2024 KTM Duke 390 On-Road Price, Launch Date, Top Speed, Mileage, Review, Pros & Cons 

2024 KTM Duke 390

This article provides comprehensive information about the 2024 KTM Duke 390, including the on-road price, launch date, top speed, mileage, and CC. With all the necessary details included, this article can be a useful resource for those interested in purchasing or learning more about this motorcycle. Additionally, it is important to note that the KTM Duke 390 has gained a reputation for being an affordable yet high-performance bike that delivers excellent value for money. Its sleek design and powerful engine make it a popular choice among riders who seek both style and performance.

2024 KTM Duke 390 On-Road Price

The estimated price of KTM 2024 390 Duke is Rs. 3.30 Lakh. KTM has recently introduced the 2024 Duke 390, a brand-new motorcycle that boasts impressive power and performance. During the unveiling, KTM highlighted the bike’s agility, lightweight handling, and robust capabilities. The 2024 Duke 390 offers an unparalleled riding experience with its exceptional features.

The 2024 KTM Duke 390 boasts cutting-edge features, a suspension that can be adjusted, and a striking and fierce appearance. The engine of the 2024 KTM Duke 390 has also undergone a substantial power increase. The official on-road price for the 2024 KTM Duke 390 has not yet been announced. However, it is anticipated that the on-road price will be approximately INR 3.30 Lakh.

About 2024 KTM Duke 390

KTM 390 Duke [2024] is expected to launch in India in November 2024 in the expected price range of ₹ 3,00,000 to ₹ 3,30,000. Currently available bikes which are similar to 390 Duke [2024] are KTM 390 Duke, KTM 250 Duke & BMW G 310 R. Another bike similar to 390 Duke [2024] is Yamaha MT-03 which is launching in December 2024 in India.

The all-new 2024 KTM 390 Duke is expected to be launched in the Indian market very soon. The latest iteration of the roadster-segment motorcycle will benefit from several styling and mechanical upgrades over its predecessor. The styling, for example, will receive significant changes, and the 2024 model will get an updated design for the headlight and the fuel tank. Further, it will receive a redesigned chassis along with a new composite rear sub-frame that looks similar to the unit on the KTM 890 Duke.

2024 KTM Duke 390 Launch Date

The launch of the 2024 KTM Duke 390 is anticipated to take place either in late 2024 or early 2024. KTM has not yet disclosed any information regarding the specific launch date for the 2024 KTM Duke 390. Furthermore, the 2024 KTM Duke 390 can be purchased in two different color choices: electronic orange and Atlantic Blue.

While the colors may differ, the inner rim of both color options for the 2024 KTM Duke 390 remains unchanged. The 2024 KTM Duke 390 boasts stylish graphics that serve to further elevate its visual appeal.

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ktm duke 390

The KTM 390 Duke is a street motorcycle that comes in a single variant. In India, the price of the 390 Duke starts at Rs. 2,97,817. It is equipped with a BS6 engine that has a displacement of 373.27cc and generates a power output of 42.9 bhp and a torque of 37 Nm. The front and rear disc brakes on the KTM 390 Duke are equipped with an anti-locking braking system. This bike weighs 171 kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 13.4 liters.

2024 KTM Duke 390 Overview

Name 2024 KTM Duke 390
Manufacturer KTM
Torque 39 Nm
Transmission 6-Speed
Battery Capacity 8 Ah
Cooling Liquid Cooled
Power 33 kW
Weight 165 Kg
Front Brake 4-piston radial fixed caliper
Rear Brake 2-piston floating caliper
Starter Electric
Displacement 398.7 cm³
Chain 520 X-Ring
Front Suspension WP APEX 43
Rear Suspension WP APEX – Monoshock
Design 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
For more information ktm.com

2024 KTM Duke 390 Top Speed

Featuring the latest LC4c engine, the 2024 KTM Duke 390 offers an impressive combination of power and performance. With its powerful engine, the 2024 KTM Duke 390 delivers exceptional speed and seamless acceleration. The top speed achievable by the bike will vary depending on factors such as weight and engine capacity in optimal circumstances.

The top speed of the 2024 KTM Duke 390 has not been disclosed by the manufacturer. The 2024 KTM Duke 390 now offers two ride modes – STREET and RAIN.

2024 KTM Duke 390 Features

Are you a bike enthusiast looking for the latest features and updates in the motorcycle world? Well, look no further because we have all the details on the 2024 KTM Duke 390. This highly anticipated model is packed with exciting features and improvements that will surely get your adrenaline pumping. From its sleek design to its powerful engine, this bike is sure to turn heads on the road. In this blog post, we’ll dive into all the incredible features of the 2024 KTM Duke 390 and why it should be at the top of your wish list. So, buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating ride through the world of motorcycles!

2024 KTM Duke 390

Ride Modes

The 2024 KTM Duke 390 is able to showcase its full potential with the STREET ride mode. In contrast, the RAIN ride mode provides a controlled experience for challenging weather conditions. Both the STREET and RAIN modes can be selected via the infotainment system. Furthermore, there is a TRACK mode available that enhances the race-oriented graphics of the TFT dashboard.

Infotainment System

The 2024 KTM Duke 390 is equipped with a 5-inch TFT Dashboard, which offers convenient access to the bike’s functions through its four menu options. This impressive TFT Dashboard also includes smartphone connectivity, allowing for seamless integration. Furthermore, the ride modes on the 2024 KTM Duke 390 can be effortlessly controlled and switched using the TFT Dashboard.


The braking system consists of a 4-piston radial fixed caliper for the front brake and a 2-piston floating caliper for the rear brake. Additionally, a 240 mm brake disc is pre-installed for the rear brake.

To find all the technical and functional details about the 2024 KTM Duke 390, bike enthusiasts can visit the official KTM website. The website also provides a list of available power parts for the 2024 KTM Duke 390.

2024 KTM Duke 390 cc Engine Capacity

The engine capacity of the 2024 KTM Duke 390 is 399 cc. Furthermore, the gearbox of the 2024 KTM Duke 390 has been improved. With this more powerful and enhanced engine, the engaged engine reaches its peak at 7000 rpm and awaits the opening of the clutch, resulting in improved launch controls.

The TRACK mode enables the toggling of the launch control. In addition to a powerful engine and stability, the 2024 KTM is equipped with LED lights in the front and rear. Moreover, the seat of the 2024 KTM Duke 390 provides a comfortable experience, thanks to its thicker foam and narrower profile.

2024 KTM Duke 390 KM/L

The 2024 KTM Duke 390 achieves a mileage of approximately 28 kilometers per liter. It is equipped with a fuel tank capacity of 13.4 liters. However, KTM will provide the exact mileage and other specifications, including top speed, at a later date.

Apart from the notable characteristics mentioned, users have the opportunity to upgrade the features of their 2024 KTM Duke 390 by incorporating KTM Power parts. These power parts enable users to personalize certain attributes like brakes, CNC-Parts, Wheels, Tanks, Chains, and more. It is important to note that each variant necessitates a specific power part that cannot be utilized on different variants.

2024 KTM Duke 390 Specifications & Features

Then, the updated mechanical specifications are likely to include a relatively higher-displacement engine than the current model. While official details are unavailable yet, the 2024 model could receive a 399cc engine. Moreover, the spy images suggest that this upcoming motorcycle will receive a slightly different design for its crankcase and head. The added displacement could result in slightly improved power and output figures. For reference, the current model makes 43bhp and 37Nm.

KTM Duke 390 ABS Braking Setup

The hardware on the 2024 model will include RC390-sourced lighter wheels and braking setup. Meanwhile, the suspension setup will include WP-sourced, upside-down front forks and an asymmetrically-mounted rear WP monoshock. The braking tasks will be handled by disc brakes on both wheels, while the safety net will comprise dual-channel ABS with Supermoto mode and cornering function and a traction control system. Other electronics will include full-LED lighting, a Bluetooth-enabled colour-TFT display, and a quickshifter.

KTM 390 Duke Showroom Price

The updated model should carry a price premium over the outgoing version. We expect the 2024 KTM 390 Duke to be priced at approximately Rs. 3.20 lakh (ex-showroom). In comparison, the current version is available at Rs. 2.97 lakh (ex-showroom) in India.

2024 KTM 390 Duke Specifications

Engine 399 CC Max Power 43.5 PS @ 9000 rpm Fuel Capacity 13.5 Liters
No Of Gears 6 Speed Tyre Type Tubeless Max Torque 37 Nm @ 7000 rpm

2024 KTM 390 Duke New Features

  • Starting (Self Start Only)
  • ABS (Dual Channel)
  • Clock (Digital)
  • Wheels Type (Alloy)
  • Low Fuel Warning Lamp
  • Speedometer (Digital)
  • Tyre Type (Tubeless)
  • Trip Meter (Digital)
  • Pass Switch

2024 KTM 390 Duke Patrol Variants

2024 390 Duke STD

. Petrol
Rs. 3.30 Lakh

2024 KTM 390 Duke Colours

KTM 2024 390 Duke in India is available in 2 different and exciting colours, 2024 390 Duke colours options available in markets are – Orange and Blue.

ktm 390 duke

The engine may be lightweight and compact, but it certainly doesn’t compromise on power. With a remarkable 32 kW (43.5 PS), it is one of the most robust options available in the market. Despite its small size, it can deliver impressive performance and make any vehicle feel more agile and responsive. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a powerful yet compact engine that can deliver an exceptional driving experience. Additionally, its fuel efficiency makes it an eco-friendly option that helps reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable transportation.

ktm duke 390 price

The KTM 390 Duke is a street bike available in a single variant, and its price starts at Rs. 2,97,817 in India. It is equipped with a powerful 373.3cc engine that delivers an impressive output of 43.5 PS and a torque of 37 Nm. The bike also features high-end components such as WP suspension, Bosch ABS system, and Metzeler tyres that offer excellent handling and stability on the road. Its sleek design and advanced technology make it a popular choice among biking enthusiasts in India.

ktm 390 duke ex-showroom price

The KTM 390 Duke is a popular street bike that comes in one variant, with a starting price of Rs. 2,97,817 in India. It is equipped with a powerful 373.27cc BS6 engine that can produce up to 42.9 bhp of power and 37 Nm of torque. The bike boasts an impressive design and advanced features such as LED headlights, TFT display, and slipper clutch, making it a favorite among biking enthusiasts. The KTM 390 Duke is also known for its excellent performance on the road, making it a great choice for both city riding and long-distance touring.

ktm duke 390 price in kolkata

The KTM 390 Duke is a popular motorcycle model, and in Kolkata, it starts at a price of ₹ 3,56,443. This bike boasts a powerful engine, advanced technology features, and a sleek design that appeals to riders looking for both style and performance. With its impressive specs and affordable price point, the KTM 390 Duke is a great option for anyone searching for a high-quality motorcycle in Kolkata.

ktm duke 390 modified

The Pinterest board “Modified Ktm duke 390,” curated by pDfruz Whatozz, is a popular destination for fans of the KTM Duke motorcycle. With over 1500 followers, the board features a range of images showcasing various modifications and customizations made to the KTM Duke 390. From sleek new paint jobs to upgraded exhaust systems and unique accessories, the board provides inspiration and ideas for those looking to personalize their own Duke bike. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, this board is a must-visit for anyone interested in the world of KTM motorcycles.

ktm rc 390 duke

The KTM 390 Duke and KTM RC 390 are two popular bikes that are closely compared for their features. While the Duke is priced at ₹2,97,817, the RC 390 is priced at ₹3,16,163. Both bikes have a capacity of 373.27 cc and offer a power of 42.9 bhp @ 9000 rpm. The Duke is known for its street style and maneuverability while the RC 390 offers a more aggressive riding experience with its aerodynamic design and track-oriented features. Ultimately, the choice between these two bikes comes down to personal preference and intended use.

ktm duke 390 bs6

The KTM 390 Duke is an impressive motorcycle that comes with a hefty price tag of Rs.2.97 Lakh. It is available in two different colours and one variant. This bike is equipped with a powerful 373.27 cc engine that meets the latest BS6 emission norms, making it an eco-friendly option for riders. The bike also features advanced technologies like ride-by-wire and slipper clutch, which enhances the overall riding experience. With its sleek design and high-performance capabilities, the KTM 390 Duke is a popular choice among avid motorcyclists who want to take their riding experience to the next level.

ktm duke 390 2024

When it comes to motorcycles, power and torque are essential elements. Despite its small size and agility, this particular bike is designed to deliver a solid punch. With an impressive power output and a dry weight of only 149 kg (328.5 lbs), it offers a thrilling riding experience that is sure to delight even the most discerning riders. The combination of power and lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver through traffic and take on winding roads with ease. It’s no wonder that this bike has become a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts who crave both speed and agility.

ktm 390 duke fuel economy

Based on current data, the monthly fuel cost for a 390 Duke with a mileage of 28 kmpl can be estimated. To calculate this cost, you need to take into account the average distance covered in a month and the current fuel prices in your area. Additionally, factors such as riding conditions, maintenance, and your riding style can also impact the fuel efficiency of your bike. It is important to regularly monitor your bike’s fuel consumption to ensure that it is running efficiently and to keep your costs under control.

ktm duke adventure 390

The KTM 390 Adventure is a versatile adventure bike that comes in two variants and three colours. Starting at Rs. 3,39,250, it offers great value for money with its anti-lock braking system and compact 373 cc engine. The bike is designed to tackle a variety of terrain, from rocky trails to long highway stretches. Additionally, the 390 Adventure is equipped with a host of features like LED lights, adjustable suspension, and a fully digital instrument cluster. With its excellent performance and rugged styling, the KTM 390 Adventure is an excellent choice for adventure enthusiasts looking for a reliable and capable motorcycle.

2024 KTM Duke 390 Bike Pros & Cons

The 2024 KTM Duke 390 is a highly anticipated bike that promises to deliver an exhilarating riding experience. With its sleek design and powerful engine, it’s no wonder that riders are eager to get their hands on this beauty. But before you make your decision, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of this bike. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the 2024 KTM Duke 390, giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice. So whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newbie looking for your first bike, keep reading to find out if the 2024 KTM Duke 390 is the right fit for you.

New KTM 390 Duke Other Options by Price & Reviews

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs.3.30 Lakh onwards Rs. 2.97 Lakh onwards Rs. 3.19 Lakh onwards Rs. 2.72 Lakh onwards Rs. 3.18 Lakh onwards
User Rating
4.8 21 reviews 4.3 716 reviews 4.3 404 reviews 4.2 290 reviews 3.5 144 reviews
399 CC 373 CC 647 – 650 CC 312 CC 373 CC
33.1 Kmpl 25.89 Kmpl
43.5 PS @ 9000 rpm 43.5 PS @ 9000 rpm 47.4 PS @ 7250 rpm 34 PS @ 9700 rpm 43.5 PS
31.44 mm 30.81m
Top speed
160 kmph

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the expected launch date of KTM 390 Duke [2024]?

KTM 390 Duke [2024] will be launched around November 2024.

What will be the price of KTM 390 Duke [2024] in India?

The expected price range of KTM 390 Duke [2024] in India is ₹ 3,00,000 – ₹ 3,30,000.

What are the colours available in KTM 2024 390 Duke?

KTM 2024 390 Duke is available in 2 colour : Orange and Blue. View colour images of 2024 390 Duke.

What are the competitors of KTM 2024 390 Duke?

KTM 2024 390 Duke will be competed with TVS Apache RR 310, KTM 390 Duke and Royal Enfield Continental GT 650.

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