Shillong TEER Result Today 2024

Shillong TEER Result Today

What is Shillong TEER Result Today? Are you interested in checking the most recent Shillong TEER Results? Today, the official website of the Khasi Hill Archery Sports Association announced the results for the 1st and 2nd rounds of Shillong TEER. Shillong TEER is a top lottery game associated with the sport of archery and is exclusive to the state of Meghalaya. This lottery game is also referred to as siat khnam and thoh tim. The results for today, December 23, 2023, have already been declared at 3:40 pm and 4:40 pm for the 1st and 2nd rounds respectively. The Shillong TEER Result consists of a two-digit number. If you would like to obtain more information about the Shillong TEER lottery game, including rules, results, how to check results, and more, then this post is for you.

About Shillong TEER Result Today

The Shillong TEER lottery game, which is popular in Meghalaya, relies on the number of arrows shot to determine the winners. The correct number of arrows shot by players throughout the day is estimated to determine the winners of this game. The game consists of two rounds, with tickets for the 1st and 2nd rounds being available at betting centres between 10 am and 3:30 pm. The online platform for Shillong TEER is designed to be user-friendly, allowing players to easily access it and begin playing.

Shillong TEER Result Today

First Round 3:37 PM Second Round 4:38PM
93 91
71 77

How does Shillong TEER play?

The commencement of the game occurs at 3:30 pm as the archers assemble on the archery grounds. To partake in the Shillong TEER game, these archers are required to remit a fee of Rs 300 for the day. A total of fifty archers are permitted to engage in the game, each shooting thirty arrows at a target located fifty meters away. Subsequently, the team declares the Shillong TEER Results for the day after tallying the number of arrows. The results consistently consist of two-digit numbers that successfully strike the target.

Individuals have the convenience of purchasing tickets to take part in Shillong TEER effortlessly. The ticket price is set at Rs 300, and the victorious participant receives a prize of Rs 8,000. It is important to note that Shillong TEER carries a potential downside as it can develop into an addictive habit for some individuals.

How people choose a number to participate in the Shillong TEER Lottery

If you are considering taking part in the Shillong TEER lottery game, here are some professional tips to help you make your bet. Players have the option to either select their lottery number randomly or choose a number that holds personal significance. Here are a few factors that can assist you in selecting your Shillong TEER lottery number.

  1. If you see women in your dream, then you should choose number 05
  2. If you see men in a dream, you should choose the 06 number
  3. If women and men are quarrelling, then you should choose the 13-number
  4. If you have an erotic dream, then you must choose the 17-number

How to play Shillong TEER

Shillong TEER is a well-known lottery game where tickets are sold at prices ranging from Rs 1 to Rs 100. Interested players can easily purchase these tickets to participate. The ticket sales commence every morning at 10 am from Monday to Saturday.

  1. While playing Shillong TEER, players should guess the arrows shot by 50 archers in 1st and 2nd rounds at a lottery playground in 2 minutes.
  2. Meghalaya has around 5,000 tickets counter distributed to 11 districts
  3. In one day, the players should guess the last two digits of an entire number of shot arrows and hit the target. The lottery winner is an individual who predicts the number correctly
  4. Every day, 50 archers shoot a total of 30 arrows in 1st around and the remaining 20 arrows in 2nd round

Last 5 Shillong TEER Result Today List

Dates FR(First Round) SR(Second Round)
25-12-2023 OFF OFF
24-12-2023 OFF OFF
23-12-2023 71 77
22-12-2023 69 43
21-12-2023 82 13

Shillong Teer Result Culture

Shillong Teer isn’t just a game; it’s a part of the culture in Shillong.

Teer Associations

In Shillong, Teer is not played individually; instead, it is organized by Teer associations. These associations serve the purpose of bringing people together to partake in the game and ensuring its smooth functioning. Their responsibilities include managing the betting counters and fostering a sense of community among participants.

 Role in Shillong’s Social Fabric

Shillong Teer extends beyond mere arrows and targets; it is deeply ingrained in the social fabric of the city. Individuals from diverse backgrounds converge at the Teer counter, fostering a feeling of solidarity and camaraderie. It serves as a meeting place for friends, a platform for storytelling, and a catalyst for building connections.

Traditional Beliefs and Rituals

Shillong Teer is known for its assortment of beliefs and traditions. It is widely believed that the outcome of Teer is affected by natural elements and dreams. Prior to placing their bets, individuals frequently partake in specific rituals in hopes of obtaining good fortune and blessings from spiritual entities.

Teer and Festivals

Teer’s influence extends beyond daily games to actively participate in local festivals. The grand celebration of Teer competitions during festivals like Shad Suk Mynsiem enhances the excitement and adds a vibrant touch to these cultural events.

Bridging Generations

Shillong Teer serves as a bridge between generations, carrying on a tradition that has been handed down from older family members to the younger ones. The game’s enthusiasts, particularly grandparents, take pleasure in sharing their own Teer experiences with their grandchildren, thus instilling in them a similar passion and fondness for the game.

Teer and Music

Shillong’s culture is deeply intertwined with music, and Teer games frequently showcase live music performances. These lively melodies contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the Teer experience, creating a distinctive fusion of sports and entertainment.

Respect for Archers

In Shillong, the archers are more than just players; they are regarded as local heroes. Their skills and commitment are highly admired by the people. The Teer culture serves as a tribute to these talented archers.

How Shillong Teer Result is Calculated?

Shillong Teer is a popular archery-based lottery game that originated in Meghalaya, India. The game involves shooting arrows at a target and players place bets on the number of arrows that hit the target. The Shillong Teer result is calculated by adding the total number of arrows shot in the first and second rounds of the game. The last two digits of this sum are then taken as the result. For example, if 1,200 arrows were shot in total, the result would be 00 (the last two digits of 1,200). This result is announced daily and players can win varying amounts depending on their bets and the outcome of the game.

Calculation Process

The Teer result is not a mere random number, but rather a meticulously calculated one. Following the archers’ arrow shots, the quantity of arrows hitting the target is tallied. This tally is subsequently utilized to ascertain the victorious number, commonly referred to as the “shillong teer result.”

Weather and Nature

It may be hard to believe, but the weather and natural elements have an influence on the outcome of the “shillong teer result.” The accuracy of the archers’ shots can be affected by rain, wind, and other environmental factors.

Role of the ‘Dreams’

The “shillong teer result” can be greatly influenced by dreams in this game. A lot of players are convinced that their dreams provide hints about the winning number, which adds to the mysteriousness surrounding the “shillong teer result.”

The Target Number

The winning number is determined by counting the arrows, typically resulting in a two-digit figure. For instance, if 567 arrows hit the target, the winning number would be 67. This process is both simple and captivating.

Second Round Matters

Shillong Teer consists of two rounds, the first being a round where archers aim at the target, and the second involving a similar process but with a different group of archers. Both rounds play a significant role in determining the final outcome, adding to the thrill and dynamism of the game.

Shillong TEER Result Today Game

Name Teer, Shillong
Category Lottery
State Meghalaya
Ticket Price Rs. 300 – Rs. 500
Winning Prize Rs. 8000 to Rs. 11,000
Authorized By State Govt.
Teer Result Timing NOT FIXED

Shillong TEER Result Today FAQs 

How do I participate in Shillong Teer?

Getting involved in Shillong Teer is a simple process. All you need to do is go to a Teer counter located in Shillong, buy tickets for the rounds you wish to play, and watch as the archers take aim at the target. Your objective is to make a prediction on the number of arrows that will successfully hit the target.

Is Shillong Teer legal in India?

Shillong Teer holds a completely legal status in India. It is overseen by Teer associations, which ensure adherence to government rules and regulations. This legal framework ensures that participants can enjoy a gaming environment that is fair and transparent.

Can I play Shillong Teer online?

Certainly, playing Shillong Teer online is incredibly easy. Reliable websites and mobile applications offer a user-friendly platform for this purpose.


Shillong TEER is a popular lottery game in which archers participate actively. It has gained immense popularity among the locals due to its intriguing features. The unique aspect of this game is that it reflects the culture of Shillong and has become an addiction for many people. Once you place your bet, you can easily check the results by visiting the official Shillong TEER website. The game involves shooting arrows at a target, and players have to guess the number of arrows that hit the target. The winning number is determined based on the total number of arrows that hit the target. The game is played twice a day from Monday to Saturday, and the results are announced in two rounds- first round at 3:45 PM and second round at 4:45 PM. Apart from being a source of entertainment for people, playing Shillong TEER has also provided employment opportunities for many individuals as archers or ticket sellers. Additionally, revenue generated from this lottery game has contributed significantly to the economy of Meghalaya. It is important to note that while playing any kind of lottery game can be exciting, it is crucial to do so responsibly and within one’s financial means.

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