3%

Occupational Discounts

Your occupation can sometimes make you eligible for discounts from insurance companies. Many insurers, such as Liberty Mutual and Geico, offer special policy features or percentage discounts for certain professions. For example, educators can take advantage of special policy features from Liberty Mutual while Geico offers up to 15% off for military personnel. It is always a wise move to inquire with your insurance agent about any available discounts based on your profession. Doing so can help you save money on your premiums while still getting quality coverage.

Alumni Associations and Professional Organizations

Joining college alumni associations, fraternities, and sororities, as well as professional organizations like the state’s bar association or a union, can be beneficial for personal and professional growth. These groups provide opportunities to network with individuals in your field of interest and gain access to resources that can help advance your career. In addition to networking benefits, membership in these organizations can also offer social connections and opportunities to give back to the community through philanthropic initiatives. Overall, joining these groups can enhance both personal and professional development.

Usage-based insurance program discount

Your insurance provider may offer usage-based insurance (UBI), which adjusts insurance premiums based on your driving frequency and performance. Typically, data is gathered through a device installed in your car’s ODB-II port or collected from a smartphone app. Most UBI programs provide an enrollment discount (ranging from 5% to 10%) and further discounts based on your driving behavior. These discounts are usually applied when renewing the policy. For safe drivers, a UBI discount could range from 5% to 40%. It’s important to note that a UBI discount may not apply to the entire policy.

Examples of Usage-Based Insurance Discounts

Insurance company Enrollment discount Safe driving discount
Allstate Drivewise Cash back amount varies Cash back amount varies
American Family Know Your Drive 5% Up to 20%
Farmers Insurance Signal 5% Up to 15% at renewal; up to 10% for young drivers; eligibility to win money rewards for good driving scores
Liberty Mutual Right Track 10% Up to 30%
MAPFRE DriveAdvisor Yes Savings calculated after completing the onboarding process and at policy renewal
Nationwide SmartRide 15% Up to 40%
Progressive Snapshot Yes Discount calculated after you complete the program and renew your policy (usually within six months)
Travelers IntelliDrive Potential discount calculated based on the first 90 days of the program Up to 20% at policy renewal
Safeco RightTrack Yes 5% to 30%
State Farm Drive Safe & Save Up to 5% Up to 30%

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Car Insurance Discounts Tips

While cheap car insurance is always desirable, discounts advertised by insurance providers can be misleading. For instance, a discount that claims to offer “up to 40% off” might not necessarily translate to a 40% reduction in your entire car insurance bill. It is important to read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions of the discount before making a decision. Additionally, some discounts may only apply to certain coverages or may have a limited duration, so it is crucial to evaluate all aspects of the discount before committing to it. Remember, while discounts can help reduce your premiums, it’s essential to ensure that you have adequate coverage for your needs.

Beware of the “up to”

Discounts are often advertised as “up to” a certain percentage, but it is important to note that not all customers may receive the maximum discount. In some cases, the highest discount may only be available to specific groups of drivers, such as those with a clean driving record or who have completed a defensive driving course. It is crucial to carefully read the terms and conditions of any discounts offered by insurance companies to ensure that you understand the eligibility requirements and limitations. Additionally, it may be worth shopping around and comparing quotes from different insurers to find the best deal for your individual circumstances.

Some Auto Insurance Discounts Don’t Apply to Your Entire Bill

When it comes to getting discounts on your car insurance, the type of coverage you have matters. For instance, seat belt discounts may only be applicable to medical payment coverage or personal injury protection as these types of coverage compensate for passenger injuries. On the other hand, anti-theft device discounts are typically offered for comprehensive coverage because it is this coverage that pays for car theft. If you’re looking to save on your auto insurance premium, it’s important to understand which types of coverage are eligible for discounts and how they can help lower your costs.

Some Car Insurance Discounts Are Required by State Law

Most states require insurance companies to offer state-mandated discounts to their customers. For instance, in New York, drivers who complete a defensive driving course and send the certificate of completion to their insurance company can receive a 10% discount off liability and collision coverage for three years. These discounts vary from state to state and can be related to factors such as age, occupation, and vehicle safety features. It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance company or agent to see what kind of discounts you may be eligible for and how they can help reduce your insurance premiums.

Discounts Can Be Capped

While it is possible to qualify for multiple discounts when it comes to insurance policies, the insurance company often sets a limit on the total discount percentage that can be applied. For instance, you may be eligible for various discounts that appear to add up to 75% off your auto insurance premiums, but the insurer may impose a cap of 20% on the total discount. This means that even if you qualify for multiple discounts, they may not all be applied simultaneously. It’s important to check with your insurer about any restrictions or limitations on discounts before assuming you are eligible for them all.

Not all Discounts Are Automatic

If you have had the same insurance policy for several years, it may be worth asking your insurance company about available discounts. Often, insurance companies are not aware of changes in your circumstances, such as installing an anti-theft device in your car or your student driver achieving excellent grades. To save money on discounts, it is recommended to ask your insurance agent regularly to review any available discounts that you may qualify for. By doing so, you can ensure that you are taking advantage of all possible savings opportunities.

Car Insurance Discounts Vary by State

It is essential to note that not all discounts advertised on an insurance company’s website may be available in your state. Insurance regulations vary from state to state, and what might be a valid discount in one state may not apply to another. It’s always best to check with your insurance provider to determine which discounts are available in your specific location. Additionally, some discounts may have eligibility requirements that you must meet before qualifying for them, such as having a clean driving record or being a member of a particular organization.


To determine the average rates and discounts offered by insurance companies across the United States, we relied on data provided by Quadrant Information Services. Our analysis focused on a 30-year-old driver with a clean record who is purchasing coverage for liability, uninsured motorists, collision, and comprehensive. By examining this data, we were able to provide valuable insights into the pricing strategies of different insurance providers and help consumers make informed decisions when selecting their coverage options. Finding car insurance discounts can help you save money and get the coverage you need at a more affordable price. By taking advantage of the various discounts available, such as safe driver discounts, multi-policy discounts, or good student discounts, you can significantly reduce your car insurance premiums. It’s important to review your policy regularly and see if there are any new discounts you may be eligible for. Don’t miss out on the potential savings! Take the time to explore the different car insurance discounts and find the ones that best suit your needs. Start saving today!


What are the best discounts for car insurance?

Bundling, also referred to as a multi-line discount, is among the most advantageous car insurance discounts available. By bundling your auto and home insurance, you can typically receive a discount ranging from 5% to 25%. Even if you’re not a homeowner, you may still qualify for a bundling discount by insuring your car with the same company that provides your condo, renters, boat, motorcycle, or RV insurance. Another reliable option is to seek out good driver discounts. Car insurance companies highly value safe drivers, often offering discounts of 10% to 40% for those with a clean driving record. It’s always worth picking up the phone and inquiring about the various car insurance discounts that may be available to you.

How long do you have to be with an insurance company to get discounts?

The criteria for receiving discounts on car insurance will differ depending on the insurance company and the specific discount. Some discounts, such as bundling and vehicle safety feature discounts, may be available to you right away. Other discounts may be activated upon completion of certain actions, such as completing a defensive driving course, transitioning to paperless billing, or paying your bill in full when it’s time for renewal.

How much is a good student discount for car insurance?

We discovered that favorable discounts for students typically range from 8% to 25%, and this varies depending on the insurance company. Usually, in order to be eligible for a student car insurance discount, the student needs to be enrolled full-time in high school or college. Additionally, most insurance companies stipulate that the student must maintain at least a B average and be between the ages of 16 and 25. However, achieving good grades in a traditional classroom is not the sole way for a young driver to qualify for a discount. If your teen driver completes a safe driving program, they may also be eligible for a discount. There are several insurance programs available to assist teen drivers.

How to get maximum discount on car insurance?

Here are some tips you can follow to get discounts on your car insurance.
  1. Renew Car Insurance on Time. We all have a tendency to delay and put things off until the last minute.
  2. Drive Safely.
  3. Set the Correct IDV.
  4. Pay for Minor Damages.
  5. Compare and Purchase Car Insurance Online.
  6. No Claim Bonus (NCB)

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