Countries that give visa-free access to Indians

Countries that give visa-free access to Indians

Many people have a shared dream of traveling the world and discovering new places. This dream is now more achievable than ever for those who hold an Indian passport. Due to India’s growing global presence, there are now numerous countries that allow Indian travelers to visit without the need for a visa, making the process much simpler and hassle-free.

A visa is a formal authorization or endorsement given by the government of a country that allows an individual to enter, stay, or travel within that country for a specific purpose and period. Visas are usually necessary for foreign citizens and are used to control immigration, ensure security, and enforce immigration laws. In this detailed guide, we will reveal the destinations where Indian nationals can enjoy the excitement of traveling without needing a visa. From beautiful beaches to vibrant cities, these countries offer a wide range of experiences just waiting to be explored.

List of Countries that give visa-free access to Indians

Country Number of Days Continent
1. Angola 30 days Africa
2. Barbados 90 days Transcontinental
3. Bhutan 14 days Asia
4. Dominica 180 days Transcontinental
5. El Salvador 90 days Transcontinental
6. Fiji 120 days Transcontinental
7. Gabon 30 days Africa
8. Gambia 90 days Africa
9. Grenada 90 days Transcontinental
10. Haiti 90 days Transcontinental
11. Jamaica Visa-free Transcontinental
12. Kazakhstan 14 days Asia
13. Macao 30 days Asia
14. Mauritius 90 days Africa
15. Micronesia 30 days Transcontinental
16. Nepal Visa-free Asia
17. Palestinian Territories Visa-free Asia
18. Saint Kitts and Nevis 90 days Transcontinental
19. Senegal 90 days Africa
20. St. Vincent and the Grenadines 90 days Transcontinental
21. Trinidad and Tobago 90 days Transcontinental
22. Vanuatu 30 days Transcontinental
23. Thailand (new) 30 days Asia
24. Sri Lanka (new) 30 days Asia
25. Malaysia (new) 30 days Asia
26. Vietnam (new) 30 days Asia
27. Taiwan (new) 30 days Asia

Entry requirements of visa-free countries for Indians 

Setting off on a trip to countries that do not require visas is an exhilarating possibility, providing the chance to discover various cultures, stunning scenery, and lively cities without the hassle of visa applications. Nevertheless, it is important for travelers to have sufficient knowledge about the entry criteria for each destination in order to guarantee a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Passport validity

A passport is a document issued by the government that serves as proof of a person’s identity, nationality, and citizenship. It enables individuals to travel abroad, cross borders, and seek entry into other countries. Typically, passports contain personal details, a photograph, and a distinctive identification number. Many countries have a requirement for passports to be valid for at least six months beyond the intended date of departure. It is advisable to check the expiration date of your passport well in advance and renew it if needed.

Maximum stay duration

Each destination that allows visa-free travel has its own limit on how long visitors can stay. This duration can vary greatly depending on the country, ranging from a few weeks to several months. It’s important to adhere to these time limits as exceeding them can result in penalties, being sent back to your home country, or facing other legal repercussions.

Proof of sufficient funds

Numerous nations mandate that travelers provide evidence of having enough financial resources to support themselves during their visit without relying on employment. This can be proven through bank statements, cash reserves, or a valid credit card.

Return or onward travel ticket

It is often necessary to have a return or onward travel ticket. Proof of your intention to leave the country within the specified time period may be requested by authorities.

Accommodation details

Proof of accommodation for the entire duration of your trip may be necessary in certain locations. This can be provided through hotel reservations, a letter of invitation from a host, or a comprehensive itinerary.

Travel insurance

Although not always obligatory, it is strongly advised to have travel insurance. This offers financial security in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost baggage.

Criminal record check

At times, when travellers arrive at their destination, they might undergo criminal record checks. It is important to note that possessing a criminal record, regardless of the severity of the offences, can lead to being denied entry into specific countries.

Customs and declarations

It is important to familiarize yourself with the customs and declarations regulations of the country you are visiting. This involves disclosing any valuable items, cash amounts that exceed specified limits, and any prohibited items you may have in your possession.

Visa-free duration reset

If you are considering returning to a country that allows visa-free travel after your initial visit, it is important to be aware that certain destinations may require you to exit and enter again in order to reset the duration of your visa-free stay. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the specific regulations for each country you plan on visiting. By conducting thorough research and fulfilling these entry requirements, travelers can guarantee a hassle-free and pleasant journey without the need for a visa, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in creating unforgettable memories and experiences in their chosen destinations.

Specific requirements for countries

In addition to the general requirements mentioned above, certain countries have specific requirements for international travelers. For example:


The required documents for an international visit to Barbados encompass the following:

  • A passport with a validity of at least six months.
  • A minimum of two recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Evidence of a return flight reservation.
  • Confirmation of your accommodations.
  • A bank statement covering the last three months.


These specific entry requirements must be adhered to:

  • Possession of a passport with a minimum validity of six months.
  • Presentation of at least two recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Confirmation of a return flight reservation.
  • Proof of arranged accommodations.
  • Submission of a bank statement covering the past three months.


There are a few steps to follow before making your way to Nepal.

  • A passport valid for a minimum of six months
  • At least two recent passport-size photographs
  • A return flight ticket
  • Confirmed accommodation
  • Bank statement (last three months)

Trinidad and Tobago 

Below is a compilation of essential documents for your convenience:

  • A passport with a minimum of six months of validity.
  • A minimum of two recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Confirmation of your return flight reservation.
  • Evidence of accommodation arrangements.
  • A bank statement covering the previous three months

Which visa-free countries for Indians offer budget-friendly travel experiences?

Several countries, including Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia, are known for offering budget-friendly travel experiences to Indian tourists. These destinations often feature affordable accommodation, transportation, and dining options.

Can Indian travellers find affordable visa-free destinations outside of Asia?

Yes, there are budget-friendly visa-free countries for Indians outside of Asia as well. For instance, some Eastern European countries like Serbia and Ukraine offer affordable travel experiences for Indian tourists, including low-cost accommodations and dining options.


In summary, when considering travel to visa-free countries, knowing the specific entry requirements is crucial. Staying informed and well-prepared regarding these prerequisites ensures a seamless and enjoyable travel experience to these enticing destinations.  Checking with the respective embassies or official government sources for the latest information before a trip is recommended.

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