Latest News:- Virtual attack boxes meet hacktivism Update

Virtual attack boxes

More than ten years ago, whenever I wished to test new malware or investigate a new attack approach, I consistently carried out these activities in real-world environments. I identified susceptible computer networks by taking advantage of flaws in remote desktop protocols before proceeding with the execution. It wasn’t until the consequences of my research methods became evident that I recognized their malicious nature.

Latest News:- Virtual attack boxes meet hacktivism Update

In my early 20s, I often spent my nights in the dark living room, surrounded by computer monitors, listening to The Prodigy or Pendulum on my headphones. Fueled by caffeine and bad ideas, I was excited about exploring a new technological landscape, without considering the potential negative impact on others. My focus was solely on the machine, the goal, the target, and the reward of gaining knowledge.

Occasionally caused system crashes

I didn’t intend any harm by it. I simply wanted to understand. I enjoyed intruding and gaining insight during my time as a blackhat. That’s why I viewed computer systems as challenges to overcome, even while researching malware and running harmful executables that occasionally caused system crashes.

Malware Functioning Refrained

I refrained from creating any system restore points for them. Instead, I initiated the payloads by double-clicking and then observed from the safety of my home base, content in the knowledge that the malware was functioning and remained undetected by their antivirus program.

What Are The Virtualizing Attack Labs?

Following a long prison term, I had plenty of opportunities to contemplate my past actions and the negative direction I had been heading in for a substantial period. This experience also shifted my outlook on how I would approach testing and investigating systems in the future – just not in an unlawful manner.

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New attack vectors testing

I often find myself in an interesting position. When someone asks for remote systems to test their malware on, I emphasize the importance of using VMs. VMs serve as ideal attack boxes, offering the optimal environment for exploring and testing new attack vectors without the risk of causing damage without justification. In the past, when I was highly skilled in hacking, there were limited educational and training resources outside our hacking communities. Although we still have HackThisSite, an excellent training platform, it was a different era.

Best Training Platforms

In the present day, there are numerous online training platforms like HackTheBox and TryHackMe that offer a wide range of educational services to guide individuals towards the right career path. These platforms enable users to access preconfigured virtual machines directly from their web browsers, providing instant access to labs. Additionally, they feature an exciting aspect called Capture The Flag (CTF) for those who enjoy competitive tournaments. Despite my support for using these services to protect aspiring hackers from engaging in illegal activities while learning, I personally prefer a more authentic and familiar approach.


Greetings to VulnHub. This website is labeled as Vulnerable By Design. When I first came across it, I instantly knew I had discovered my passion. The platform showcases a collection of vulnerable virtual machines, each having its individual environment and also functioning as CTFs. These virtual machines are akin to games, but not in the traditional sense. In the past, I would have immediately utilized the Metasploit framework to scan an external IP range or even an entire country’s IP netblock, and then potentially dedicated days to finding a machine to compromise.

Former blackhat hacker Beinging

Being a former blackhat hacker is like being a recovering alcoholic, and VulnHub is like non-alcoholic beer. All I needed to do was download VirtualBox, choose the vulnerability environment I wanted, and start using my scanning, enumeration, and network penetration testing tools, which are just sophisticated hacking tools.

#OpNewBlood training modules for hacktivism

Vulnerable virtual machines are perfect for training purposes, particularly for hacking groups participating in #OpNewBlood, an effort to educate and train newcomers interested in embracing hacktivism ideologies and acquiring hacking skills to join live operations. However, #OpNewBlood faces a significant problem that undermines the movement. Many instructors in the Anonymous Collective do not dedicate sufficient time to teach aspiring individuals how to distinguish between targets and victims. The desire to demonstrate one’s capabilities and earn recognition from peers appears to overshadow the capacity for rational thinking.

Novice Hackers

As a result, novice hackers often utilize the internet in a similar manner to my past actions. They acquire the ability to target any entity, regardless of its relevance to their intended operation. Consequently, despite their professed mission to free others, they end up targeting corporations, financial accounts, and other digital assets, contradicting their supposed noble cause. This is why cybersecurity and hacker training websites emphasize the importance of utilizing virtual attack boxes. Through virtualization, we can mitigate the risk of causing unwarranted harm to computer systems within the reach of inexperienced and easily influenced upcoming “hacktivists” who gain access to powerful tools without the necessary expertise.

What is the Inclination?

The inclination to engage in hacking is almost instinctive, particularly when I witness injustice in the world. Even though I served more than ten years in federal prison for hacking, I cannot change my nature or the fact that it is an integral part of my identity. Nevertheless, I have the ability to govern my actions while honing my skills within virtual environments. I can acquire new abilities and expand my knowledge in the process. Most importantly, I can continue to be a hacktivist without exploiting the general public.

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