Delhi Bazarr 2024, History, Opening time Delhi Bazar Today SATTA RESULT 2024

Dilli Bazar

The result for the Delhi Bazar 2024 Satta King on 17th August 2024 has been announced for today’s reading. The current opening number for Delhi Satta Bazaar Satta King result is inquired. Today’s Delhi satta bazar satta king result showcases the current opening number. All the relevant information regarding today’s release from Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King will be provided through this comprehensive article, Dilli Bazar 2024. To obtain all the necessary details, it is advised to read this article thoroughly from start to finish. This article will provide a deep insight into Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King.

Delhi Bazar 2024

Allow us to clarify that the prominent markets within Dilli Bazar 2024 include Delhi Satta Bazar and Satta King Disawar. The most well-known markets within Delhi Satta Bazar are Satta King Gali, Delhi Satta Bazar, Satta King Ghaziabad, and Delhi Satta Bazar, and Satta King Faridabad. These games are extensively played by the majority of the population, making it a market with the highest investment. Here, you will find all the significant free markets from Delhi Satta Bazar.

Delhi Bazar Record Chart of 2024 Overview 

Article Title Dilli Bazar 2024
Category Gamble
Name Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King
Today 17 August open Number 84
City record chart Faridabad Satta chart Delhi Bazar Satta KingGhaziabad Satta King

Old Taj satta king

Gali satta king

Dishawar satta king

Shri Ganesh Satta King

Year 2024

Kolkata FF Tips 2024

Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King

Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King and Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King are regarded as the most prominent games in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR. The outcome of Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King is promptly updated here once it is announced.

According to the schedule provided by Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King, street betting starts at 11:15 p.m. The results for Satta Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King Disawar are announced at 5:00 AM, Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King Faridabad at 6:15 PM, and Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King Ghaziabad at 8:00 PM. All this information pertains to the timetable for Dilli Bazar 2024. Now, let us provide you with comprehensive details about Delhi Satta Bazar and Satta King.

Delhi Satta Bazar Opening time

Delhi Satta Bazar Disawar Ghaziabad Gali Faridabad
Opening time 05:00 AM 08:00 PM 11:15 PM 06:15 PM

Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King Live

By referring to the Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King Live Time Table Chart provided above, you would have acquired all the necessary details regarding the game being played, the release time of the result, and the immediate availability of the result on the official website. This regular update ensures that people can access information promptly.

In any game, making predictions is crucial for success. In order to emerge victorious in Dilli Bazar 2024, one must accurately guess random numbers. If the goal is to manipulate the lottery outcome, then the correct number must be guessed. Individuals residing in the state who wish to take part in any of these games should visit the official online portal of the game.

Dilli Bazar

Delhi Bazar Date

Date Delhi Bazar
16 08 23 02
15 08 23 61
14 08 23 64
13 08 23 24
12 08 23 45
11 08 23 64
10 08 23 38
09 08 23 72
08 08 23 82
07 08 23 89
06 08 23 52
05 08 23 43
04 08 23 85
03 08 23 25
02 08 23 68
01 08 23 12
Richest Man in the World

History of Satta King

The game of Satta Matka has a long history in India, even predating the country’s independence. In those days, the game was played using traditional methods. However, with the increasing demand for technology, Satta Matka is now also available to be played online. It is interesting to note that before the advent of technology, players used a pot known as Matka to participate in the game. This is how the game got its name – Matka. Participants would write numbers on slips and place them inside the pot along with pulses. A slip would then be randomly chosen from the pot to determine the winner of the game. During India’s struggle for independence, people would bet using cotton as currency, basing their bets on the starting and ending prices of cotton on a given day.

What is Satta King

Based on the details provided on Wikipedia, betting was historically utilized as a means of wagering on the price fluctuations of King Cotton. The Satta king game originated in India prior to the country’s independence and was formerly referred to as figure non-conventional. However, in 1960, significant alterations were made to the rules governing this game. The revised system involved the extraction of slips from earthen pots during gameplay.

Is Satta King Legal?

Satta Matka is strictly prohibited in India as per the Public Gambling Act 1867. It is important to note that playing the game or engaging in related activities is considered illegal and can result in legal consequences if caught.

Special terms of Delhi Bazar Satta king 2024

Hello friends, today we will be discussing the unique terms commonly used in Delhi Bazar Satta king. Similar to any other field, the Delhi Bazar Satta king market has its own special terms that might not be understood by the general public. Some examples of these terms include MUNDUA, HARUF, JODI, LEAK, and more. The term “Mundua” represents the digit 0 which is in the tens place of a two-digit number, such as 07 (MUNDA SEVEN). In the Delhi Bazar Satta king market, only nine digits from 00 to 99 are pronounced with “Munda”, namely 01, 02,03,04,05,06,07,08, and 09. “Jodi” refers to any two-digit numbers like 67,54,12 or 06 that appear in the Delhi Bazar Satta results. These numbers are selected when playing any Delhi Bazar Satta king game.

Navodaya Result 2024

“HARUF” refers to single-digit numbers that can be found either in the ones place or the tens place of any two-digit number. For example, in the number 08, both 0 and 8 are considered HARUF in Delhi Bazar Satta king. However, there is a slight difference between the two HARUF. The HARUF in the ones place are known as “Bahar ka Haruf,” while the HARUF in the tens place are referred to as “Ander ka Haruf.” In the number ’08’, 0 is Ander and 8 is Bahar. The combination of Ander and Bahar creates a new term called “Jodi.” The term “Leak” is used for results that commonly occur but are revealed before their scheduled timing in the Delhi Bazar Satta king market.

Delhi Bazar Satta Record Chart 2024

When it comes to investing in Delhi Satta Bazar, it is important to carefully consider where you put your money. It is advised to first make a reliable prediction about any particular number. After that, you can take the risk and invest your money in betting by referring to the Delhi Bazar Satta Record Chart 2024. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that there are equal chances of both profit and loss in this form of gambling.

Many people often invest their money in the lottery with the hope of becoming rich quickly and achieving their dreams. This is why they want to earn a large sum of money as soon as possible in order to fulfill all their aspirations. Delhi Bazar Satta is a legitimate business, while the commonly played form of gambling is known as Satta. The Delhi market is regulated by betting authorities, but we would like to remind you once again to be cautious and not put your hard-earned money at risk. It is important to fully understand all the potential risks associated with participating in this activity before getting involved.

Delhi Bazar Result 2024 August

Date Delhi Bazar Shri Ganesh Dishawar Gali Bazar Faridabad Ghaziabad
1 02 58 71 09 87
2 63 96 22 58 89 40
3 49 38 10 54 45 52
4 11 99 94 76 06 13
5 93 43 82 71 65 09
6 46 69 28 07 02 55
7 29 26 87 28 96 89
8 14 96 36 35 01 22
9 87 44 02 21 26 21
10 55 62 35 66 86 00
11 22 74 81 11 40 64
12 58 13 62 46 83 72
13 78 59 69 11 46 42
14 81 28 05 18 54 84
15 17 69 90 12 70 79
16 36 37 36 07 72 87
17 Wait Wait 84 Wait Wait Wait
18 Come soon Come soon Come soon Come soon Come soon Come soon

What Is Delhi Bazar Satta King Leak Number ?

The leak number for Delhi Bazar Satta King is essentially the leaked jodi of DL Bazaar, such as Faridabad leak, Ghaziabad leak, Gali leak, Desawar leak, and Taj leak, among others. These leaked jodis originate directly from the Delhi Bazar Satta King office. The leak jodi refers to the exact jodis that the company will open. Many people search on the internet for Delhi Bazar Satta King’s leak game, but they don’t find a confirmed single fix jodi for DL Bazaar. No Delhi Bazar Satta King site provides a Delhi Bazar Satta Leak Fix Number Site because they don’t have any leaked numbers. They may charge money but don’t provide any leaked single jodi. We are here to inform you about the website that offers confirmed Delhi Bazar Satta leak jodis. This website is On this website, you can get direct leaked numbers for various games two hours before the game opens. In simple terms, you can find Delhi Bazar Satta leaks and all other game leaks at the top of this website under the Leak tab.

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Frequently Asked Questions of Dilli Bazar

How do I check the Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King Result?

The Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King Result will be available to check through the official website,

To what extent is it fair to play Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King?

It is not at all appropriate to play Delhi Satta Bazar Satta King; you play it only at your discretion and risk.

Where To Check Delhi Bazar (Dl Bazaar) Satta King Chart 2024?

Users can check the Delhi Bazar Satta King Chart 2024 on our page.

What Time Will The Delhi Bazar (Dl Bazaar) Satta King Result Be Released?

The exact time is 3:10 PM.

How To Play Satta King Delhi Bazar ?

 You Can Play Online or offline .

How To I Check Delhi Bazar Satta Result?

You Can check delhi bazar live result at top of this site

How To Predict Delhi Bazar, Dl Bazaar Satta Leak Number ?

You Can check our Leak section given at top of this website.

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