Best Omegle alternatives in 2024

Best Omegle alternatives

Best Omegle alternatives Omegle, once a popular platform for chatting with strangers worldwide, faced challenges that ultimately led to its closure 14 years after its launch, leaving users uncertain about where to turn next. Despite this, Omegle maintained a daily user base of over three million until the very end, indicating a strong desire for online connection. In response, we have identified several Omegle alternatives that cater to its dedicated user community. These alternatives offer similar benefits and drawbacks, and we will provide guidance on selecting the most suitable option, along with tips for safe usage and avoiding potential risks.

10 Sites like Omegle for chatting with strangers: tested, working, and safe

Before diving into live chatting, it’s a good idea to review this list of free and verified Omegle alternatives. We have evaluated and categorized each site to make it easier for you to find the best fit. While these alternatives are safe from immediate virus threats, they do pose their own risks, as they often collect user data for marketing purposes or potential sale to malicious parties.

10. Best Omegle alternatives in 2024: Full Details


1. – best Omegle alternative for privacy

At present, OmeTV stands as the most popular substitute for Omegle, drawing in nearly 8 million visitors each month, surpassing its competitors. Despite noticeable disparities from Omegle, OmeTV shares some resemblances, such as 1-on-1 chats, random pairing, and partnerships with celebrities. However, its most notable feature is the assurance of anonymity. Although registration is necessary (through Facebook or VK), the platform takes pride in not retaining any visitor data, except when obliged by law enforcement. In such cases, they may only permit monitoring, as they do not maintain logs of past activity.

If you opt to sign up using your Facebook or VK account, it’s important to also consider using a VPN. Both social media platforms store a significant amount of your sensitive data that should be kept secure. A trustworthy VPN can help safeguard this information and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, OmeTV is user-friendly and offers opposite-sex pairing, providing a convenient way to interact with different individuals through live chat, messaging, and image sharing. However, it’s essential to note that the platform strictly prohibits adult content, nudity, and the use by minors.

OmeTV can be used for free, and if you connect through Facebook or VK, it will be ad-free. However, it does offer non-essential in-app purchases. It’s important to note that there are no refunds if you are unsatisfied with your purchase or if you get banned before using it.

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2. – best for young adults

Monkey is positioned as a substitute for Omegle and OmeTV, targeting a younger audience, particularly those who enjoy TikTok and Snapchat. However, it is not accessible to minors, and users are urged to report any individuals who may be underage. One of the key features of Monkey is its provision of 1-on-1, duo, or group chats, offering a wide range of socializing opportunities, including with existing friends. To begin chatting, users must first register via Google, Facebook, Apple, or email, and then specify gender preferences before initiating a call. The Monkey app provides an additional means of socializing through this platform.

The Monkey app and website chat are available for free, but there are additional in-app purchases for extra features. It’s important to be aware that Monkey, similar to other Omegle alternatives, monitors your activity and records your data. However, individuals using a VPN are unlikely to encounter any issues. The Monkey app utilizes machine learning and distinctive AI algorithms to monitor chats continuously, which implies that even without user reports, it can take action against those who violate the rules.


  • 3.6M monthly visitors
  • Both app and website connectivity
  • Single, duo, and group channels
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Basic chatting is free


  • User data logging
  • Premium features cost extra

3. – best for people with a hearing impairment

Camfrog is the primary chat service designed for the deaf community, available as a free app with 100 million downloads. Despite the large user base, the active users at any given time are around 200,000. Although individuals with hearing impairments are not the primary target audience, Camfrog provides a unique platform for non-verbal communication. Additionally, Camfrog offers the benefit of chat rooms, allowing users to join random rooms or search based on specific categories. With nearly 3000 chat rooms available, users can easily find others with similar interests to engage with.

There are several chat rooms specifically created for individuals with hearing impairments. Each of these rooms automatically disables the Talk buttons, ensuring that a person with a hearing disability will only be matched with someone who can understand them. However, deaf individuals are not restricted to these chat rooms, as they are intended to offer more inclusive social spaces. It’s important to note that Camfrog gathers user data and may send communications to users’ email addresses. Generally, live chat services lack anonymity unless a VPN is used to hide the IP address.


  • Suitable for deaf people
  • Many chat rooms to choose from
  • Free to use
  • Available on all devices
  • Optional group conferences


  • Need to download the app
  • Might receive email communications

4. – best Omegle alternative for simplicity

Many chat services provide additional features to keep users engaged, but sometimes a fast and basic option is preferred. Camsurf offers just that, as it does not require registration to start chatting, unless you want access to special features. Signing up through Google or email is necessary for extra features, which include location and language filters to enhance the search experience. The website claims over 9 million registered users, with approximately 700,000 monthly active users.

Nevertheless, upon reviewing their privacy policy, it becomes apparent that the website gathers extensive user data, such as GPS location, and employs it for promotional purposes. Additionally, the website’s troubleshooting guidelines for webcams recommend disabling the Firewall when encountering issues, which is highly concerning from a cybersecurity standpoint.


  • Very simple to use
  • Basic chatting does not require registering
  • Mainly free
  • App and website chatting


  • Unsafe guidelines
  • Data tracking and use
  • Not all features are accessible without registration

5. – best for chat rooms

Chatrandom is a free live chat platform with 3.6 million global users. It functions similarly to other Omegle alternatives and may be preferred by those who have difficulty initiating conversations. Upon signing up, users can start conversations using two methods: specifying their gender and clicking Start, or utilizing chat rooms.

The platform offers a wide range of topics, but navigating adult-themed options requires extensive scrolling. Chatrandom provides an Android and iOS-compatible app, along with useful filters for gender, country, and interests. Although there are many countries and languages to choose from, the primary user base is in Italy, India, and the US. Additionally, there is a Cam4 option that allows chats with up to 4 people.

It’s crucial to exercise caution on this platform, or any platform for that matter, for several reasons. Although recording is prohibited, conversations can still be recorded. It’s vital to be mindful of this, especially when entering chat rooms that encourage sexual interactions. Additionally, Chatrandom monitors your IP address and GPS location, so using a VPN is essential for maintaining anonymity.


  • 1-on-1 and group chatting
  • Less strict about adult interactions
  • Lots of chat rooms to pick from
  • Free to use
  • Handy filters


  • High risk of private conversation leaks
  • IP address and location tracking
  • High risk of encountering unwanted nudity

6. – best for user control

Chatroulette is an alternative to Omegle that doesn’t require registration. It’s free and accessible through a website or app (available on the App Store and Play Store). Although there are optional purchases, they are not necessary. Chatroulette offers users significant control over their chat partners. Users can filter people by country or choose to accept or decline calls based on profile pictures. There is also a ranking system to promote positive behavior, and beginners can use a “Top Users” filter to chat with the highest-ranked individuals. Both parties must consent to a conversation, so rejection should not be taken personally.

Chatroulette is a live chat service that offers 1-on-1 interactions and includes a text window for non-verbal communication. The platform enforces strict rules and all chats are moderated by either expertly trained AI or human moderators. Users are not required to register, but they must agree to the Terms and Conditions, which include user monitoring. The website monitors rule-breaking activities and tracks users’ IP addresses and locations. Using a VPN can mitigate these tracking measures.


  • No need to register
  • User evaluation
  • Freedom to choose who to chat with
  • Relatively safe environment


  • Need to pay to access all features
  • User IP and location tracking

7. – best for interest-based matches

Emerald is positioned as the modern alternative to Omegle. It provides a chat platform that caters to individuals looking for friendly interactions with people from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. The service is free, with the option to purchase additional features, and users need to sign up to use it. Emerald provides various filters to help users find suitable matches based on similar interests, gender, karma points, and more. Additionally, it offers different chat options including 1-on-1 messaging, 1-on-1 video chatting, and group chatting.

Emerald permits photo and video sharing but enforces strict moderation and anti-bot systems to ensure human interaction. However, the website collects user data and activity. It prohibits romantic interactions and minors, and currently lacks an app, although Android and iOS-compatible apps are in development.


  • Many ways to customize matches
  • Mobile-friendly
  • 1-on-1 and group chatting available
  • 2.6M visitors a month


  • Not all features are free
  • Slightly complicated to navigate
  • Logs user data

8. – best for meeting people in your area

MeetMe incorporated the fundamental concept of Omegle and added a dating app element to it. Its primary purpose is to connect individuals residing in the same general vicinity. Keep in mind that using a VPN may result in the app pairing you with individuals from your virtual location. MeetMe also monitors its users’ actions and location, including their actual GPS location, not just their IP address.

It is necessary to download the app for it to gather your phone data. Some VPN services also have mobile apps, which can help safeguard your personal information. MeetMe provides both free live chats and a subscription service. Subscribers gain access to additional features, but subscribing is not mandatory. The app is not accessible to minors, although there is no age verification process. This is somewhat unusual, especially considering the app’s dating aspect. Nevertheless, if you encounter an underage user or any other form of rule violation, you are encouraged to report it.


  • Basic live chatting is free
  • Pairs with people in your area
  • 3.2M monthly visitors


  • No age verification
  • Location and phone data collection
  • Some features require subscription

9. – best for old-school internet experience

Should you ever long for the return of the early 2000s internet, Bazoocam is here to evoke the nostalgia. Upon landing on its main page, a smile is inevitable, particularly for those who have experienced the internet during its peak. Despite its appearance, Bazoocam is actually younger than Omegle, yet they both share fundamental values. Bazoocam does not require registration, allowing users to start chatting right away. However, registration is necessary if you wish to save your matches as friends.

The chats are moderated, so it’s important to review the rules before using the service. Additionally, users have the option to select a box that pairs them with people nearest to their location, although this involves the website tracking their location. To prevent this, a reliable VPN is recommended. Bazoocam also provides users with fun perks, such as the ability to play games with their matches, including classics like Tetris and Tic Tac Toe. Playing games could serve as a great way to break the ice, especially for those who are hesitant to initiate a conversation.


  • Mini games included
  • Free to use
  • No registration needed
  • Very simple to navigate


  • Lack of privacy
  • Not a lot of features
  • Potential location tracking

10. – best for forming groups

Tinychat operates as a well-structured chat platform where users need to register and can primarily engage in chat rooms. Users have the option to create or join chat rooms, which may vary in ranking, exclusivity, and focus. Additionally, users can opt to join a random room.

Tinychat provides messaging, live chat, and voice chat features, allowing for a degree of anonymity. Nevertheless, the platform gathers extensive user data, potentially including chat recordings and phone information like contact lists. A reliable VPN can encrypt your connection and safeguard your information.


  • Easy to find like-minded people
  • Simple to find safe chat spaces
  • 1.9M users a month


  • Stores a lot of user data
  • Slightly complicated to navigate

Omegle alternative selection criteria

To present this list, we looked over 30 live chat services. Only 18 of them were legitimate. To narrow it down even further, we applied the following criteria:

  • Safety. We aimed to avoid websites that had poor security protocols or flooded their users with crazy numbers of pop-up ads.
  • Price. We selected websites or apps that were completely or at least partially free to use.
  • Number of users. You don’t want to connect to a live chat and see the same five people. That’s why, for our list, we picked only the ones with at least 100K monthly users.
  • Ease of use. The best part of Omegle was its simplicity. So, when looking for alternatives, we aimed to find ones that wouldn’t be difficult to master.
  • Live chat function. It may seem like an obvious feature for Omegle-like sites and apps. Still, not all online chat services offer a video chat function. All live chat services on our list have one or more video chat options.

Best VPN for safe talking with strangers on apps and sites like Omegle

NordVPN is the top VPN service for utilizing live chat services. In addition to fundamental features such as safeguarding identity and preventing access to malicious sites, it also includes ad blocking to shield users from harmful activity while concealing their identity and location. The service enables users to bypass geo-blocking by connecting to different locations, boasting a vast global server network that ensures robust IP protection. For those prioritizing safety, NordVPN currently provides the most comprehensive protection among all VPN services on the market. Furthermore, NordVPN alerts users about potentially harmful websites, offering crucial protection for those engaging in online conversations with strangers.

Speed: Speed retention 90%
Server locations: 6000+ servers in 61 countries
Supported devices: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux
Security features: DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC Leak Protection, Malware Detection

Why do you need a VPN when chatting to strangers?

  • To protect your personal data. Many live chat services gather your IP address, location, and other details. Using a VPN can conceal your IP address and location, safeguarding you from potential data breaches.
  • To prevent security breaches. Numerous live chat services are accessible while traveling. If you find yourself using an unsecure network, a VPN can aid in avoiding hacking and data breaches.
  • To access geo-blocked pages. Some Omegle alternatives limit access to their live chat services to only a handful of countries. If your preferred live chat app or website is not available in your location, a VPN could help you gain access.
  • To maintain privacy. Certain live chat services restrict your ability to interact solely with local users. If you wish to conceal your location from strangers, a VPN can assist you in virtually relocating to a different city or country.


Numerous options similar to Omegle are available, each providing a unique experience. Engaging in online conversations with strangers can be both thrilling and enlightening, but it also comes with potential risks. Nonetheless, these risks can be mitigated by being cautious about sharing personal information and utilizing a VPN to safeguard your connection and identity.

NordVPN is the top choice for ensuring security on live chat platforms. It provides an extensive range of security features and access to numerous server locations. If you are engaging in free online chat services, using a VPN like NordVPN can offer substantial benefits. It can conceal your IP address, alert you to potentially harmful content from chat partners, and enable you to bypass geo-restrictions. By utilizing NordVPN, you can prevent data leaks and enhance your protection against live chat scammers.

Best Omegle alternatives in 2024: FAQs

Is there a better site than Omegle?

Yes. The best choice depends on your personal preferences, but there are numerous websites similar to Omegle that do not have the same issues that led to its closure. The decision of which one to choose depends on the type of live chat service you are seeking.

Why did Omegle shut down?

In November 2023, Omegle ceased its 14-year operation due to several lawsuits, including one where it matched a minor with an adult abuser. Despite its original purpose of connecting lonely individuals and those interested in different cultures, the platform was exploited by dangerous individuals, including child predators.

What is the Omegle alternative for kids?

Live chat services for children are unavailable. Despite numerous efforts to create safe online spaces for kids to interact with each other, all attempts eventually had to restrict the service to automated responses or eliminate chat rooms entirely.

Is there a better alternative to Omegle?

Chatspin: Best Omegle alternative website that allows users to video chat with strangers. LiveMe: Top Omegle alternative where users can broadcast live video streams. YouNow: An Omegle alternative website for live streaming and video chatting with strangers.

What is the next Omegle?

There are several alternatives to Omegle, with the most popular being Emerald Chat and Chatroulette.

What is everyone using now that Omegle is gone?

One of the best websites similar to Omegle is CallMeChat. This online chatting platform allows you to communicate with strangers without privacy and security concerns due to reliable encryption and two-factor authentication. Other Omegle alternative sites include ChatHub, ChatRandom, Tinychat, and more.

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