Suspect in Movie2k case transfers €2 Billion in Bitcoin to Saxony police Know The Complete Information

Suspect in Movie2k case transfers €2 Billion in Bitcoin to Saxony police

The suspected operator of, a pirated content streaming platform, has reportedly relinquished a significant fortune. German authorities have confiscated nearly 50,000 bitcoins, valued at around €2 billion, from one of the individuals under investigation in connection with The Dresden General Prosecutor’s Office has stated that the bitcoins were provisionally secured in mid-January 2024 after being transferred by a suspect. This seizure represents the largest-ever confiscation of bitcoins by law enforcement in Germany, and the final disposition of the bitcoins is yet to be determined.

Suspect in Movie2k case transfers €2 Billion

A probe is currently underway regarding the alleged unauthorized commercial use of copyrighted materials for financial gain, along with subsequent money laundering. Two individuals, a 40-year-old German man and a 37-year-old Polish man, are under suspicion for their participation in a German piracy website that was operational until May 2013. They stand accused of converting the earnings from the website into Bitcoins. Movie2k was among the largest illegal streaming platforms in Germany. No additional details will be disclosed until the investigation concludes. The investigation was carried out by the Dresden General Prosecutor’s Office, Saxony State Criminal Police Office, and the local tax office, with support from the FBI and a Munich-based forensic IT expert company.

Suspect in Movie2k case transfers €2 Billion in Bitcoin to Saxony police illegal movie Or Not

As per, the two suspected primary administrators of were charged in August 2020 for allegedly participating in the distribution of over 880,000 illegal movie copies between Autumn 2008 and May 2013, along with other individuals. They ran an illicit streaming service using Romanian servers and commenced substantial Bitcoin purchases in mid-2012. This is not the first confiscation linked to Movie2k. In early 2020, the website’s developer surrendered €25 million in Bitcoins to authorities as “compensation for damages” after being detained since 2019, as reported by On Tuesday, the price of Bitcoin was hovering around $43,300.

What is the recent German police seizure of a significant amount of Bitcoin?

The recent German police seizure of a significant amount of Bitcoin is equivalent to the US federal authorities’ capture of over $3.3 billion worth of Bitcoin from an individual who hacked and stole the cryptocurrency from the Silk Road dark web store. These seizures highlight the growing use of Bitcoin in illicit activities, prompting governments worldwide to tighten regulations around digital currencies. While Bitcoin has been associated with criminal activity, it is important to note that many legitimate businesses and individuals also use it as a form of payment or investment. Therefore, finding a balance between regulating digital currencies without hindering their potential benefits is crucial for future growth and adoption.

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