7 Best FREE VPNs for Windows PCs 2024: Fast & Unlimited

7 Best FREE VPNs for Windows PCs

7 Best FREE VPNs for Windows PCs It can be quite challenging to locate a reliable, no-cost VPN for Windows due to the numerous risks and potential threats in the free VPN market. However, after thorough testing, my team and I have identified a few trustworthy options that provide basic security, privacy protection, and reasonable speeds for Windows users.

In my experience, ExpressVPN is the top-performing VPN. Despite my preference for completely free VPNs, this one does not have the limitations that free VPNs typically do. It offers advanced security features, a vast server network, and impressive speeds. Moreover, you can test ExpressVPN without any risk due to its 30-day money-back guarantee. I personally verified the reliability of this policy and received a hassle-free refund within 3 days.

 7 Best Free VPNs for Windows PCs in 2024

1. ExpressVPN.

2. CyberGhost.

3. Proton VPN.

4. Avira Phantom VPN.

5. hide.me.

6. Hotspot Shield.

7. TunnelBear.

Best Free VPNs for Windows PCs — Full Detailed List in 2024

1. ExpressVPN — The Fastest and Most Reliable Windows VPN for Streaming, Torrenting, and Gaming

Best Feature The fastest VPN to stream, game, or torrent on Windows with no interruptions
Speed Drop from Base Connection Only an 8% drop — the fastest of all the VPNs I tested
Security and Privacy Threat Manager prevents apps or websites from tracking your activity across your Windows device
Data allowance Unlimited for endless streaming, torrenting, and gaming
Server Network 3,000+ servers in 105 that work with Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer

Speed:  ExpressVPN tops the list for having the highest speeds among all the VPNs considered. Our global team conducted tests on its German, US, and Canadian servers, and recorded an average speed of 61.45Mbps. Even on distant servers in Australia and Japan, the average speed recorded was 58.74Mbps — only a 12% decrease from the baseline. The typical drop of 10–20% is considered standard, making this performance quite remarkable. These speeds were more than sufficient for streaming in UHD, which demands a minimum of 25Mbps.

With over 3,000 servers in 105 countries, the VPN ensures reliable browsing, streaming, and torrenting on Windows. It is compatible with local Netflix, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer accounts, and also supports P2P activity. The VPN can be used in countries with online censorship, although users are advised to check local laws and regulations. The VPN offers multiple protocols, including the lightweight Lightway, which is secure and provides high speeds for Windows PC users.

ExpressVPN can be easily set up and navigated on your Windows device. Downloading and installing it took me only 5 minutes, and connecting to a server is just a single click away. I suggest utilizing the “Launch on startup” feature to ensure automatic connection to the fastest server every time you start your PC. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, as well as XP with an OpenVPN manual setup. The split tunneling feature allows you to select which Windows apps utilize the VPN connection, enabling secure browsing while maintaining a regular connection for online gaming.

RAM-based servers: ExpressVPN’s secure Windows app ensures data protection through military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and an automatic kill switch. The service also provides IP/DNS/WebRTC leak protection to conceal the user’s true location and a Threat Manager feature to prevent data sharing with malicious third-parties. Additionally, ExpressVPN follows a zero-logs policy audited by independent security companies and operates RAM-based servers for inaccessible and automatically deleted data. Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is outside the 5/9/14 Eyes jurisdiction, offering protection from legal requests for user data.

Chat support: ExpressVPN is not completely free, but it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try out all of its premium features without any risk. If you are not satisfied, you can request a refund, as I did through their 24/7 live chat support. The chat agent promptly approved my refund after a brief inquiry about my satisfaction, and I received my money back within 3 business days.


2. CyberGhost — Specialized Servers in the Windows App Make it Easy to Find Your Ideal Server

Best Feature Dedicated servers for smooth streaming, gaming, or torrenting
Speed Drop from Base Connection 15% drop — great for high-quality streaming and quick downloads
Security and Privacy NoSpy servers to keep your personal data extra safe
Data Allowance Unlimited data to stream, game, and torrent for hours
Server Network 11,695+ servers in 100 countries

CyberGhost’s Windows application includes specialized servers for streaming, gaming, and torrenting, allowing users to easily locate the most suitable server for their chosen activity. The streaming servers are compatible with popular platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max. During testing, the torrenting servers enabled the download of an 800MB file in just 6 minutes. Additionally, the gaming servers provided a secure gaming experience with a 40ms ping when playing Apex Legends on a PC. The streaming servers offer fast speeds and unlimited data, with an average download speed of 56.78Mbps while securely streaming on the local UK Netflix library. Although not as fast as ExpressVPN, these speeds are adequate for UHD streaming on a Windows PC.

This VPN prioritizes safety, employing AES 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and IP/DNS leak protection to make it extremely difficult for anyone to intercept or monitor your online activities. Additionally, CyberGhost provides various security protocols such as WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. I recommend utilizing WireGuard for its reliability and top speeds observed during testing on my Windows PC.

CyberGhost prioritizes safeguarding your privacy while using your Windows device. Its robust no-logs policy was independently audited and confirmed by Deloitte in 2022. Furthermore, being located in Romania places it outside the 14-Eyes Alliance. Additionally, it operates exclusive NoSpy servers at its headquarters, accessible only to CyberGhost employees, eliminating the threat of man-in-the-middle attacks.

CyberGhost’s app includes an ad/tracker/malware blocker specifically designed for Windows to enhance your privacy. This blocker stops advertisers from gathering your data and tailoring ads to you. Additionally, the split tunneling feature enables you to select the apps that utilize the VPN connection and those that do not. Installing and launching CyberGhost’s app on Windows is remarkably straightforward, requiring no configuration and taking less than 4 minutes to download and set up. The app is compatible with Windows 7 and newer versions.

Similar to ExpressVPN, this VPN is not completely free, but you can test out CyberGhost without risk thanks to its extensive 45-day money-back guarantee. This provides you with unrestricted access to all of CyberGhost’s top-tier features. I personally examined its refund procedure to ensure its reliability. Following 43 days of using CyberGhost, I reached out to their 24/7 live chat support and requested a refund. The chat representative swiftly approved my request, and my refund was processed within 4 days.


Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • 24/7 customer support in four languages
  • Dedicated IP add-on
  • Discounted multi-year prices
  • Antivirus and security add-ons available


  • Only 24-hour free trial on Windows and macOS
  • Some CyberGhost reviews express concerns about its parent company

3. Proton VPN — Free VPN With Unlimited Data to Browse Without Disruption on Your Windows PC

Best Feature Unlimited free data to browse or stream as much as you like
Speed Drop from Base Connection 30% drop — great for a free VPN and fast enough for seamless streaming
Security and Privacy Perfect forward secrecy to add extra encryption to your personal data
Data Allowance Only free VPN on this list to offer uncapped data
Server Network 29,650+ servers in 91 countries

The free version of Proton VPN allows for unlimited data usage, providing secure browsing on your Windows PC without the usual data caps enforced by most free VPNs. In testing, my Dutch and American colleagues experienced speeds above 45.83Mbps when using the free Netherlands and US servers, making it suitable for streaming local content. In my own testing, my speeds only decreased by 30% with Proton VPN, making it the fastest completely free VPN I tried. It has more than 100 free servers located in Japan, the Netherlands, and the US. This is more servers than many other free VPNs, but it’s still quite limited with only 3 locations. The free servers also don’t support torrenting.

My coworkers experimented with Netflix using its complimentary servers on their Windows devices, and managed to stream Netflix Originals successfully using a local VPN connection. However, Proton VPN was ineffective when trying to access other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, or Hulu. It offers advanced security features to safeguard your data, including AES 256-bit encryption, IP/DNS leak protection, an automatic kill switch, and various security protocols (such as OpenVPN). Additionally, all of Proton VPN’s apps are open source, allowing anyone to review the code for potential bugs or issues.

Proton VPN enhances security by employing Perfect Forward Secrecy, which ensures that encryption keys change with each new connection to a server on your Windows PC. This prevents hackers from using a key from a single session to decrypt past or future sessions. Additionally, Proton VPN strictly adheres to a zero-logging policy, safeguarding your private data. Its headquarters in Switzerland, outside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance, means that Proton VPN cannot be compelled to share personal information with member countries of this agreement. Overall, Proton VPN is recognized as one of the top free VPNs for maintaining privacy.

The indigenous application is suitable for Windows 7 and later versions, and the installation process is straightforward. Upon downloading and installing the application, I was able to swiftly connect to the swiftest server by utilizing the “Quick connect” feature. Additionally, you have the option to configure split tunneling to secure specific traffic while utilizing your regular high-speed connection for other tasks. An email address is required to register for the complimentary plan, and Proton VPN does not provide round-the-clock customer support. Although I had to reach out to them via email, their website contains a comprehensive knowledge base that addresses most inquiries.

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited data usage
  • Great reputation for privacy and security
  • Works well on most operating systems (Windows, Apple, Android)
  • Comes with great additional privacy products


  • Limited server selection
  • Low speeds
  • Not good for streaming or downloading torrents

ProtonVPN Review

4. Avira Phantom VPN — Free & User-Friendly App to Keep All Your Windows Devices Safe Without Hassle

Best Feature User-friendly app for Windows so you can get set up quickly and easily
Speed Drop from Base Connection 48% drop — a bigger drop, but still fast enough for most activities
Security and Privacy No-logs policy ensures your data isn’t stored or shared
Data Allowance 500MB per month, or 1GB if you sign up with your email address
Server Network Can only connect to the closest available server with the free plan

Avira Phantom VPN provides a user-friendly native app for Windows 7 and newer versions, and it’s completely free. I set it up on my Windows 10 laptop, and the installation process only took 3 minutes (no need to provide my email address). It was incredibly simple, and I connected with just 1 click using the “Turn on VPN” button. With Avira, you can connect as many devices as you’d like as it offers unlimited simultaneous device connections, even in the free version.

Avira Phantom VPN delivers good speeds. On my Windows PC, the speeds averaged 34.73Mbps during the tests (a 48% decrease). It also supports P2P, making it a viable option for torrenting. However, there’s a data cap of 500MB per month, or 1GB in total if you register with your email address. While I was able to download a 100 MB file in under 2 minutes, the data cap restricts torrenting to small files.

The VPN provides numerous security measures for safeguarding your online data, though it lacks a kill switch. It allows you to select between OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols and employs AES 256-bit encryption, known for its military-grade strength. During my leak tests, no IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks were identified. Nonetheless, the absence of a kill switch may expose you to vulnerability in the event of a disconnection after exhausting your monthly 1GB data limit.

While its headquarters are based in Germany, a member of the 14-Eyes Alliance, this VPN has a strict no-logging policy and does not collect browsing history, IP addresses, or personal information from Windows devices. Despite only being able to connect to 1 server and limited customer support for free accounts, it remains a good choice for safeguarding personal information on Windows devices.

Avira Phantom VPN

5. hide.me — Solid Security Features to Protect Your Data on a Windows PC Entirely Free

Best Feature Great security features to keep your Windows device secure
Speed Drop from Base Connection 60% drop – a significant drop, but reliable long-distance connections
Security and Privacy Stealth Guard lets you choose certain apps to only work when connected to the VPN
Data Allowance 10GB per month completely free
Server Network 8 free server locations around the world

The free Windows app from hide.me ensures the protection of your personal information through its robust security features, including 256-bit AES encryption, IP/DNS leak protection, and an automatic kill switch. Additionally, it includes a function called Stealth Guard, which allows users to specify certain apps to only function when the VPN is connected. For example, I chose BitTorrent, ensuring that I would not unintentionally torrent without the VPN active and thereby exposing myself to risk.

I experienced satisfactory speeds with hide.me. When I tried its free servers on my Windows PC, the speeds averaged 26.42Mbps, which was a 60% decrease from my usual speeds. With the data allowance, HD streaming is possible for approximately 3.5 hours without any buffering. Additionally, hide.me provides split-tunneling, allowing specific apps to utilize the VPN connection. This feature enabled me to designate only the browser traffic to go through the VPN, ensuring that no background processes on my Windows PC were consuming my monthly data limit.

Even though hide.me retains your assigned IP addresses, the data is made anonymous and deleted regularly. Being based in Malaysia, it is not part of the 14-Eyes Alliance. Additionally, I appreciate that I could access its Windows app without the need for registration.

Therefore, you can feel assured that hide.me does not store any personal information or contact details. hide.me’s Windows app is compatible with Windows 7 and later versions. For Windows XP, manual setup with OpenVPN is required, making hide.me the only free VPN in this list to support Windows XP to any extent. Nonetheless, this means that you will have to manage the VPN manually, which can be time-consuming and less user-friendly.

There are 8 server locations available worldwide, including Canada, the UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands, the US (east and west), Germany, and Singapore. All of these servers are P2P-friendly, allowing torrenting, although the speed may be somewhat slow. However, they may not be compatible with several streaming platforms, although our international team confirmed their compatibility with Netflix in the US, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Pros and Cons


  • Free premium trial during first week
  • Perfect for torrenting
  • Strong privacy protection and encryption for your data
  • Incredibly helpful customer support, even for the free version


  • Small server network
  • Doesn’t work for unblocking streaming services like Netflix
  • Data cap limits the use of this VPN
  • Pushes its premium version through ads

6. Hotspot Shield — Free P2P Support for Secure Torrenting on Your Windows PC

Best Feature Most free monthly data among free VPNs with torrenting support
Speed Drop from Base Connection 51% drop — enough for downloading small files in a reasonable time
Security and Privacy Independently audited Catapult Hydra protocol ensures online safety
Data Allowance 15GB of data per month, but limited to 500MB per day
Server Network 1 free server location in the US to secure your connection

Hotspot Shield allows P2P file sharing and is sufficiently fast for torrenting small files on your Windows computer. In my trials, I achieved an average speed of 36.72Mbps, enabling me to download a 500MB file in less than 5 minutes. Unfortunately, it provides only 1 free server located in the US, which is over 5,000 km away from my location in the UK. Nevertheless, you can utilize its unique Catapult Hydra protocol, which is particularly reliable for long-distance connections.

Hotspot Shield also excels in the security aspect. Catapult Hydra undergoes audits by independent security experts to ensure the absence of vulnerabilities. Additionally, it features a kill switch, AES-256 bit encryption, IP/DNS leak protection, and perfect forward secrecy. In my tests on a Windows PC, I found no leaks, guaranteeing the confidentiality of your location.

I had some concerns about Hotspot Shield’s logging policy. It retains records of the bandwidth usage and duration of VPN sessions. The data is anonymous, but there are other free VPNs with better privacy policies. The frequent pop-ups prompting an upgrade to a paid plan were a bit irritating. On the positive side, I appreciated not having to sign up or register to use Hotspot Shield’s Windows app. This ensures that the VPN doesn’t access any of your contact or billing information. Furthermore, it is compatible with Windows 7 and higher, and the app is user-friendly, allowing you to connect to a server with a single click.

It provides 15GB of monthly data, but it is restricted to 500MB per day. As a result, I couldn’t stream in HD with Hotspot Shield as the data would run out too fast. Nevertheless, the data was sufficient for checking email, updating social media, and downloading (copyright-free) music files on my Windows PC. I was also able to establish split tunneling to designate specific apps to use the VPN connection, conserving my data.

Hotspot Shield 

Pros and Cons


  • Some nice extra security and encryption features (unique for free VPNs)
  • Decent accumulated monthly data limit


  • Privacy of users is a concern
  • Parent company based in a 5 eyes country (that’s bad)
  • Ads! Who doesn’t hate them?

7. TunnelBear — Easy-to-Use Windows App With Dozens of Server Locations For Free

Best Feature Lots of free server locations, ensuring you’ll have a closeby server wherever you are
Speed Drop from Base Connection 77% drop — the slowest I tested, but fast enough for SD streaming and light browsing
Security and Privacy GhostBear feature is designed to work even on restrictive networks
Data Allowance 2GB per month
Server Network 5,000 free server locations, the same available as the paid plan

TunnelBear’s app is easy to use and allows for quick server connections. It is compatible with Windows 7 and higher, and the installation process only took me 5 minutes. Additionally, it offers a large number of servers compared to most free VPNs, with 5,000 servers in 47 countries, making it easier to find a location near you for better speeds. The security features ensure the safety of your data on Windows devices, including an automatic kill switch, IP/DNS leak protection, AES 256-bit encryption, and GhostBear for obfuscation on restricted networks. For unstable connections, I suggest enabling TCP Override in the Windows app’s settings to ensure a more stable but slower connection.

Tunnelbear ensures strong privacy protection for your Windows device with its strict no-logging policy, verified by independent security entities. While using its website, it is advisable to delete any potentially stored cookies in your browser after completing the app download. However, the speed of local and long-distance servers may be disappointing, with nearby locations on Windows PC averaging 15.6 Mbps (77% slower than without VPN), and long-distance servers in the US and Japan averaging only 10.14 Mbps. Opting for the closest server is recommended for better speeds, and local UK servers are compatible with Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Customer support is only available via email, and the free version has a 2GB monthly data cap, making it suitable mainly for light browsing or small file downloads.

Pros and Cons


  • Big server network: choose from locations all over the world
  • A fun experience with a cute bear-themed design
  • Unblock countless streaming services
  • Strong security and extra features like obfuscation (Rare for free VPNs)


  • Very limited data: you will likely run through the 500 MB in a day
  • Doesn’t work with torrenting
  • No access to US Netflix (although you might get lucky once in a while)

Best Free VPNs for Windows PCs Comparison

Still not sure? Use the side-by-side comparison below to find the free VPN for PC that best matches your needs:

Speeds Data Limit Per Month Logging Policy Server Locations Sign Up Required Device Limit Windows compatibility
🥇ExpressVPN The Fastest Unlimited Strict No-Logs 105 Yes 8 XP, 7, 8, 10, 11
🥈CyberGhost Very Fast Unlimited Strict No-Logs 100 Yes 7 7, 8, 10, 11
🥉Proton VPN Fast Unlimited Strict No-Logs 3 Yes 1 7, 8, 10, 11
Avira Phantom VPN Average 1GB (500MB without signing up) Strict No-Logs 1 No Unlimited 7, 8, 10, 11
hide.me Slow-Average 10GB Keeps Anonymized Logs 8 No 1 XP, 7, 8, 10, 11
Hotspot Shield Average 15GB
(500MB a day)
Keeps Anonymized Logs 1 No 1 7, 8, 10, 11
TunnelBear Slow 2GB Keeps Anonymized Logs 47 Yes Unlimited 7, 8, 10, 11

Most Free VPNs for PCs Aren’t Safe

Most free VPNs for Windows present a potential threat to your online security. It’s important to carefully read reviews and conduct thorough research before downloading any free VPN. I have personally tested all the VPNs listed and can assure their complete safety. These are some of the dangers to look out for with many free VPNs:

  • They could leak your data. It is common for free VPNs to have inadequate, outdated security measures and to profit from selling your personal data to third parties. Ensure that you select a VPN with a stringent zero-logs policy, kill switch, and leak protection to keep your online data secure at all times.
  • Your device could be compromised. Certain free VPNs contain malicious software and viruses within their application. Additionally, since most free VPNs depend on advertising for revenue, they frequently inundate users with advertisements, thereby heightening the potential for device infection.
  • They’re usually really slow. Some free VPNs slow you down so much that it’s almost impossible to browse social media, never mind stream, game online, or torrent.
  • You won’t get many servers. This indicates that their servers have a higher chance of becoming overcrowded, resulting in slower and less dependable performance. It also implies that it’s unlikely for you to find a server near your actual location, which would then require you to opt for a slower long-distance option that cannot connect to your local services and websites.

Free VPNs to Avoid

The following free VPNs are considered unsafe and should be avoided. These services may potentially expose your information to third-party entities or include harmful software and viruses.

  • Hola Free: Hola’s free VPN is pretty popular, but it’s not a VPN. It’s actually a peer-to-peer network. This means that you share your personal IP with strangers, who could potentially use it to perform illegal activities, which could be traced back to you.
  • UFO VPN: This VPN has been found to keep logs of user data, including the websites you visit, your name, IP address, and more. Its privacy policy also states that it might share this information with third parties for a variety of reasons.
  • TurboVPN: Full of targeted advertisements and trackers. This VPN logs and shares your data with third parties.
  • Betternet VPN: It was caught with a high level of malware embedded in the app. Moreover, it keeps logs of your personal information (such as domains you’ve visited, your location, and what device you’re using).

How to Choose the Best Free VPN for Windows Tips

During our research, my team and I utilized the following criteria to identify the free VPNs for PC that should be included on this list. If you wish to conduct your own research, you are welcome to utilize the following criteria.

  • Free Windows app. I ensured that all the VPNs on my list are compatible with Windows 7 and up and are either completely free or have a trustworthy money-back guarantee.
  • Servers in the locations you need. If you wish to get an IP address for a specific country, you should check whether your Windows VPN offers servers in that location. Many forever-free VPNs only offer servers in a few countries. For the most flexibility, choose a VPN that offers an extensive server network across the globe.
  • Advanced security features. Windows devices are common targets for hackers and cybercriminals, so it’s really important your VPN is completely secure. Each of the VPNs on this list have AES 256-bit encryption and IP/DNS leak protection. Most of them also offer features like a kill switch or perfect forward secrecy to provide further security.
  • Robust privacy features and policies. One of the biggest downsides to free Windows VPNs is that some of them make money by compromising your privacy and sharing user data. I read every logging policy to ensure that none of these VPNs store your identifiable data. I also checked if these policies were independently audited or proven in court.
  • Fast speeds and enough data. Free Windows VPNs are generally much slower than premium ones, and very few offer unlimited data. I checked all the data limits and tested the speeds of all these VPNs to make sure you can browse the internet without major slowdowns for a reasonable amount of time.
  • User-friendly native Windows app. All the VPNs on this list have an easy-to-use app for Windows, compatible with Windows 7 and up. I also tried to pick VPNs that didn’t constantly bombard you with ads, or push you to upgrade to a premium plan.
  • Lightweight app that doesn’t use too much CPU or RAM. We monitored the Windows app for each VPN to ensure that it used minimal RAM and CPU, ensuring that it doesn’t take up all your device’s resources.
  • Supports torrenting. I made sure that most VPNs on my list support torrenting. If you want a free VPN for torrenting, it’s important to check that it actually allows P2P sharing on its free servers.
  • Works with streaming platforms. Most free VPNs don’t work with streaming sites at all, but I made sure to shortlist some options that could at least let you watch your local Netflix library securely.
  • Good customer support. I ensured that it was easy to get in touch with customer support in case you need help. 24/7 live chats are the best, but not all free VPNs offer them.

How to Set Up a Free VPN on Windows in 3 Easy Step

  1. Download a free Windows VPN. You can also test out ExpressVPN without any risk thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee, and experience better speeds, security, and a larger server network.
  2. Connect to a server. For optimal speed, it’s advisable to connect to a server that is close to your location.
  3. Start browsing. Now you can safely browse on your Windows device.

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7 Best FREE VPNs for Windows PCs in 2024: Faqs

Are free Windows VPNs safe?

Some of them are, but you will still have access to a very restricted service. This compilation features only the most secure free VPNs for Windows. These are versions of reputable VPNs that I have personally tested, which are offered for free but with the option to upgrade to a paid plan. In contrast, completely free VPNs often rely on sharing user data or displaying ads to generate income, and may also pose a risk of malware. Even with safe, “freemium” VPNs, there are usually limitations such as small server networks, slow speeds, and a single device connection at a time.

Are there free VPNs for Windows with P2P/torrenting support?

While free VPNs may seem appealing, they have data limits, slow speeds, and weaker security features, making them less than ideal for torrenting. ExpressVPN stood out as the top choice for torrenting due to its remarkable speeds (twice as fast as some other VPNs on the list) and unlimited data, allowing for quick downloads of large files through BitTorrent and uTorrent. Although it’s not entirely free, you can test it out risk-free for 30 days. It’s important to note that not all free VPNs support torrenting, so ensure that you select one that does and provides sufficient data for your download needs. Some free VPNs only offer a minimal 500MB of data per month, significantly limiting your download capabilities.

Are there free VPNs for Windows without registration?

Certainly, certain free VPNs allow usage without the need to sign up for anything. The article features 3 free VPNs (Avira Phantom, Hotspot Shield, and hide.me) that do not necessitate any sign-up details, including an email address. This is ideal for those prioritizing privacy and seeking a hassle-free download experience.

Is there a free unlimited VPN for Windows?

Yes, Some free VPNs on Windows provide unlimited data. This list includes multiple options for unlimited VPNs. Proton VPN stands out as the top choice for a 100% free VPN without data limits, but it does have certain restrictions like other free VPNs, such as a smaller server network with 100 free servers in 3 countries and slower speeds.

Does Windows 10 have a built-in VPN?

While it is possible to manually set up VPN connections on Windows 10, I do not advise it due to the absence of advanced features such as a kill switch, split tunneling, and multiple security protocols. Additionally, using a third-party VPN service is necessary to make it function, and the setup process is inconvenient as it must be done every time you want to connect. It is more convenient to use a VPN app as it eliminates the need for manual configuration and signing up for a service is required regardless.

Can I use a free Windows VPN for Netflix and other streaming platforms?

Some free VPNs for PC are compatible with Netflix and other streaming platforms. I conducted thorough testing on all of these VPNs, and ExpressVPN performed the best with my local UK Netflix library (our international team made it work with 20+ Netflix libraries). Regrettably, the free VPNs mentioned in this list were not as effective. Free VPNs often encounter difficulties when trying to access streaming sites because these platforms actively try to prevent VPN usage, and free VPNs are easier to detect. This is partly due to their limited server networks, which results in numerous users sharing the same IP address, making it easier for streaming platforms to identify and block them.

Can I use a free Windows VPN on other devices?

Yes, These services are available for both non-Windows and Windows devices, with the same limitations and caps applying regardless of the device. Consider opting for a premium VPN with a money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial, or use the dedicated apps for macOS, Android, and iOS provided by these free VPNs. ExpressVPN and CyberGhost, the top 2 VPNs on this list, are also compatible with Linux, smart TVs, and routers.

Are free VPNs legal to use?

Local laws determine the legality of using VPNs to safeguard online data in most countries, with only a handful, like China and Iran, prohibiting or regulating their use. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the regulations in such countries before using a VPN there. Moreover, using a VPN for illegal activities does not make those activities lawful. The team at vpnMentor does not support using VPNs to engage in illegal behavior.

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