Canada FPT Deposit 2024 – Dates, Eligibility Details And Total Amount

Canada FPT Deposit

Canada FPT Deposit The term “Canada FPT Deposit 2024” refers to the tax credits offered by the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial governments. These credits include the GST/HST Credit 2024 and the Canada Child Benefit 2024. It is important for Canadian citizens to review the eligibility criteria for the Canada FPT program before availing of these benefits. The payments are considered non-taxable benefits and are provided on a quarterly or monthly basis. This post will provide information on how to utilize the Canada FPT Deposit 2024. In this article, we have covered all the details regarding the deposits that will be given to citizens.

Canada FPT Deposit 2024

Canadian citizens have been receiving benefits from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in the form of the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) and the GST/HST Credit. The implementation of the Canada FPT Deposits has commenced, which refers to Federal, Provincial, and Territorial tax credits. These tax credits are disbursed directly to eligible citizens’ bank accounts. The payment will be reflected on their bank statement as “Fed-Prov/Tax Credit.” The tax credit encompasses two benefits that are paid on a monthly and quarterly basis. Individuals who believe they are eligible for the payment should first verify their eligibility by checking the Canada FPT Eligibility 2024 before proceeding with payment.

Find out how to utilize Canada FPT in 2024 and receive information about payment dates. The Canada FPT Payment GST/HST is transferred directly on the 5th day of each quarter, while the Canada Child Benefit FPT is paid on the 20th day of every month. These payments are non-taxable benefits provided to individuals. For comprehensive updates on the upcoming payments for two benefits under the FPT Deposit 2024, please refer to the complete article.

Canada Federal, Provincial, Territorial Credit 2024

  1. The Canada FPT Deposit 2024 is the program where the individuals will get the deposits transferred to a bank account.
  2. The benefits will be credited under the name of the “Fed-Prov/Tax Credit” and the bank statement will reflect this name.
  3. The Federal, Provincial, Territorial Deposits 2024 will be given to those whose age is 19 years or above.
  4. The citizens will get the benefits to their bank account as per the Canada Federal, Provincial, Territorial Credit 2024 which have been mentioned below.
  5. The other benefits for which one is qualified shall also be given under the FPT Code.

Canada Child Benefit 2024

The Canada Child Tax Credit 2024 is awarded to individuals with children under the age of 18. This credit includes the Child Disability benefit, as well as benefits from provincial and territorial governments. Payments for this benefit are made monthly on the 20th day of each month. The payment amount is $619.75 per month, and it will be deposited under the name FPT Deposit 2024. Federal, Provincial, Territorial Deposits 2024

The citizens of Canada have been given the benefits where they will be getting the Canada Child Benefit 2024 long with the GST/HST Credit. The Canada FPT Deposit 2024 will be given to the individuals of age 19 years or more. The table below will provide brief details on the deposits which will be provided.

Canada Revenue Agency

Agency name Canada Revenue Agency
Benefit name Federal, Provincial, Territorial tax credits
Other name “Fed-Prov/Tax Credit”
Benefits under FPT Canada Child Benefit and GST/HST Credit
Eligibility for FPT Age above 19 years
Payment dates Mentioned below
Payment frequency Monthly or quarterly
Payment mode Online

CCB Eligibility 2024

  • You have been living with your child who is less than 18 years of age.
  • You are the one who is taking care of the child.
  • They are the Citizens of Canada and you have been filing the taxes.
  • You can also get the benefit for the foster child.
  • The parent has to supervise the daily activities of the child.

Situations When Canada Child Benefit 2024 Stops 

  • In case of change in address
  • In case of change in marital status
  • Change in bank account details
  • Residency change

CCB Payment Dates 2024

Payment month  Canada Child Benefit Payment Date 2024
January 2024 19-1-2024
February 2024 20-2-2024
March 2024 20-3-2024
April 2024 19-4-2024
May 2024 20-5-2024
June 2024 20-6-2024
July 2024 19-7-2024
August 2024 20-8-2024
September 2024 20-9-2024
October 2024 18-10-2024
November 2024 20-11-2024
December 2024 20-12-2024

GST/HST Eligibility 2024

  • You are the citizen of Canada
  • You have met the income limits
  • You are of age more than 19 years.
  • If you are under 19 years, the parents will get the benefits on your behalf.

GST/HST Payment Dates 2024

Quarter  GST/HST Payment Dates 2024
1 5 April 2024
2 5 July 2024
3 5 October 2024
4 5 January 2024

GST/HST Credit 2024

The purpose of the GST/HST Tax Credit 2024 is to alleviate the tax burden for individuals residing in low-income households in Canada. This payment will be distributed on a quarterly basis, specifically on the 5th day of each quarter. If you are single, you will receive a benefit of $496, while married individuals will receive $650.

Is Canada FPT 2024 Taxable?

The FPT Deposit 2024 offered by is an untaxed sum of money given to citizens. The GST/HST Credit 2024 will be received by individuals based on their net income or the combined net income of their family. It is necessary to file an income tax return, regardless of whether any income has been earned or not.

How to Put Canada FPT To Use?

If you have children, you can begin setting aside money for their education from the moment they are born by utilizing the RESP account. Each year, the contributions you make will be matched up to specific amounts.


What is the Canada FPT Deposit 2024?

The FPT Deposit 2024 of Canada is the Federal, Provincial, Territorial tax credits.

Is Canada FPT 2024 Taxable?

The Canada Federal, Provincial, Territorial Credit 2024 is the non taxable amount.

What benefits are included in the Canada FPT Deposit 2024?

The benefits like the Canada Child Benefit along with the GST/HST Credit 2024 is provided.

What are the payment dates under the FPT Deposit 2024?

The payment dates under the FPT Deposits 2024 of Canada are quarterly or monthly dispensing upon the credit.

From where can one check the details on the Canada FPT Deposit 2024??

The Canada FPT Deposit 2024 details can be checked through the website


The Canada FPT Deposit 2024 is an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to invest in their future. With a guaranteed return on investment, this deposit offers a secure and reliable way to grow your savings. Whether you’re saving for retirement, planning for a big purchase, or simply looking to build wealth, the Canada FPT Deposit 2024 can help you reach your financial goals. Don’t miss out on this chance to secure your financial future – start investing today!

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