How to unblock websites in 2024: 9 easy ways

How to unblock websites

Have you ever been unable to access a website recently? Whether it occurred at work, school, or home, dealing with a blocked website can be quite aggravating. The positive news is that it is feasible to get around website restrictions and blocks by following the correct steps. This guide presents 9 various methods for accessing blocked websites, no matter your location. Whether you’re dealing with website restrictions from your school, employer, or government, the solutions offered below are designed to help you quickly and easily unblock websites.

How to unblock websites with a VPN

  1. Pick a reputable VPN.
  2. Register to get your account
  3. Install the VPN and log in
  4. When you connect to a chosen server, your traffic will appear as if it was coming from another country

Why use a VPN to unblock websites?

If your IP address is blocked from accessing a certain website, you are likely to face an error message indicating that a site cannot be reached. Unlocking access to a specific website can be achieved through various methods, but a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most efficient. A VPN routes traffic through an encrypted tunnel, allowing you to bypass IP address-related restrictions and ensuring a private and secure browsing experience. The level of privacy and security provided depends on the VPN chosen for installation and use. While all VPNs generally encrypt traffic similarly, top VPNs offer advanced security features and additional functionalities that set them apart from competitors.

9 ways to unblock websites

Let’s take a look at a few different solutions you can try if you cannot access certain websites due to blocks.

1. Use a VPN to unblock any site you want

One of the most effective ways to access blocked websites, especially for regular access to restricted content, is by using a VPN. Essentially, a VPN is a tool that secures your internet traffic by disguising your IP address, thus concealing your actual location and enabling access to geo-blocked websites such as US Netflix. It is currently the preferred method to counter online censorship, as it allows for website access through a VPN server, keeping your online activities hidden from your Internet Service Provider.

VPN’s main advantage is that they ensure complete anonymity for your online activities, preventing your ISP from tracking you when accessing restricted websites. Furthermore, leading VPN providers typically offer applications for various platforms, such as Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android, providing the flexibility to unblock sites across different devices.

2. Unblock sites with an open proxy

If you are pressed for time or need to access a blocked website on a shared computer, utilizing a proxy server is the most effective solution. Similar to VPNs, proxies conceal your actual IP address from the website and the website’s IP address from entities such as your government, employer, or school. Proxy usage is cost-free and does not necessitate any installation. Additionally, proxies have the capability to bypass certain geographically restricted websites, although they are typically ineffective for major streaming platforms like Netflix, as they are frequently identified and restricted.

When it comes to drawbacks, proxies are also not as secure and anonymous as VPNs because they lack extra security features and may even monitor your online activity.

3. Install a VPN or proxy browser extension

Consider using a browser extension proxy like Smartproxy for Chrome, Edge, or Firefox to unblock dynamic sites such as YouTube, Twitter, or Amazon. This type of website unblocker tool allows you to select different servers for easy browsing. Consider using a VPN browser extension instead of installing the program directly onto your computer. Many major VPNs provide add-ons for various browsers, but note that they may not offer all the features available in the desktop app.

4. Use an IP address instead of a URL

In some cases, institutions may block specific URLs rather than IPs. If this happens, you can unblock a website by using its IP address. A URL is the web address displayed in the address bar (e.g., or, while an IP address is a unique sequence of numbers assigned to the server hosting the website. You can enter the IP address into the address bar to access the desired site. But how can you find the IP address of a website? There are various methods to do so, but here’s how to do it on Windows:

  • Type in cmd into your start menu
  • Open Command Prompt
  • Enter ping and the name of the website you want to unblock (for example,

Then, all you have to do is press Enter on the keyboard and you’ll have the IP address of the site you want to unblock. Paste it into your search bar and enjoy access to restricted content.

Please remember that various operating systems have distinct methods for finding IP addresses. Linux users can locate theirs by entering the command “dig” in the command line, whereas macOS users can perform a traceroute using the Terminal.

5. Use the Tor Browser to unblock banned sites

The Tor Browser is a freely available internet anonymity tool developed in response to online censorship. By routing your data through a network of volunteer servers, Tor conceals your IP address from the destination server and conceals the destination server’s IP address from your ISP. Consequently, the Tor Browser is an excellent tool for accessing blocked sites.

If you’re interested in trying it out, install Tor and use it as your main browser. Remember that your connection speed may decrease while using Tor and that some websites could still be inaccessible.

6. View blocked content with Google Translate

Despite sounding like a joke, it is possible to unblock websites using Google Translate. Just input the website into the translation field and click the link in the translation section to access the page.

Please note that the content quality may be unsatisfactory and the usual layout may be replaced with plain text. Additionally, website links may not be clickable. Consequently, Google Translate is best utilized for accessing site information, such as articles or forum threads.

7. Take advantage of a dynamic IP

This approach can assist you in bypassing restrictions imposed by websites that block your IP address. It is effective when your Internet Service Provider assigns you a dynamic IP address that changes periodically. If you encounter difficulty accessing a specific website, try restarting your router to see if the desired page becomes accessible. However, if your IP address is static, rebooting your router will not resolve the issue. To determine whether your IP is dynamic or static, make a note of it and compare it with the new IP obtained after restarting the router. For those seeking their current IP address, simply type “what is my IP address” into your browser’s search bar.

8. Use HTML to PDF converter to download restricted content

If you have no real need to visit a restricted website and only require access to its content, then this HTML to PDF converter could be useful. This no-cost tool is designed to transform any URL into a PDF file, presenting the text and images exactly as they appear on the website. You have the option to either download the file or preview it directly on the web.

9. Use Google cache to access restricted content

If you’re unable to access a website due to blocking, you can attempt to access its cached version on Google, which is a temporary storage of information. To do this, simply type “cached:” before the website’s address in the URL box, for example, “”. Keep in mind that the cached version may not fully replicate the original website, as it may lack important elements such as menus, text, and web images. However, if you need to access website content, this method is worth a try. If all else fails, consider using a reliable VPN to bypass restrictions.

Best VPNs to unblock websites – detailed list

  • NordVPN – best VPN for unblocking websites overall
  • Surfshark – budget-friendly VPN for unblocking websites
  • Atlas VPN – best VPN to unblock websites for free

Following the testing of 42 VPNs, we have finalized our compilation of the leading VPNs for 2024. Our evaluation encompassed speed, performance, extra functionalities, capacity to circumvent geo-restricted content, and pricing in order to identify the most outstanding options. We are pleased to announce that the top 3 VPNs for accessing restricted content align with our top 3 VPNs for 2024.

1. NordVPN – best VPN to unblock websites in 2024

🌎Based in: Panama
🖥️Servers/countries: 6000+ servers in 61 countries
🍿Unblocks Netflix: Yes
🔥Coupons: NordVPN coupon 67% OFF

NordVPN is a well-known VPN service that is used for bypassing website restrictions. It enables users to access online content that may be blocked by their government, as well as streaming services that are not accessible in their region. NordVPN also offers a SmartDNS feature, which can be configured on devices that do not support VPN apps. For additional NordVPN features, refer to our NordVPN review.

Pros and Cons


  • Large server fleet
  • Strong security features
  • Fast connection speeds
  • Independently audited no-logs policy
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No free version

2. Surfhark – secure VPN for unblocking sites

🌎Based in: The Netherlands
🖥️Servers/countries: 3200+ servers in 100 countries
🍿Unblocks Netflix: Yes
🔥Coupons: Surfshark coupon 79% OFF

If you’re looking for unrestricted web browsing, consider Surfshark as an excellent option. Despite being one of the newer VPN providers, our extensive analysis of Surfshark demonstrates its value in expanding your access to online content. With over 3200 servers in 100 countries, including obfuscated ones, finding a suitable server is effortless. Surfshark excels in unblocking challenging websites such as Netflix. Additionally, the app’s constraints do not limit its usability, as Surfshark’s SmartDNS can be configured for use on any device.

Pros and Cons


  • Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
  • AES-256-GCM encryption
  • Chrome and Firefox browser extensions
  • NoBorders feature to use in heavily restricted countries
  • 7-day free trial


  • No free version

3. Atlas VPN – freemium VPN to unblock websites

🌎Based in: United States
🖥️Servers/countries: 1000+ servers in 42 countries
🍿Unblocks Netflix: Yes
🔥Coupons: Atlas VPN coupon 86% OFF

Atlas VPN is a straightforward yet effective VPN for bypassing geo-blocks. Although its server fleet may not be as extensive as other VPNs, its user-friendly interface and affordability have contributed to its popularity in the market. In addition, for individuals residing in heavily censored regions with VPN blocks, Atlas VPN offers obfuscated servers to conceal the VPN connection. Our tests for the Atlas VPN review revealed that it successfully unblocks nearly all major streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Max, allowing users to enjoy content in full HD. The service also permits unlimited simultaneous connections per account, enabling both the user and their family members to bypass content blocks on any type of device.

Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive applications
  • Advanced encryption
  • WireGuard tunnel for great connection speeds
  • Unblocks various Netflix libraries
  • Free version available


  • Based in the US

Atlas VPN Review

Why are websites getting banned?

In case you are unable to reach a website, there could be various factors contributing to this. Whether a parental control filter has been unintentionally left on or the site has been banned by the government, there is typically a specific reason for the inability to access the website as usual. Let’s explore some of the primary reasons for this.

Security risks

If you are unable to visit a website while at work, school, or university, it is likely that the site has been classified as risky or inappropriate and subsequently prohibited. This is especially the case for educational institutions that are responsible for safeguarding the security and well-being of minors. In the United States, educators are required to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, which mandates the blocking of all content deemed inappropriate and harmful. Similarly, business owners may restrict access to specific websites if they are deemed detrimental for business purposes, including sites that are typically considered distracting, such as social media platforms.


In 2024, online censorship remains a significant issue, and it is not limited to China. Several governments restrict access to content that contradicts political or religious perspectives. North Korea, China, and Iran are leading in banning content. Residents or visitors to these countries may discover that popular websites like Facebook are inaccessible. Using a reliable VPN is the most effective method to overcome censorship restrictions.

How to unblock websites in different places

Institutions such as schools, universities, and offices often limit access to specific websites considered unsuitable, potentially hindering productivity and posing security threats. We provide some tips on circumventing these restrictions and accessing blocked websites at various locations.

How to unblock websites at school

If you need to view restricted content on your school’s computers, it’s unlikely that you can install a VPN. However, there are alternative methods to unblock restricted websites. For instance, you might try installing a VPN extension on a browser. Another option is to attempt unblocking websites using the methods mentioned above. You can try bypassing restrictions using Google Translate or accessing the cached version of the website. If all else fails, you could use your own mobile device to access restricted content. If you have permission to use mobile devices, you can download a reliable VPN app that is compatible with your device’s operating system. We suggest NordVPN, which is accessible for both Android and iOS users.

How to unblock websites at work

Is it possible to install applications on your office computer? If your employer enforces strict rules against visiting specific websites, it’s probable that using VPNs and the Tor Browser is also prohibited. In that case, you can install your preferred VPN on a mobile device and access restricted content from there. NordVPN, Surfshark, and Atlas VPN all offer apps for Android and iOS users.

How to unblock websites at home

When you’re at home, you might encounter limitations imposed by adults (if you’re a minor subject to parental controls) or your ISP. In either scenario, using a VPN is your best option. By utilizing a trustworthy VPN, you can circumvent restricted content by connecting to the internet with a completely different IP address. Keep in mind that overcoming geographical restrictions requires connecting to a server in a different country first. When selecting a VPN, ensure that it offers numerous servers and server locations. NordVPN stands out as our top choice due to its 6000+ servers in 61 countries.

How to unblock websites from anywhere

When traveling, you may encounter geographic limitations that are unfamiliar to you. This could mean certain websites are inaccessible due to censorship or lack of support from service providers, particularly with streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, or Max. However, geo-blocks are a common occurrence. Thankfully, NordVPN, Surfshark, Atlas VPN, and other leading VPN providers can assist you in bypassing these restrictions effortlessly. All it takes is installing a VPN tool, connecting to a server in an unrestricted location, and enjoying a seamless browsing experience.

Is it legal to unblock websites?

While the use of VPNs is legal in most countries, some have implemented laws prohibiting it. It’s important to note that using a VPN for legal purposes, such as accessing geo-restricted content, is not illegal in most countries. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the specific regulations in your country, as some nations have stricter laws regarding VPN usage. For example, countries like China, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea have more stringent regulations in place.

How To Watch The Gentlemen On Netflix Online Via VPN

How to Watch Young Sheldon on Netflix in 2024

How to watch Oppenheimer online from anywhere

How to watch Full House on Netflix 

Bottom Line

Living in a country where most international websites are blocked or wanting to access region-restricted content on Netflix, it’s empowering to have numerous options for unblocking sites. It’s reassuring to know that despite efforts to enforce online censorship, there are always innovators creating new ways to safeguard access to information. For unblocking restricted websites, the optimal choice is to install a dependable VPN. We suggest NordVPN for its 6000+ servers in 61 countries, exceptional speed, advanced security, and affordable pricing. Currently, NordVPN is available at a remarkable discount.

How to unblock websites in 2024: FAQs

How to unblock websites at school?

Using a proxy server is the quickest and most convenient method to access blocked websites at school. This not only unblocks the desired site but also complicates the tracking of your online activities.

Which browser is best for blocked sites?

The Tor Browser autonomously unblocks sites, eliminating the necessity for add-ons, unlike Chrome and other browsers which require extensions for this function.

Can VPN unblock sites?

Yes.A VPN has the capability to circumvent the majority of internet restrictions, enabling you to reach geo-restricted content or websites that are prohibited by your organization. We advise using NordVPN due to its extensive server network, which offers numerous connection options.

How to unblock websites without a VPN?

You have the option to attempt using a proxy server, adding a proxy/VPN extension to your browser, or using Google Translate.

How do I unblock blocked websites?

Several techniques can be utilized to access blocked websites, but none are as effective and easy to use as a VPN. For instance, NordVPN has over 6000 servers in 61 countries and is a reliable option for unblocking websites.

How do I unblock a website blocked by an administrator?

A VPN tool such as NordVPN can be used to bypass blocked or restricted websites. Additionally, you can restart your internet connection, reset your firewall, use a different browser like Tor Browser, or utilize a proxy server.

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