How Long Does A Speeding Ticket Stay On Your Record?

How Long Does A Speeding Ticket Stay On Your Record

How Long Does A Speeding Ticket Stay On Your Record Receiving a speeding ticket can have long-term consequences on your driving record. Depending on the state, a speeding ticket can remain on your record for three to seven years or even permanently. Moreover, it can lead to hefty fines and hike up car insurance rates for up to five years. However, there are ways to get a speeding ticket off your driving record. Contesting the ticket or taking a state-approved driving course are two viable options. Contesting the ticket involves disputing the violation in court and presenting evidence to prove your innocence. On the other hand, taking a driving course can help you brush up on traffic laws and improve your driving skills. Safe driving practices after receiving a speeding ticket can also help reduce car insurance rate hikes over time. Practicing defensive driving habits like obeying traffic laws, avoiding distractions while driving, and maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles can all contribute to safer road use and decreased insurance costs.

How Long Does A Speeding Ticket Stay On Your Record?

The duration of time that a speeding ticket stays on your record can vary depending on the state and the severity of the offense. In general, a speeding ticket will remain on your driving record for a certain number of years, typically between three to five years. However, it is important to note that insurance companies may have access to your driving record for a longer period of time, which could impact your insurance rates. Additionally, accumulating multiple speeding tickets within a short period of time can result in more serious consequences, such as license suspension or increased fines. It is always best to drive safely and follow speed limits to avoid any negative impacts on your driving record.

How Does a Speeding Ticket Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

A speeding ticket will increase your car insurance costs by $380 per year on average, according to Forbes Advisor’s analysis. That’s an increase of 24%. Car insurance companies see drivers who speed as riskier to insure, which is why your costs go up at renewal time if you get a speeding ticket. How much your costs increase after a speeding ticket will depend on several factors, such as:

  • Whether your speeding ticket was your first offense
  • How many miles per hour you were speeding over the limit
  • Your driving record, including other traffic violations and at-fault car accidents
  • The amount of time since your last moving violation

How Long Will a Speeding Ticket Affect Car Insurance Rates?

Auto insurance providers have the authority to impose an additional fee for traffic infractions like speeding tickets for a period of three to five years, which varies by state. In states like New Jersey and Texas, surcharges can be applied for three years, while in Massachusetts, insurers can impose surcharges for up to five years. Certain insurance firms and state regulations may reduce the surcharge amount for each year of violation-free and accident-free driving, potentially leading to lower insurance expenses for safe drivers.

How Long a Speeding Ticket Stays on Your Record by State

The duration that a speeding ticket remains on your driving record varies by state. In California, a speeding ticket will be on your record for three to seven years. In contrast, in Texas, a speeding ticket remains permanently on your driving record, but it only impacts your car insurance rates for three to five years.

How Long a Speeding Ticket Stays on Your Driving Record in California

A speeding citation in California can be present on your driving record for a period of three to seven years. Infractions while driving lead to accumulation of points, but if you meet certain criteria, you might have the option to settle by paying a fine and attending traffic school. Successful completion of traffic school means no points will be added to your driving record.

How Long a Speeding Ticket Stays on Your Driving Record in Florida

A speeding citation in Florida may remain on your driving record for up to five years and will add three points to your record. It is possible to complete a state-approved driver improvement course to potentially reduce citation fees and prevent the addition of points.

How Long a Speeding Ticket Stays on Your Driving Record in New York

A speeding citation in New York may stay on your driving record for a maximum of four years. Depending on the speed at which you exceeded the limit, a speeding infraction can lead to three to 11 points on your driving record. You might be eligible for the Point and Insurance Reduction Program, potentially leading to a deduction of up to four points from your driving record.

How Long a Speeding Ticket Stays on Your Driving Record in New Jersey

A speeding ticket in New Jersey will stay on your lifelong driving record, but you have the option to decrease your points by maintaining a violation and suspension-free record for one year or completing an approved driving course. For instance, a speeding ticket in New Jersey may lead to a two to five point penalty, based on the speed at which you were driving over the specified limit. Completing an approved defensive driving program can lead to a three-point reduction.

How Long a Speeding Ticket Stays on Your Driving Record in Texas

A speeding citation in Texas will stay on your driving record, and car insurance companies may impose an additional fee for a maximum of three years following the traffic offense.

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How Do I Get a Speeding Ticket Off My Record?

There are various options available for getting a speeding ticket removed from your record, and these differ by state. In some states, you may be able to attend traffic school or defensive driving classes as part of a plea bargain. This can not only keep the ticket off your record but also help lower your insurance premiums in some cases. Another option is to contest the ticket in court, either on your own or with the aid of a traffic attorney. In certain cases, you may be able to have the ticket dismissed or reduced by demonstrating mitigating circumstances such as medical emergencies or mechanical issues with your vehicle. It’s important to research and understand the laws and regulations for speeding tickets in your particular state to determine the best course of action for minimizing their impact on your driving record and insurance rates.

Contest the Speeding Ticket

If your ticket includes guidelines for challenging it, you can contest it using those instructions. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the county court that issued the ticket. Successfully contesting the ticket will prevent it from being recorded on your driving history and will help you avoid higher car insurance premiums.

Take a State-Approved Driving Course

Certain states provide qualified drivers with the chance to enroll in a driving course, leading to a decrease in points. In Florida, for instance, drivers who finish a driver improvement course will have points prevented from being included in their driving history.

Practice Safe Driving

If you have accumulated points on your driving record due to a speeding ticket, your state might decrease the points annually if you steer clear of traffic violations like speeding.

Do Other Moving Violations Affect Insurance Costs?

Other types of moving violations, such as failing to stop at a stop sign, can result in an increase in your car insurance costs. Here are some examples of traffic violations that can impact your insurance rates:

  • DUI convictions
  • Failing to stop at a stop sign
  • Failing to yield to traffic
  • Texting and driving depending on state laws
  • Out-of-state traffic violations

Does a Parking Ticket Affect My Car Insurance Costs?

A parking ticket is considered a non-moving infraction and does not impact car insurance premiums. However, in some states, failing to settle a parking ticket may result in the inability to renew your vehicle registration until it is resolved. Operating a vehicle without valid registration is a moving violation, which can have an effect on your car insurance expenses.

How Can I Get Cheap Car Insurance After a Speeding Ticket?

Receiving a speeding ticket can often result in an increase in car insurance premiums. However, there are several ways to potentially reduce these costs. One strategy is to take a defensive driving course, which may not only help you avoid future tickets but also earn a discount on your insurance. Another option is to shop around for insurance quotes from different providers and compare coverage and rates. Additionally, maintaining a clean driving record going forward can help reduce the impact of a previous ticket on your insurance rates over time.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Car insurance companies don’t price their policies the same, including drivers with a speeding ticket on their record. The best way you can find a good price is by comparing car insurance quotes from multiple insurers. You can get free car insurance quotes online or by speaking with an independent insurance agent.

Get Car Insurance Discounts

If you complete an approved driving course, you could qualify for various car insurance discounts, including a pay in full discount, occupational discount, or defensive driver discount. Combining home and car insurance could also get you a multi-policy discount, typically ranging from 5% to 25%.

Consider a Usage-Based Insurance Program

If you’re a skilled driver, you might consider enrolling in a usage-based insurance (UBI) program. These programs determine your insurance expenses according to your driving performance. Typically, data is gathered using a device in your car’s OBD-II port or a smartphone app. Upon enrollment, you could receive a discount of approximately 5% to 10%, and with a high driving score, you might qualify for a discount of 5% to 40% when it’s time to renew your policy. However, many participants in UBI programs do not receive discounts due to insufficient driving scores.


Having a speeding ticket on your driving record can have various consequences, including increased insurance premiums and potential license suspension. However, the duration that a speeding ticket stays on your record varies depending on the state you live in. In some states, it may stay on your record for three years, while in others it can be as long as ten years. It’s important to check the specific laws and regulations in your state to understand how long a speeding ticket will impact your driving record. If you want more information about speeding tickets or need assistance with any traffic-related matters, reach out to a professional who can provide guidance based on your specific circumstances.

How long does a speeding ticket stay on your record in PA?

How Long a Speeding Ticket Stays on Your Record in Each State
State Length of time a speeding ticket stays on your driving record
Pennsylvania One year
Rhode Island Three years
South Carolina Two years
South Dakota Three years

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