How to Safely Install Exodus on Kodi on Any Device in 2024

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How to Safely Install Exodus on Kodi The Exodus V8 Addon, a popular Kodi addon, is no longer available as the Kodi Bae repository has been shut down. However, users can opt for the Exodus Redux addon, which serves as an equivalent replacement. It is essential to note that even with the Exodus Redux addon, users may still encounter errors such as the “Could not connect to Repository” message. If this happens, it is advisable to try alternative Kodi addons. Keeping an eye on reliable sources for updates and new addons can help users stay up-to-date with the latest offerings in the Kodi community.

How to Safely Install Exodus on Kodi The Installing Exodus Redux on Kodi requires downloading a zip file from a third-party source, which can pose security risks as it is not an official add-on. However, there are ways to set up and use the Exodus Redux add-on securely. This article provides easy-to-follow instructions, safety tips, and secure alternatives to Exodus that help you use it on Kodi without worrying about online threats.

To install and use Exodus safely, ensure that you are downloading from reputable sources and have antivirus software installed on your device. Following the instructions provided in this article can also help you avoid any potential security risks.In addition to these safety measures, there are alternative add-ons to Exodus that you can consider using. These alternatives provide similar features and functionalities while being more secure.

Some of these addons include The Crew, Venom, and Numbers.It is important to prioritize your online safety when installing any third-party add-ons on Kodi. By following best practices and using secure alternatives, you can enjoy the benefits of Exodus Redux without putting your digital security at risk.

How to Install Exodus Redux on Kodi in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Download Kodi. Exodus Redux is compatible with Kodi 18 (Leia) and earlier versions. If you are using Kodi 19 or a newer release, you will need to revert to an older version.
  2. Install the Exodus Redux repository. Enable the Unknown sources setting in Kodi to permit the installation of this add-on from a zip file.
  3. Start using Exodus Redux. Access the Video addons and select Exodus Redux to enjoy streaming your preferred movies, TV shows, and more.

Use a VPN With Exodus to Enhance Privacy and Avoid Streaming Issues

Exodus Redux carries potential risks as a third-party addon since Kodi does not provide direct monitoring, leaving users susceptible to malware, hackers, and other security risks. This could lead to tracking of online activities and potential tracing through IP addresses. Additionally, the use of Kodi addons often triggers ISPs to reduce internet speed, leading to lower quality video streaming.

Using a VPN is an effective method to safeguard your connection without causing any significant delays. It conceals your real IP address and secures your data, making it challenging for anyone to track your Kodi usage. Various networks impose restrictions and bans on certain websites or platforms, leading to the “No streaming available” error with Exodus Redux. Employing a VPN is a highly recommended approach to address these issues and improve your streaming experience.

How to Install Exodus on Kodi

To install Exodus Redux on Kodi, you need to follow a series of steps. I personally installed it on Windows 10, but the process is the same regardless of your device – whether it’s Android, Amazon Firestick, Xbox, or Xiaomi Mi Box. However, obtaining Kodi on Firestick requires additional steps because it’s not easily accessible through the AppStore.

  • Download Kodi. Please install Kodi 18.9 or a previous version. The Exodus Redux addon does not work with Kodi 19 (Matrix) or newer versions. If Kodi is not available in the official store of your device, you can sideload it.
  • Enable the installation of addons from unofficial sources. Click on the gear icon located on the home screen of Kodi, and then select the System box at the bottom right. After that, find the Addons tab and switch on the Unknown sources button to enable Kodi to accept content from external sources in just a few seconds.
  • Add the Exodus Redux file source. Navigate to the System menu and select File manager. Then, double-click on Add source and opt for None to include a custom source. In the ensuing window, input (or copy and paste) the URL: After clicking OK, it should be displayed in the File manager window. Make sure your VPN is activated to uphold a secure connection while Kodi retrieves the file.
  • Install the Exodus Redux repository using a zip file. Return to the System menu, select Addons, and then click the Install from zip file button. You will receive a warning about addons from unverified sources not updating automatically — click Yes to proceed. Next, choose the .zip file and wait for the notification confirming that the addon has been installed.
  • Install the Exodus Redux addon from the repository. Choose the option “Install from repository” on the screen, then click on Exodus Redux Repo. After that, you should select “Video addons,” click on “Exodus Redux,” and then choose “Install” to initiate the installation process.
  • Watch your favorite movies and shows. After the installation is finished (you’ll get a notification to confirm), go back to the Kodi home screen. The addon can be accessed from the Addons section. Try a different installation method if you encounter this error message.

Alternative Method: How to Install Exodus Redux on Kodi Using Git Browser

In order to set up the Git Browser on Kodi, it’s essential to have the TVAddons repository. If you haven’t added it already, you can install the TVAddons repository quickly by following the steps outlined in method 1. Just paste the source URL and follow the instructions until you get to the Install from repository step. It’s important to be using Kodi 18 as Exodus Redux is specifically designed for this version.

  • Accessing the Git Browser. Once you have installed the TVAddons repository, go to the Install from repository section and choose TVAddons Repository from the list. Then, go to Program addons, select Git Browser, and click on Install. Your browser is now ready for use.
  • Install Exodus Redux via Git Browser. Return to the home screen of Kodi, select Addons, and open the Git Browser to launch it.
  • Search Exodus Redux repository.Click on “Search by GitHub Username” and then select “New Search.” Enter the GitHub username I-A-C in the dialog box to locate the Exodus Redux repository.
  • Click on the Exodus Redux zip file Wait for the repository to be installed. When asked, confirm the action by choosing Install. After successful installation, you can choose to either restart Kodi or proceed with additional installations. If you’re finished, choose Restart to apply the changes.
  • Install Exodus Redux. Following a restart, return to the main menu of Kodi and select Addons. Then, proceed to Install from repository > Exodus Redux Repo > Video Addons > Exodus Redux, and finally click on Install.

Exodus V8 Forks — Tested and Working in 2024

In addition to Exodus Redux, there are various other addons similar to Exodus V8. These free addons provide a wide range of movies, TV shows, music, and other content. They are also compatible with the most recent versions of Kodi. However, like Exodus and Exodus Redux, these third-party addons may pose cyber threats, so it’s important to use them carefully. To minimize these risks, it’s advisable to always choose addons from the official Kodi repository.

The Crew — Kodi 19 and 20

  • Repository name: The Crew
  • Source URL:

Enjoy movies, TV shows, and sports using this addon, which includes children’s content and live broadcasts, all available without a subscription. I discovered numerous captivating titles to binge-watch and relished a wide range of sports events, including boxing, FIFA, UFC, and NBA.

Homelander — Kodi 19 and 20

  • Repository name: The Crew
  • Source URL:

Furthermore, this extension offers a diverse selection of movies and TV shows for your enjoyment. I was particularly impressed by the extensive filtering options, such as language, genre, and features, which made it easier to find my favorite titles.

MORIA — Kodi 19 and 20

  • Repository name: The Crew
  • Source URL:

MORIA offers a carefully chosen range of categories that closely resemble Homelander’s. These categories comprise comedy, action, horror, sports, and documentary, all available without requiring sign-up or subscription.

Wolf Pack — Kodi 19 and 20

  • Repository name: Where the Monsters Live
  • Source URL: or

Wolf Pack distinguishes itself by catering to diverse preferences in movies, TV shows, and music. It offers a wide-ranging content library that includes everything from the newest comedies and anime to 1980s classics, as well as options for younger viewers.

Nightwing — Kodi 19 and 20

  • Repository name: Magnetic
  • Source URL:

Nightwing provides a diverse range of movies and TV shows, as well as workout videos to support an active lifestyle. Additionally, it enhances its library with entertaining content for children and documentaries like Still Missing Morgan and Girl in the Picture.

Is Exodus Redux Legal and Safe?

When it comes to streaming content online, legality is a crucial factor that must be taken into consideration. It is important to ensure that the content you are streaming is copyright-free and legal. Using third-party addons like Exodus Redux can be risky as most of the content on such platforms comes from unknown sources, which could expose you to online threats that can compromise your privacy and even damage your device. Since these addons are not under Kodi’s direct supervision, there is no guarantee of their safety. Therefore, it is recommended that you use only legitimate and legal sources for streaming content. There are various platforms available that offer a wide range of legal content for users to enjoy without any risks or concerns.

How to Stay Safe While Using the Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

Given that Exodus Redux is not a legitimate addon and it includes unauthorized content, it is important to exercise caution when utilizing it. Here are some guidelines for safely using the addon:

  • Download from reputable repositories. Utilize a separate device to reduce the chance of downloading harmful software, which will protect your main devices and personal information in case of issues while using Exodus Redux and similar third-party addons.
  • Get a VPN. VPNs scramble your data and conceal your real IP address by routing your traffic through their private server, thereby complicating any third party’s ability to monitor your online activities.
  • Use a reliable antivirus. An effective antivirus will provide additional protection by identifying and eliminating any malware that Exodus Redux may install.
  • Avoid copyrighted content. Currently, there is no way to filter out these harmful videos on Exodus Redux. However, you can avoid them by only watching titles that are in the public domain.
  • Scrutinize reviews and user feedback. Prior to installing the addon, especially if it’s unfamiliar, take the time to conduct research. This step will ensure that you comprehend its safety and dependability.
  • Run Kodi within a sandbox environment. Kodi operates separately from your main operating system, minimizing the potential for malware to spread to other parts of your system. Despite being a more intricate method, it is crucial to give precedence to your privacy.
  • Stay in the loop. Participate in Kodi-related forums or communities to stay updated on any security issues related to third-party addons such as Exodus Redux.

Exodus Redux Not Working? Try These Tips

Exodus Redux, like all software, may encounter occasional issues. If you experience unexpected malfunctions, here are some troubleshooting solutions to restore its functionality.

  • Restart Kodi. Frequently, a fast way to resolve addon issues is to simply shut down Kodi and then restart it.
  • Use the latest version of Exodus Redux. Kodi addon developers frequently update their software to ensure users have the best experience. The latest release of Exodus Redux may resolve the issues you are encountering.
  • Check repository status. Occasionally, the repositories that host Exodus Redux may experience downtime or encounter difficulties. Monitoring for updates can offer visibility into any potential issues.
  • Reinstall the addon. Occasionally, beginning anew is the most effective solution. Ensure that you are installing from a reputable and up-to-date repository.
  • Check your internet connection. It is essential to have a reliable internet connection for a seamless streaming experience. If you experience video buffering or loading issues, check your connection.
  • Inspect Kodi logs. Kodi offers logs that can provide insights into potential issues and may also provide clues for resolving your issue.
  • Adjust timeout settings. Adjusting the timeout setting can sometimes solve problems with streams not initiating.
  • Clearing the cache eliminates old or damaged temporary files, which can enhance the addon’s performance.
  • Address dependency-related issues. Ensure that all necessary dependencies for Exodus Redux are installed and up to date to address any issues caused by missing or outdated dependencies.
  • Try a reliable VPN. Most ISPs will throttle your speed when you’re engaged in bandwidth-intensive activities like streaming. A reliable VPN will help you avoid such limitations.

Best VPNs to Safely Use Exodus Redux on Kodi in 2024

  1. ExpressVPN — You receive excellent speeds and strong security features for securely downloading Exodus on Kodi quickly. Additionally, all packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try it without risk.
  2. CyberGhost — There is a vast server network spanning 100 countries that allows for convenient downloading of Exodus Redux on Kodi. Certain servers are specifically tailored for platforms such as Netflix and Disney+.
  3. Private Internet Access — Exodus Redux ensures that your data will never be stored or shared with third parties due to its strict no-logs policy.

Safe Alternatives to the Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

Even if you exercise caution, it’s not possible to immediately determine the safety of third-party addons. Nevertheless, sticking to official addons exclusively enables you to steer clear of viruses and pirated content, thereby maintaining your security and privacy. Official addons are less prone to containing hidden trackers and malware as they are closely monitored by Kodi.

iPlayer WWW — Kodi 19 and 20

  • Repository name: Official Kodi repository
  • Works in: United Kingdom

Play the best British content (like Doctor Who and Death in Paradise) for free using the BBC iPlayer Kodi addon. Categories include music, radio, drama, sports, and lifestyle. However, BBC iPlayer is exclusive to the UK.

Crackle — Kodi 19 and 20

  • Repository name: Official Kodi repository
  • Works in: United States

Experience more than 700 Hollywood movies (along with some original content) at no cost with the Crackle Kodi addon – an American streaming service. Please note that accessing your account requires being in the US. If you appreciate classic movies and TV shows, Crackle offers a diverse selection that will bring you joy.

Popcornflix — Kodi 19 and 20

  • Repository name: Official Kodi repository
  • Works in: United States, Canada

Popcornflix provides a subscription-free service with a wide range of great movies, such as South of Hell and A Good Day to be Black & Sexy. However, access to its content is limited to the US.

YouTube — Kodi 19 and 20

  • Repository name: Official Kodi repository
  • Works in: Worldwide, except in China, Iran, and Turkmenistan

This is a great choice for finding brief videos, previews, and certain independently created content, as well as a wealth of films and television programs (available in both free and paid options). Additionally, there is a one-month trial period for the paid subscription, which allows you to watch videos and listen to music without ads and offline.

TubiTV — Kodi 19 and 20

  • Repository name: Official Kodi repository
  • Works in: Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Panama, United States

TubiTV is a secure and feature-packed Kodi addon that offers a vast selection of popular TV shows and movies. It’s particularly ideal for fans of TV dramas such as Merlin, Camelot, and reality TV shows like Bounty Hunters or Storage Wars.

10 Best Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online

How to Watch Young Sheldon on Netflix

5 Best VPNs for 123Movies in 2024

Is 123Movies Safe

How to Safely Install Exodus on Kodi in 2024: FAQs

Does the Exodus Redux Kodi addon work on Firestick?

Certainly, you have the option to install the addon on Firestick, similar to how it’s done on other devices. Simply proceed with the installation process by following the step-by-step instructions. However, initially, you will have to adjust the default settings on your Firestick to permit the installation of third-party apps. This is essential since Kodi is not accessible on the Amazon Appstore, and Firestick automatically limits downloads from other sources.

How can I install Exodus V8?

Exodus V8 is no longer in use, but you have the option to download Exodus Redux as an alternative. This version is very similar to V8, which the developers have stopped supporting. If you encounter difficulties with it, you may want to install one of the other options. However, like the original Exodus, your data may be at risk of being accessed by hackers and unauthorized individuals.

Will a VPN slow down my speeds on Kodi?

Certainly, the impact is minimal when utilizing a dependable VPN. All VPNs decrease your original speed as they route your data through an encrypted tunnel. To prevent streaming interruptions, opt for a high-quality VPN to maximize your speeds. This will enable uninterrupted viewing of your preferred content on Kodi.

Why is Exodus Redux not working on Kodi?

The availability of the Exodus Redux repository is in question, and its future operational status is uncertain. Nevertheless, there are alternative addons available that can offer an improved user experience.

Can I use a free VPN to get Exodus Redux with Kodi?

Although it is possible, you will not have the optimal experience. Free VPNs frequently restrict server options, decrease speed, and enforce bandwidth limits, all of which can impede your ability to binge-watch your favorite content from Exodus Redux. Ultimately, investing in a premium VPN with unrestricted speed and bandwidth, along with a money-back guarantee, is more cost-effective in the long term. Free VPNs do not give priority to your online security, making you susceptible to possible online dangers. Some even make money from user data by selling it to advertisers, while others have been discovered to include malware in their downloads.

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