Malwarebytes Premium Review 2024: How Good Is It in 2024?

Malwarebytes Premium Review

Malwarebytes Premium Review 2024: Malwarebytes has been a prominent player in the antivirus industry since 2006, introducing a popular free antivirus program known for its efficient PC scanning capabilities. While offering a free antivirus version is not uncommon, it is often utilized as a strategy to encourage users to upgrade to a more comprehensive premium version.

Malwarebytes Premium, the paid version of the free antivirus program, prompts the question of whether it is a worthwhile investment. Our review of Malwarebytes Premium aims to equip you with the necessary information to make an informed decision by examining its features, protection capabilities, performance impact, and pricing options.

The premium version includes advanced security features such as real-time protection against malware and ransomware, scheduled scanning, automatic updates, and reliable customer support. It also boasts a user-friendly interface suitable for users of all levels. Ultimately, if you seek dependable protection against malware and online threats, Malwarebytes Premium is definitely worth considering.

Malwarebytes Premium Review 2024

Malwarebytes is a highly reliable antivirus software that offers robust protection and advanced functionality. With almost 99% detection rates for zero-day and prevalent malware according to independent tests, it is highly effective in safeguarding your device from various online threats. However, while it has unique features such as Browser Guard and Exploit Protection, it does not include essential modern features like parental control, firewall, and data breach monitoring.

While Malwarebytes can be a valuable addition for users who already have additional security tools, there are other better-priced antivirus options available in the market that offer more comprehensive protection. It is important to choose an antivirus software that meets your specific needs and offers the necessary features to keep your device safe from various online threats. Conducting thorough research on different antivirus software, reading reviews, and comparing features can help you make an informed decision when selecting the best option for you.

Malwarebytes Premium Review 2024 Quick Overview

⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank: #12 out of #25
💵 Price: From $38.24/year
✂️ Free version: Yes
🖥️ Platforms: Windows, Android, macOS, ChromeOS, iOS
🔥 Coupons: Malwarebytes coupon 25% OFF

Malwarebytes pros and cons


Malwarebytes Premium At a Glance

While many users come across Malwarebytes through its free plan, the service actually offers several unique features that make it an excellent choice for both personal and business use. For instance, Malwarebytes provides real-time protection against malware, ransomware, and other types of online threats. Its advanced scanning technology can detect and remove even the most stubborn malware infections. Additionally, the service is backed by a team of expert cybersecurity professionals who are constantly updating and improving its capabilities to stay ahead of emerging threats. Malwarebytes also offers flexible pricing plans for businesses of all sizes, making it a cost-effective solution for protecting your network from cyberattacks.

Protection for Home and Work

Most antivirus services typically focus on either business or personal devices, but Malwarebytes is different. It provides a wide range of plans, from a free antivirus service for PC scanning to enterprise plans for large-scale protection. Malwarebytes has a plan to suit almost any need, including a personal service with essential antivirus features such as real-time protection on desktop and browser, and defense against ransomware and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs).

Malwarebytes, an anti-malware software, provides additional features like Browser Guard and Privacy to enhance your online security. Browser Guard secures your browser with features like scam detection, blocking ads, and protecting against third-party data trackers. Meanwhile, Privacy offers a VPN service with servers in more than 30 countries to safeguard your online privacy.

The business service by Malwarebytes provides protection for all types of organizations – from small teams to large enterprises. Apart from the core malware protection, the business service also allows you to isolate and analyze incidents, protect servers, rollback ransomware attacks and manage your protection with a cloud management console. It is an all-in-one solution for businesses looking for comprehensive cybersecurity coverage.

The Malwarebytes Katana Engine

Malwarebytes Premium is a powerful security tool that utilizes the Katana Engine to enhance threat detection and response time while also improving overall performance compared to previous versions. One of the key features of Malwarebytes Premium is its signature-less behavioral detection, which can detect malware that typically evades traditional antivirus protection by analyzing program behavior.The most significant improvement in Malwarebytes Premium is its enhanced performance. The service boasts up to a 50% reduction in system resource usage during scans, an improvement that has been substantiated by independent testing.

Compared to industry standards, Malwarebytes Premium delivers significantly faster scan times on both standard and high-end PCs.Regardless of whether you use the personal or business version of Malwarebytes or any add-ons, you will have access to the same level of protection powered by the Katana Engine. With its efficient scanning and advanced threat detection capabilities, Malwarebytes Premium is an essential tool for safeguarding against today’s ever-evolving cyber threats.

Free Antivirus Protection

Malwarebytes has gained recognition for its free antivirus service, which is still available today. This service employs the same threat detection and mitigation engine as its main product, but there are certain differences between both. The free plan does not include real-time protection or scheduled scans but enables you to scan your computer on demand for any threats. Furthermore, if it detects a threat, it will remove it from your PC or Mac.Apart from this, Malwarebytes provides free protection against unwanted programs like adware and browser protection to filter out malicious websites. The free version remains available forever, although it has lost some of its shine over the past few years with several other free antivirus programs now in the market. Nonetheless, Malwarebytes’ premium version includes additional benefits such as real-time protection and scheduled scans that can provide more comprehensive security to your device.

Other Benefits

Malwarebytes for Teams is a service that fills the gap between Malwarebytes’ personal and enterprise offerings. It is designed for small businesses that require protection for only a few devices and is relatively inexpensive, costing INR 3,116.95 ($37.49) per device, per year. This service provides ransom protection, zero-day malware protection, and phishing detection.Malwarebytes for Teams offers a local installation of Malwarebytes on Windows, Mac, and Android devices, as well as a Chrome browser extension. This is an excellent option for organizations looking to save money while still receiving core security features.This service does not include the cloud-based management console or on-demand reports found in dedicated business plans. However, it still comes with automated monthly reports to keep you informed about your security status.

Fine Print

Malwarebytes provides strong protection and a range of features, but it is not as powerful as some of its competitors. Essentially, it costs more and provides less. The cost for protecting a single device across your desktop and browser is approximately INR 3,325.64 ($40) per year. In comparison, Kaspersky charges a similar amount for five devices for a year, and the package includes numerous additional features.Unlike many antivirus services, Malwarebytes does not offer a discounted rate for its plans. For instance, the Kaspersky plan mentioned earlier costs the same as Malwarebytes’ price for five devices upon renewal, requiring a larger initial investment.

While Malwarebytes is a reliable antivirus service, it doesn’t offer multi-year plans like Kaspersky or Bitdefender. These services provide customers with an introductory rate and the option to purchase up to three years of protection at once, which can save a considerable amount of money over time. It is important to note that while Malwarebytes is not more expensive than other antivirus services, it may end up costing more for the initial term due to the lack of multi-year plans. However, Malwarebytes does offer flexible subscription options that allow users to choose the length of their subscription and opt-out at any time. Additionally, Malwarebytes’ focus on detecting and removing malware makes it an excellent choice for users who prioritize malware protection over additional features offered by other antivirus services.

How Malwarebytes Premium Stacks Up

Malwarebytes Premium Yes No Up to 5
Avira Prime Yes Yes Up to 25
AVG Ultimate Yes Yes Up to 10

On the surface, Malwarebytes may appear to be inferior to its competitors, but a closer examination reveals that it can hold its own. In our antivirus rankings, Avira and AVG occupy opposing ends while Malwarebytes falls in the middle. Although all three services offer similar features, there are significant differences between them.All three services provide ransomware and email protection. Though Malwarebytes does not include email security, it still safeguards users from phishing schemes and zero-day malware which helps keep emails secure.

The primary distinction among the three lies in the number of devices that can be protected.Avira offers unlimited device protection while AVG allows for ten devices. Malwarebytes falls in between with coverage for up to five devices. Therefore, if you’re looking for an antivirus service that provides excellent protection for a few devices at a reasonable cost, Malwarebytes is definitely worth considering.

When it comes to protecting your devices, Avira Prime, AVG Ultimate, and Malwarebytes Premium are all viable options. The number of devices each service can protect varies, with Avira Prime offering protection for either five or 25 devices, AVG Ultimate for ten devices, and Malwarebytes Premium only up to five devices. However, Malwarebytes Premium stands out from the other two by allowing you to protect a single device.Choosing the best option depends on your specific needs. While each service comes with core features at around the same price point, Avira Prime offers additional features like a password manager and a price comparison tool that are not available in AVG Ultimate or Malwarebytes Premium.

Is Malwarebytes Premium Right for You or Your Business?

Malwarebytes Premium is an excellent choice for business applications, particularly due to its adaptability for both small businesses and large corporations. Malwarebytes for Teams is notable for its affordability, often undercutting competing services for small businesses by more than 50%. However, for personal use, there are superior alternatives to Malwarebytes. While Malwarebytes does provide a generous free plan, other services offer more features for a similar price when it comes to paid options. For instance, Avira offers a PC cleaner, privacy optimizer, and local network protection for a comparable price to Malwarebytes.

When it comes to selecting a malware protection software, the extra features may not always be necessary. In such cases, it is advisable to download Malwarebytes and try it out for yourself. The personal service offered by Malwarebytes is free and provides users with an insight into how the software works. Additionally, businesses can request a free trial of the business service.While Malwarebytes is a decent option, there are other options available that might suit your needs better.

It is important to evaluate what you’re looking for in malware protection software before making a final decision. Some factors that should be considered include ease of use, level of protection against different types of viruses, and price. By carefully assessing these criteria, you can make an informed decision about which software will work best for you or your business.

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Best antivirus software

Bottom Line

Malwarebytes Premium continues to be a reliable and effective antivirus solution in 2024. With its advanced features and comprehensive protection, it remains a top choice for users looking to safeguard their devices from malware threats. The real-time scanning, ransomware protection, and web protection features ensure that your system is constantly defended against the latest threats. Additionally, Malwarebytes’ user-friendly interface and quick scanning speeds make it a convenient option for both tech-savvy users and beginners alike. If you’re looking for a powerful antivirus solution to keep your devices secure, Malwarebytes Premium is definitely worth considering.

Malwarebytes Premium Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an antivirus if I have Malwarebytes Premium?

If you have Malwarebytes Premium, there is no need for an extra antivirus. This antivirus service can provide real-time protection against common threats on your computer and web browser. Moreover, you can perform manual scans if you suspect a recent virus infection.

Is Malwarebytes Premium better than Windows Defender?

Malwarebytes Premium outperforms Windows Defender (also known as Microsoft Defender). Defender provides real-time protection and on-demand scans, and when combined with Malwarebytes, offers an additional behavioral detection feature to detect new malware.

However, Windows Defender outperforms Malwarebytes Free. While Malwarebytes Free enables users to conduct scans as needed, it lacks real-time threat protection, a feature that Windows Defender offers.

Is Malwarebytes free?

Indeed, Malwarebytes continues to provide a no-cost version of its antivirus software, which stands as a highly effective option even without requiring a subscription. This free version is suitable for safeguarding both personal and business devices, delivering formidable defense against ransomware and other harmful threats.

Is Malwarebytes worth paying for?

If you currently utilize Malwarebytes Free, it is beneficial to consider upgrading to Malwarebytes Premium. While the free version permits scan operations, it lacks real-time defense against emerging malware. The Premium version addresses this issue, provides behavioral detection for software, and enables the removal of potentially unwanted applications.

What are some features that antivirus software should have?

When installing antivirus software on your computers, it’s important to look for key features such as real-time scanning, scheduled scans, automatic virus and program updates, easy access to an on-demand scanner, and specialized scanners for webmail, POP3 email, instant messaging, compressed files, scripts, and other threats.

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